Yuri Geller and the Ark of the Covenant: Is This The Latest Scheduled Dissemination?


by Rich Scheck for VT

John Ramirez recently gave the world a big heads-up that all UFO related info was essentially part of a well-planned “scheduled dissemination” in support of an official narrative.

As I have written in the last few weeks, the Deep State/Deep Church effort to promote a new human origins story seems to be right on track with the launch of the Webb Telescope and the announcement that NASA had hired 24 theologians, philosophers and scientists to evaluate the impact of alien life on humanity.


Now comes Yuri Geller out of left field (or perhaps the upper deck) to share with an unexpecting world that he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is.

That follows his previous comments about how aliens have been visiting earth for millennia and are about to make contact:

Fascinating!  But my almost always suspicious mind kicks into full doubting mode in light of the context of his remarks as Ramirez warned us about.  On top of pronouncements from Haim Eshed, Avi Loeb, Steve Ben Nun and others with  ties to Israel, who have commented about UFOs, this latest “reveal” rings with the potential to support an official narrative that pleases a variety of religious and political groups even if it does not represent the full truth about ETs.

Virtually all religions have a stake in answering the age old questions of humanity’s relationship to God, our true origins and whether we have been genetically influenced by alien species.

The Catholic Church (Jesuits) is famous for its interest in the topic as are the Jews who have seen their views promoted by Ben Nun on his Israeli News Live show for several years now.  I am not a regular listener to his videos but have heard him claim that his Washington and Mossad sources have confided in him that “Disclosure will occur in 2022!” Not might occur but “will” occur!

Ben Nun has very strong views on this matter as pertains to the building of the third temple and the return of the Messiah. Last year he asserted how close Bibi and Trump were to aliens and that a new human origins story would be part of the coming disclosure.

In December of 2020 Eshed volunteered how the US had astronauts working with aliens on a Mars base which Trump knew about but was stopped by the Galactic Federation from sharing that with us because humanity wasn’t ready for contact.

Loeb is an Israeli born astrophysicist trained by its elite intelligence unit (Talpiot) who is now head of the Harvard based Galileo Project.

He has strong ties to the MIC and has included both Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon as advisors while advocating the potential links of
Artificial Intelligence to UFOs.

So with the Webb telescope now successfully on its way into deep space to look back at the birth of the universe along with the other dots I find suspicious, I feel compelled to ask whether Geller’s gratuitous comments are part of a scheduled dissemination:  is his claim mere grandstanding for attention or is it the newest installment of the Disclosure soap opera that has accelerated since the New York Times “legitimized” the topic with its December 2017 article about ATTIP that was followed by the June 2021 UFO Task Force Report?

As Charles Upton has pointed out in his new book, this seems to be a form of cognitive dissonance with the government simultaneously promoting UFO disclosure while fudging with its release of a few bread crumps that essentially perpetuate the topic’s taboo status.

With the world seemingly on the brink of a dramatic upheaval with wars and rumors of wars; turbulence in the financial markets; a global “pandemic”; ostensible climate changes and so much more, the relevance of these questions and the curious nature of these remarks, leads this pilgrim to speculate we may be seeing an alien invasion/salvation scenario unfolding before our eyes.


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  1. Revelation sure seems like an invasion/salvation scenario…or bad cop, good cop swindle…
    Parts of it are derivative of the Book of Enoch…

    If the Annunaki narrative is true…they are aliens…then Man’s “original sin” is that we were genetically hacked….or not planned for Earth…a fact turned into a stigma..

    The Israeli’s are just posturing to look “in the know”…

    I have been claiming to be the Concealed One since 2014…I have some questions about the narrative also…heh.

  2. “Virtually all religions have a stake in answering the age old questions of humanity’s relationship to God,” Well , they have a stake in controlling the narrative, which by necessity requires acts of omission and evasion of certain questions. There are bigger things for religion to worry about than aliens, and government should be concerned, but not protective. What they should be is proactive, and develop sensory technology for observing the invisible energy flows and flavors. If there are visitors,..the most likely source is our past, but even if they are extraterrestrial, it makes no sense to involve religion other than to encourage them to calm their followers when they are found to be complete liars and frauds. That is the concern. Everyone knows.

  3. On another note…Recently, here in Arkansas, we have been having extremely loud booms. I mean like someone is setting off dynamite next door. 2 very loud ones in the last 3 weeks and 2 not so loud. There are also reports from around the world of these loud booms. Although we live in an active earthquake zone, there have been no earthquakes detected. Yesterday was the most recent, prompting people 25 miles from me to say it was in their neighborhood, yet it sounded right next door to me. Seems no one has any clue as to the cause. The sheriffs office contacted LRAFB, no aircraft at the time here, so not sonic ‘booms’. Very strange that there is no data that correlates to them as well. They ‘just happen’? Has anyone else here heard any?

    • We have a lake here in NY state that is notorious for booms. Everything points to geological or manmade. It is difficult and out of range of duty for police to investigate sounds after the fact.
      Sometimes they later find the cause, usually with public help. The earth makes noise. Land is dynamic.

  4. There is a certain logic to his assertions. Many ancient civilizations have been uncovered, yet the entire story is kept from us. Civilizations that were not supposed to have existed at the time are anomalies that need not be addressed, but ignored. Our entire historical time-line is a made up scenario. Why? Because it threatens the status quo? Because the populace would go crazy? Most likely it is to support whatever scenario that they want to push on us. As well, all the machinations we are seeing today are likely part of it. Project Blue beam, et al? Pandemics? World war possibilities? Climate changes? It does seem as though there is a ‘quickening’, if you will. A perfect setting for a grand plan to be executed. Only the gatekeepers in the dissemination and interpretation of information know the ‘truth’. A good example; how long have the Egyptian pyramids been sold to the public as burial sites for pharaohs? Yet never has there been a mummy or human remains found in one of them. Academia is a well controlled tool, as witnessed by the eternal claim that the Sphinx was weathered by wind…until it was only recently proven otherwise…and surreptitiously at that. The age of those pyramids range from ‘accepted’ 5,000 years, to unaccepted possible 18,000 years. So, are they all inept…or is something else going on? That 12,800 year cycle (that we are now at the end of)? Prehistorical civilizations, Egyptian science, Mayan mathematics? Noted and ignored.

  5. Wouldn’t you think they’d be more neighbourly. Take a few photographs and pick up a few rock samples on their way here. Save us a fortune!
    Terrible house guests. I’ll be having a few choice words with them when l see them.

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