Blinken: Russia Starts a Shooting War with the US…on Twitter


However…VT does note that it was our wonderful Russian friends that put the monster Trump in office with his prison gang militia’s. A bill will become due for that at some point. We all have our “red lines.”



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  1. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the United States is asking Kazakhstan for clarification on why the authorities decided to seek help from the CSTO to stabilize the situation in the country. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to CNN.
    “We have real questions about why they were forced to turn to this organization, which is dominated by Russia. We ask for clarification on this matter. But what is most important now is that everything is now resolved peacefully and with respect for the rights of those who want their voices to be heard,” Blinken said.
    He stressed that he condemns the order of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to open fire to kill those who will not lay down their arms.
    Blinken said earlier that the United States is concerned about the emergency regime in Kazakhstan and calls on the authorities of the republic for a “proportional response” to the protests.

    How to take it, Comrade Blinken?!
    What kind of reality do you live in there?
    Then why didn’t you let the Capitol burn to the ground? What is not allowed in the USA is possible all over the world. It’s different, yeah…
    We see double standards, arrogance, amazing lies. Comrade Blinken, you are a pathological liar…

  2. MFA: The Russian Federation will have to intimidate opponents without security guarantees.
    In case of non-receipt of security guarantees following the results of negotiations with the United States and NATO, Moscow will be forced to resort to deterrent “intimidation of opponents” and resort to other means to ensure the necessary balance of forces. This statement was made by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on the eve of the Russian-American consultations in Geneva.
    “NATO declares the indivisibility (of security) only in the format of its “inter-party” and is very proud of this fact – it is enough to listen to the statements of NATO representatives, read their documents. But we didn’t sign up for all of this, and a different line and basic agreement is obvious to us. That is, in situations like the current one, the West’s falsely understood strengthening of its own security will result in a weakening of this security, because we will be forced, in the absence of necessary and urgent agreements on legal guarantees, to turn to other means to ensure the right balance, if you want, to intimidate the opponent – not in terms of creating certain threats, but in terms of deterrence,” the deputy minister said in an interview with TASS.
    Earlier, Ryabkov said that the West should unilaterally abandon the expansion of NATO and eliminate the created military infrastructure.

  3. Anthony Blinken was born on April 16, 1962 in Yonkers, New York, the son of Judith (Frem) and Donald M. Blinken, a former U.S. ambassador to Hungary. His maternal grandparents were Hungarian Jews. Blinken’s uncle, Alan Blinken, served as the American ambassador to Belgium. The great-grandson of the Jewish writer Meer Blinken (1879-1915), a native of Pereyaslav and a graduate of the Kiev Commercial School, published in Yiddish under the pseudonym “B. Meer”. Blinken’s grandfather was born in Kiev when the city was part of the Russian Empire. He migrated to the United States, graduated from New York University in 1921 and law School in 1924.
    During the presidency of Donald Trump, Blinken supported his decision to bomb Syria, as well as provide Ukraine with lethal weapons.
    Blinken and Ukraine. When Russia occupied Crimea in 2014, Blinken called it a strategic defeat of the Kremlin. Since then, he has consistently advocated increasing pressure on the Russian Federation. In a speech at the Brookings Institution in June 2014, he stressed that extensive sanctions against the entourage of Russian President Putin and all Russians “are crucial” to “show the Russian people that a very large fine is imposed for supporting international criminals like Putin.” He actively advocated the need for political isolation of Russia and Putin in the form of the exclusion of the Russian Federation from the Big Eight.

    • Blinken called Russia’s war against Ukraine “a gross violation of the most basic norms of the international order that the United States helped establish after World War II.” And if in 2015, in an interview with the newspaper Day Blinken, while in Kiev as a politician of the Obama administration, opposed the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, then in 2017 he radically changed his position, saying in a column for the NYT: “Weapons for Ukraine is an idea whose time has come.”

  4. Blinken and Pompeo: Same guy, same Brooks Brothers suit, just a different tie color.
    Both of them only care about 6 million Israelis and demonize 9 billion
    Humans populating our beautiful Earth.
    If these “Conservative Christian Zionists” Love God so much,
    why are they so Hell Bent on destroying what God created?

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