Losers Waiting to Die: Unvaccinated Fall into 3 Categories

Some are dupes...others 'cold blooded killers' who meet their end with nightmarish COVID deaths...1680 unvaccinated GOP morons died yesterday alone...a good start?


LA Times: Among all the ways that COVID-19 affects our lives, the pandemic confronts us with a profound moral dilemma:

How should we react to the deaths of the unvaccinated?

On the one hand, a hallmark of civilized thought is the sense that every life is precious.

On the other, those who have deliberately flouted sober medical advice by refusing a vaccine known to reduce the risk of serious disease from the virus, including the risk to others, and end up in the hospital or the grave can be viewed as receiving their just deserts. Some of the recent anti-vaxxer ‘dirt nappers’…every one a dead Trump follower:

That’s even more true of those who not only refused the vaccine for themselves, but publicly advocated that others do so.

It has become common online and in social media for vaccine refusers and anti-vaccine advocates to become the target of ridicule after they come down with COVID-19 and especially if they die from it.

Witness the subreddit HermanCainAward, which Lili Loofbourow of Slate identified in September as “a site for heartless and unrepentant schadenfreude.”

The site is named for the former Republican candidate for president who became one of the first political notables to succumb to the disease after publicly defying social distancing measures.

Like another site, sorryantivaxxer.com, the subreddit hosts snippets and photographs of anti-vaccine advocates, often taken at their deathbeds.

The issue of how to think about the deaths of unvaccinated has been thrown into high relief locally by the case of Kelly Ernby, a prominent Orange County Republican and deputy district attorney who crusaded against vaccine mandates and died of COVID around New Year’s Day, unvaccinated.  Read more..


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  1. I have absolutely no compassion or sympathy for these stupid people especially the medical one’s who should know better. They are educated and choose to act stupid. Why they have been allowed to continue to work on patients is a mystery to me. I would have let them go long ago as a danger to my patients.

    I think if these morons are going to refuse to be vaccinated they should sign a waiver in which they will NOT show up at any hospital ER whining about how they cannot breathe and want treatment NOW. They also need to stop demanding the medical staff to treat them with horse de-worming medicine, bleach or other quackery “cures in place of recognized medicinal procedures.
    They need to promise that if they come down with COVID they will go home, treat themselves and die there. They have derided the medical community up until they caught something they could have protected themselves from getting, so now don’t take up valuable bed space at the hospital for others who need emergency care that actually value their lives.

  2. Clarification: I am not an MD/DO/RN/DDS, apparently I did not have the intellect or patients. I am: a medical professional a RT(NM). That’s Rad Tech Nuclear Med. tech. not Respiratory. I work with incredible Drs and nurses. And quite a few stupid MF’ers with those credentials. Some or the Drs and nurses I work with are actually anti-vaxers. One nurse I work with is so adamantly anti-vax that despite contracting it from a patient in the ER and bringing it home to his family – he was in our ICU for a few days it was that bad- is still not buying the vax. He is going back to school taking up a trade. Just in case the hospital requires him to vaccinate. Hey that’s not me but all the power to him. Gordon I lean your way on this BioWeapon pandemic, and even though I was too dumb to get in Med School I am smart enough to know to stay away from some of the idiots who Ace’d those tests.

    • Forgive me I don’t mention the hospital, make that hospitals I have worked for in Salt Lake City. That would cost me my living. This situation is simply not good: to put it more politely then Shrimpton would.

    • Hey Gordon I am sure it was probably Agent Orange, but I’m fairly certain many drugs and likely heart drugs mess with adrenal glands and other organs. Unbelievably people are still being prescribed multiple drugs that counteract or do not play well with others. And in this amazing quantum computing age even the computers are not talking to each other to catch these human errors. We really have to be our own best advocates when it comes to health. You are absolutely right, we can not trust our Google searches too.

    • Nuclear Medicine is not a “dumb field” of medicine to be in. You should not demean yourself like this. I know it entails diagnostic and therapeutic radionucleotides in addition to cardiology.

  3. I have a tough time with this. As a health care professional I get and have gotten vaxed every year for my patients and in the hope I don’t bring hospital bugs back to my family. Sadly the flu vax is typically about 30% effective and it often misses the predominant virus. As for the Cofefe Vax: who the hell really knows mRna is too new of a tool to have long term studies. And oh, by the way: it was designed by man to treat an illness developed by man.

    • Lets look at nutrition. I took a nutrition class at the University in the late 90’s that still promoted the food pyramid. I think you eat and die by that model. The FDA approves sugars, preservatives and additives that the pharmaceutical and chemical companies have wet dreams over. Healthcare in the US exists primarily to treat people overcome by an FDA approved diet. Have you heard of type 2 diabetes? I think its safe to say most diabetes comes from fast food and the front isles of the grocery store and the liqueur store.
      It appears that many very healthy people and Athletes in particular are saying no to the Vax and for arguably good reasons and than there are many who look at those folks and say ‘if it’s good for them why not me I’m in good health’. With all the logical and reasonable arguments to distrust the government and corporations that control the government: I for one cannot blame those who do not trust the Vax science. I made the decision mainly for others around me, to maintain my professional career

    • All good points. People who do not vax, are not what is discussed here. It is the anti-vaxxers who aggressively push others to not vax. Then they die of covid.
      One of my friends tracks the NFL covid cases, and he said it is the larger overweight lineman that are getting symptoms more than the other players.
      There are things unknown about the vax, and there are things unknown about the bug, but the results of the vax so far are above expectations. That said, if someone does not want it, that is fine, but if they actively spread disinfo and cause harm, that is a poor choice at this point. I see it as an actively developing situation where a decision today, may not be the same decision down the road. The politicization or advocacy to not vax, has caused unnecessary deaths. As a health pro, you know 2 clicks up on the death rate, and this would have been a nightmare of epic proportions. If people were advocating diabetics to not take insulin, ….

    • David Odell – your point is also true for those pushing the vaccines to others. At first we were told that if you get the 2 doses of vaccine then you can go back to your normal life since the “virus” won’t affect you, then 2 becomes 3, becomes 4, and so on. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, nor even consume any type of processed food, drinks ect, therefore I simply do not like to put anything unnatural into my body, is that so difficult for anyone to understand?

    • Huge problems with your bio-science background. Don’t represent yourself as a “medical professional” unless you have a license…like MD/DO/RN/DDS or similar and experience working on COVID wards in a known hospital.

      If you need information from qualified people who treat covid patients…we have those…and their information does not match yours which is “anti-science.”

      Type 2 diabetes is a faulty immune response with possible causes like Agent Orange. I am an Agent Orange Type 2 diabetic on NO medications with an A1C of 4.

      I might ask me before checking the internet.

    • noname, it is a false equivalence to say it is the same to push the vax as it is to push against it. One saves lives and one kills. Dumb.

      if mrna is not natural, then neither are you.

  4. I know a fair number of people who are not vaccinated but apparently have not contracted the virus. At this point, they feel their choice was the correct one. Currently, there are around 100,000,000 unvaccinated humans in the USA. We do not now know and probably never will know how many have had some variation of Covid 19. As of today, there are 65,000,000 confirmed infections and 850,000 fatalities (an overall death rate of 1.3% of infected). However, if all deaths are only among the moronic unvaccinated as VT suggests, that is a kill rate of 0.85% of that population with a 0.00% rate for the vaccinated. As suggested by another contributor, statistical pigs do fly.

    • Your figures are totally wrong as are each and every one of your assumptions. All “facts” you use are fake.

      Death rate for omnicon is 2 percent of those infected. Death rate for vaccinated is .15 percent and for unvaccinated it runs around 3.8 percent but the victims are 20 years younger.

      Good luck.

    • My luck changed when I walked away from MD/DO/RN folks treating my cancer with surgery and FEAR MONGERING. Healers my ass. I took another path and I’m still here. I really don’t care about the stats even if I get them from Government slugs. It’s like the American Cancer Society lumping all types of the condition into their “cure” rates. Most of those are types that never lead to death. But, it keeps the dough flowing. BTW how’s that Sputnik V vaccine working out for you?

  5. The mantra of personal choice, is rendered malevolent when encouraging others to follow.
    Its like the person who wants to commit suicide, but they take their families with them.
    It is the same mentality. Self vindication, by aggressively seeking company through any means possible.
    For many, the choice is tough, I get it. But when you need to bolster your own doubts in search of validation by recruiting others, you deserve to be bashed and ridiculed when wrong.
    The dead should be happy their fate was of some use to others.

    • btw, the same is done, for dietary people, war mongers, pill pushers, polluters, and nearly any situation where people are led by the blind or greedy down a bad path. Some of the anti-vaxxers were/are making oodles of money by pushing the narrative.

      The future regret, is coming also, as the extent of the long term affects are unknown. There is every reason to believe cognitive impairment and reduction of function in certain organs even in those who show no symptoms, may become relevant. One thing we know, is this bug is like a chipmunk that burrows and hides and lurks. It felt like I had needles in my bone marrow pushing and jamming.

    • Dave
      I began this in January 2020 with medical professionals at the WHO, Russian and Syrian medical folks and family….two major university hospital systems.

      Every single fucking day we got play by play for treatments…and outcomes.

      This is information. Reading crap on the internet is not.

      Choosing to ignore hundreds of thousands of licensed medical professionals treating real covid patients in favor of a handful of well established/disgraced quacks…..

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