Ansar Allah threatens to destroy the world’s largest skyscraper – Burj Khalifa


Avia Pro: The rebels of the Yemeni group “Ansar Allah” announced an attack on the largest skyscraper in the world.

Members of a Yemeni rebel group have announced an imminent attack on the largest skyscraper in the world, promising to destroy an entire elite region in the UAE.

The Houthis officially called on the residents of the elite area to evacuate, however, it is obvious that after the recent successful attack on the UAE, this is not a bluff at all, but the most likely target of the Yemeni rebels. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is by far the tallest building in the world.

“The threat of an attack on the Burj Khalifa. The Yemeni Ansar Allah is calling on residents in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa area to leave the area immediately. Ansar Allah posted an animation threatening the UAE on social media, – reports the “Telegram” channel “Pars Today Russian”.

On the published video frames, you can see how the drone launches a cruise missile at a skyscraper, which does not exclude just such an attack scenario.

Today, the Ansar Allah group may be armed with about thirty ballistic missiles and several dozen kamikaze drones, which are quite capable of destroying not only a skyscraper but an entirely residential area.

The Houthis have previously proven that their threats are far from empty and attacks should be expected in the near future.

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  1. In 1945 a B-25 bomber struck the Empire State Building. There were 15 deaths and damage to the building yet it was back in use in days. It is highly unlikely that a small missile could possibly bring down the Burj Khalifa. It appears that the Yemenis as well as most poster on this page are also afflicted with the mass delusion that airplanes caused the collapse of the WTC.

  2. Do you people realize that proxy wars take a long time.
    As Petraeus said about Soleimani in 2015: “What I will say is that he is very capable and resourceful individual, a worthy adversary. He has played his hand well,” Petraeus said. “But this is a long game, so let’s see how events transpire.”

  3. A word to @Mihail on Russia and Georgia. Russia invaded Georgia and made mincemeat of the Georgians when the Georgians mounted an all-out attack on South Ossetia under instruction from Yashvili acting as proxy for Washington London Paris & Brussels. And Turkey.

  4. Cue my comment from the other day on Yemen/UAE. The Yemeni have done wonders revamping/modifying old Soviet/Russian systems into usable weapons. Turning A/A missiles into G/A missiles, adding jet boosters/guidance to bombs, etc. Clearly this tech is supplied by Iran, the similarities between Iranian cloned/modified systems and Houthi modified systems is not coincidental. They have recently been hitting KSA aircraft/drones, damaging/downing most. Some fail to realize just how difficult it is to supply the basic materials (food, clothing, meds) to Yemen, much less weapons, due to the years long blockade. Manpads would be nice, if targeting low flying aircraft, but they don’t attack from low altitude, do they?…hence the modified A/A missiles. As per my remark the other day, it seems the Yemeni read my mind. Should they successfully attack those glass houses, especially after giving fair warning of an impending attack, shit will definitely be rolling downhill and will get the attention of all those Muslim traitors. This the cabal has to prevent at all costs, cue their massive retaliatory attacks hitting weapons depots in Yemen. The cascade of financial destruction this will engender is not realized by most. It would be like bombing Wall Street or CoL. The price of energy will of course skyrocket even higher. Is this the impetus of the next conflagration or an economic meltdown? Whatever happens, the west/Russia/China asked for it.

  5. The Nimrod was Competing with Allah s t. and he built the Tower of Babel. Proud as he was he was not as Proud as these Goatherd Namrods. This Tower is not worth a penny against the magnificent historic buildings which have been destroyed by these Zionist pigs. Dubai must be reduced to its Mud Past. Go ahead Yemen hit the snake on its head. ” It is the hadith of God’s most beloved and Last Message that the End of world will be near when man will fly far faster than air and when the Goatherds will build tall buildings. Hit the Satan’s Fleas hard. Death to the Kufar.

  6. Go Houthis!!! Bring down that Satanic Zionist Tower just like their own Larry Silverstein brought down Building 7 of the WTC on 9/11. Payback time!!!

    • I wholeheartedly agree!
      The cruelty inflicted upon the people of Yemen by the Emirates and its Puppet Masters in Jerusalem-TelAviv deserves retribution.
      Once fair warning has been communicated to the ruling Cabal that governs the majority of the Arabian Peninsula the Houthis are quite entitled to rain down destruction.

  7. What has been unleashed on ‘Our World’ since ‘9/11/2001’ at HOME in the ‘Land of the Free'(?); investigations, Russia-Ukraine, Election misconduct, January 6, ’21, etc.! On the International Stage; the attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, in Syria, Assassinations, exit from Afghanistan, COVID-Hoax, Mask-Vaccination Mandates, etc. is to avoid, postpone, ignore, put aside a REAL INVESTIGATION, into who are the DEMONIC Creatures, Foreign and DOMESTIC, responsible for the Controlled Demolition of the WTC. Towers #1, #2, #7 giant structures and the murder of some 3000 innocent collateral Victims, to DRAG the US into the HELLHOLE of the Middle East, that the Zionist Apartheid Talmudic-Supremacist TERROR State of Israel has created there!

  8. Gotta love it. The gun was the equalizer that ruined the primacy of Knights, maybe the drone will play such a role in bringing down the superiority of the missiles and bombers that bomb the Yemenis. People who build glass skyscrapers should not bomb poor people to steal their land & oil. I’m sure there are waaaay more fat rich targets for them destroy. All that oil, all that easy living. I bet the they are going to be sorry they ever got involved in Yemen!

  9. When rich idiots attack poor countries they call the victims rebels. If they fight back they call them terrorists. If they engage politically they will be called the ‘opposition”. When they kill children they call them fighters.

    No more War. It has to stop somewhere. If we get involved in this I’m done.

    • Most people would say, we are not confused, it is just that we need to know why we should die to come and help ? How long can this go on ? Are we to run and help anyone who cries like Peter ? Fix your own problems, we have other business to attend to.

      PS, can we call you if we need help over here ?

  10. Does someone need a distraction? It certainly seems like a diversionary false flag is what the west needs now. Since the ME is the punching bag of the world in this era -“Bring it on” GWB.

  11. About time for the long-suffering Yemenis to strike a major blow at the rich Sunni extremists who have laid waste to Yemen and murdered more than 150,000 Yemenis.

    • The rich “sunni” extremists have been emboldened by the rich “christian” and “jewish” extremists. If in your profiling you erase the religion of the character, what will be left is money “rich” meaning a lot of it which is the root of all evil and a common denominator.
      There are lots of rich shia people in the world and in governments just like there are a lot of rich sunnis who are not fundamentalist.

  12. Seems too familiar with the summer of 2001. Wouldn’t such move create literally mayhem in the Middle East, with a possibillity of imminent US-Arab-Israeli war with pro-Iranian forces, maybe even Iran? Allthough this war has been going on for a while now in proxy mode.

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