Katrina hero Honoré rains hell on military officers who agreed with Trump that the election was stolen


RS: Appearing on MSNBC early New Year’s Day, retired Lt. General Russel Honoré — who headed up the recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — blasted retired military officials who signed a letter where they agreed with former president Donald Trump that the election was stolen.

Speaking with host Lindsey Reiser, Honoré was asked about a Washington Post op-ed from three retired generals who warned that they fear military officials may help Trump if he attempts to overturn the 2024 presidential election results if he loses again.

That led the retired general to lash out.

“Some of your former colleagues continue to warn the U.S. military could instigate another insurrection after the 2024 presidential election,” Reiser prompted. “[Retired General] Paul Eden on the show with us previously told NPR he’s concerned about the 124 retired generals and admirals who signed a letter contesting the 2020 election. Do you share these concerns?”

“Well, I am somewhat concerned that many senior officers would contest an election that was thoroughly vetted by federal judges from across the country and approved by governors in their role in leading the states,” the former military man replied. “I am appalled by the fact that they would join in such a movement. The fact that that is what they believe, their ability to act on it, while it’s possible, is not probable.”






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  1. Glad you are out their Odell. I have been in attendance and active in several different Christian groups and most of them look the other way when they become aware of perverts being active among them or in leadership.

  2. I drove a fuel truck for most of the time I was in. Because this involved going onto the flightline, a basic secret clearance was required. I had reports from former teachers and students that someone had asked them detailed questions about my past. This was for E-1.

    How much more so for Generals and Colonels ? We have a very good batch of profilers and analysts and psychologists, who should be tasked with vetting the people in command positions. I think the reason they don’t like this, is simply Money and the MIC. We would draw down the numbers of eligible. That is precisely what is needed. It is too dam big and it will bite us in the ass, if we do not face this simple observable truth. Weed out the loyalists and those with religious conflicts. Done.

    • Everyone is being way too kind and polite. Honore won’t say it publicly and most will not, but anyone who served knows,….There are a ton of A holes who I wouldn’t trust with a hundred bucks and a BB gun, in command of millions of dollars and thousands of personnel.
      Our own arrogance led to the insurrection and oblivious disconnect from what decades of lies do to the common person. Mattis was fooled by a young woman selling a box she showed to nobody. The education secretary also. If we can’t do better than that, we are toast. I mean, how many times have our generals been fooled by other countries ? It is time to reflect and cut down across the board with military crap. The loyalty of the NG has been repeatedly warned about. Withdraw from 5 eyes immediately and arrest Trump and his goons. Inaction is complicity at this point for the DOJ.

    • Did 5 eyes warn us about Cambridge Analytica ? Did five eyes warn us about Epstein and Maxwell ? How many presidents and others were compromised by that operation ?
      How much bad intell comes out of there ? How much is agenda driven wild goose chases ?
      Are we still actually , The United States ? We don’t really behave like we are. We behave like we are owned by empire and religion, and we do what we are told with the snap of their fingers. Has the Catholic Church faced any repercussions for hundreds of thousands of child abuse cases ? When does the protection part come into play for the US ? From where I sit, I would fire the entire lot. Horrible product and overpriced by billions and billions.

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