Hoka Key, a Good Day for a Czech Disinfo Queen to Die

Czech folk singer dies after deliberately contracting Covid


Died of believing in ‘natural immunity’ to a corona virus…what a dumb fuck…like the 2374 (equal to 24 airliners plowing into the ground) who died yesterday alone (US/Worldmeters)…unvaccinated and suffering unspeakable pain…

Hana Horka wanted to prove recovery from Covid so she could obtain a health pass


Guardian: A Czech folk singer died after she deliberately contracted Covid to obtain a health pass that would have allowed her to visit venues blocked to those without proof of vaccination or recent recovery from an infection, her family has said.

Hana Horka, 57, who was the vocalist for the band Asonance, died on Sunday, according to her son Jan Rek. She had voluntarily exposed herself to the virus when her husband and son, both vaccinated, caught it before Christmas, Rek told public radio iRozhlas.cz.

“She decided to continue to live normally with us and preferred to catch the disease than to get vaccinated,” he said on Monday.

Two days before her death, Horka posted on social media: “I survived … It was intense. So now there will be the theatre, sauna, a concert … and an urgent trip to the sea.”

Proof of vaccination or a recent infection is required to access cultural and sports facilities as well as for travel and for visiting bars and restaurants in the EU member state, which is facing a soaring Covid count.

Rek blamed the death on a local anti-vax movement, saying its leaders had convinced his mother against vaccination and thus had “blood on their hands”.

“I know exactly who influenced her … It makes me sad that she believed strangers more than her proper family,” Rek said.

“It wasn’t just total disinformation but also views on natural immunity and antibodies acquired through infection,” he added.



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  1. Statistics? Why not believe the CDC? The real and only germane questions about any invasive procedure are short term and long term side effects, one of which has to be death. The CDC and many others have all kinds of short term statistics. No one has any on long term effects because this is a “unique” virus or bioweapon, if you prefer. Why is this all so confusing unless you have a preconceived agenda for or against vaccines. Make your own choice and, then, get out of my face with your truly HALF BAKED statistics.

  2. A few days ago, so experts here suggested that those who had the virus and the vaccines were at the best place to avoid future infection. So, how do you like that stew of ideas on fighting these bugs. And, how some will behave going forward.

  3. I live in the Czech Republic and I never heard of her before her death got publicised, so DISINFO QUEEN my arse! Mayshe rest in peace. Her sons grief is being exploited for propaganda purposes.

  4. Gordon be careful, you’re getting yourself into a trap… two days ago Australia reported 36 dead (in NSW), of which only 3 were unvaccinated – the other 33 were double-jabbed. Be very careful where you’re going with this!!

    • You’re right. The MSM can’t be believed, as we know from experience. I trust the open source investigative reporting at the Corbett Report, also VT’s Kevin Barrett. I think the VT editors (Jonas Alexis being one exception) have been given the equivalent of the Mexican Cartel’s “Plata o Plumo” option given to law enforcement and judicial system, i.e. “silver or lead,” for them to parrot the official narrative on covid and the experimental spike protein injections being called “vaccines.”

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