‘I really want to piss them off’ – Marcon Vows Crackdown on France’s Vaccine Deadbeats

"What is your freedom worth if you tell me that you do not want to get vaccinated? If tomorrow you will infect your father, your mother, or myself, I am the victim of your freedom. It is not freedom, it is called irresponsibility, egoism".

* Russian state owned media pushes for vaccine resistance in nations deemed ‘enemies’ of Moscow

Editor’s Note: Macron has put the issue into the best words I have seen so far. What took so long? I have old friends that have always been anti-vax. But they are split between those that choose to accept staying home to avoid spreading to people, and those who are members of a new club of “I have the Right to Infect Others”.

I don’t see anything in the Constitution for that, other than a long reach concept under ‘in pursuit of happiness’, the revenge of the anti-vaxers for their not being put in control of the public health organs due to their superior qualifications on public health.

They have not revealed these qualifications, I suspect because they are saving that for just the right moment. But all that said, you must give them credit for having the first public lobby that is depopulating itself by dying from Covid, and seeminly not having any problems in leaving their family destitute with some members even having Covid.

I just don’t feel the love there. Maybe I’m just stupid. Someone help me out…Jim W. Dean ]

“What is your freedom worth if you tell me that you do not want to get vaccinated? If tomorrow you will infect your father, your mother, or myself, I am the victim of your freedom. It is not freedom, it is called irresponsibility, egoism”.

Sputnik: Last summer saw massive protests in France against the COVID-19 vaccine passport mandate to visit places of leisure, with President Emmanuel Macron stressing at the time that avoiding vaccination was a demonstration of “irresponsibility”.

President Emmanuel Macron has used harsh language in pledging a government crackdown on all those who oppose coronavirus vaccination in France.

“The unvaccinated, I really want to p*** them off. And so, we’re going to continue doing so, until the end. That’s the strategy”, Macron said in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien late on Tuesday.

“So we need to tell them, from 15 January, you won’t be able to go to the restaurant anymore, you won’t be able to down one, won’t be able to have a coffee, go to the theatre, the cinema”, the French president said.

He was referring to the law that comes into force next Saturday and bars unvaccinated people from hospitality venues or trains.

Members of the medical staff work during their night shift in an intensive care unit set up for those infected with the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, at the AP-HP Louis Mourier Hospital in Colombes, near Paris, on the firsts day hours of May 5, 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 09.12.2021

France to Initiate Nationwide Disaster ‘White Plan’ Amid 5th COVID Wave
Marine Le Pen, the head of the French party, National Rally, has since reacted to Macron’s remarks by tweeting that “a president shouldn’t say that”. According to her, “Emmanuel Macron is unworthy of his office”.

The remarks followed the French president in late July admonishing individuals for shunning vaccination, adding:

“What is your freedom worth if you tell me that you do not want to get vaccinated? If tomorrow you will infect your father, your mother, or myself, I am the victim of your freedom. It is not freedom, it is called irresponsibility, egoism”.

About 114,000 Protest Against Vaccination, COVID-19 Safety Measures in France, Reports Say
In July, Macron announced a series of new restrictions to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. Starting in August, restaurants, bars, shopping centres, airplanes, and long-distance trains started to require a special pass indicating that a person has either been vaccinated or has a recent negative test result for COVID-19. In addition, vaccination was made mandatory for healthcare workers.
To date, there have been 10,053,955 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in France, with 121,619 fatalities, according to the World Health Organisation’s latest estimates.

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  1. They’ve endeavored to get this so convoluted in every direction, that if tomorrow a cure/remedy for the 31 flavors of this Bio-weapon was created, who would be willing to take it?

    The numbers of the dead are increasing daily, keeping the pot stirred adds to the weapon’s effectiveness…The hard of thinking in my state of 76K dead, still don’t believe in the danger, the same ones who think Fox News is on their side…

    BDS 2022

  2. For our chief editors – look what’s going on right now in Kazakhstan. Riots, looting, pogroms, Ukie-style maidan.

    • We have a common border with Kazakhstan of about 6500 km. The situation there began to get out of control. 13 policemen were killed, 2 of them were beheaded. About 400 policemen were injured. The protesters are smashing up shops, seizing arsenals. Thus they turned into terrorists. Troops have been brought into the cities, they have already shot several dozen terrorists. Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have sent military transport planes with military peacekeepers to help. Their task is to take strategic objects under protection.

    • “Over 25% of Israel’s oil purchases are from Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan is seeking to increase oil sales to Israel”…Frequently, questions are answered by looking in the same direction…🔯

      Israel did 9/11…and got away with it!
      BDS 2022

  3. All these confrontations are due to the fact that societies in the countries are divided. This is both in the USA and in the EU countries, and Russia is no exception either. But the EU has tougher measures, so people come out to protest. That’s why the Russian government did not introduce harsh measures, because they are well aware that this will lead to huge problems. In our country, too, they do not understand why a vaccination passport is needed if a vaccinated person can be a passive carrier or get sick again. All this uncertainty divides society. And so that the two camps of people do not bite each other’s throats in disputes, the government has worked out a middle ground so as not to cause a social explosion and severe economic consequences. And the attitude to vaccination is a personal matter for everyone. We are not cats and we have one life.

    • Always throughout history societies were divided, in the French revolution you had Girondins and Jacobins or Russian revolution were the White movement and Bolsheviks and so on…

  4. Someone go and tell to Macron that vaccinated one also will infect him…. this Macron’s special pass, like in other countries which are trying force those sanitary dictatorship passports, are all them a modern version of 1933’s Der Ahnenpass

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