Blockbuster: 33 Arrested in Ukrainian Plot to Stage False Flag ‘Russian’ Attack on Belarus


The arrest of 33 Russians in Minsk turned out to be a provocation by the Ukrainian special services.

KP.Ru: “Komsomolskaya Pravda” became aware of the sensational details of how the spies of the Independent tried to quarrel Belarus and Russia. Investigation by Alexander Kots

The Russians were accused of “preparing to participate in mass riots” and filed local opposition members into the case

On July 29, 33 Russians were detained in Minsk . All of them were dubbed a detachment of PMCs – the private military company “Wagner”, accused of “preparing to participate in mass riots” and filed into the case of local oppositionists Sergei Tikhanovsky and Nikolai Statkevich, who had been detained earlier.

Most of this group fought in the Donbass on the side of the militia, and Kiev has already requested their extradition. Meanwhile, a comprehensive audit of Russian law enforcement agencies shows that those who decided to earn extra money on protection abroad … were simply used in the dark.

So, how did these “33 heroes” end up in Minsk.

When the Belarusian special services detained the Russians, they did not even suspect that they were lured to Minsk for this picture. Video frame.


According to our source in the Russian intelligence services, the recruitment of the group began with a call from Syria. A certain “Sergei Petrovich” called former (this is important) fighters of the so-called PMC “Wagner” with a tempting offer to work on the protection of oil facilities in Syria.

At the same time, the code of the Arab Republic (+963-931-42-562) was indeed displayed on mobile phones, however, as it turned out later, the number was virtual. It is not registered in cellular networks, its location cannot be determined, only outgoing calls are available from it.

“Sergei Petrovich” spared no time calling the “soldiers of fortune”, inquiring about their military past. Say, it should represent the level of experience and training. Like a subtle psychologist, he was actually engaged in intelligence interrogation, trumping up events and facts from which it could be concluded that this was definitely one of the bosses of the Wagner PMC.

And even a high rank from the Ministry of Defense. Colonel – at least! Therefore, no one was even on the alert when he asked about the skills of driving Buk or about acquaintance with the Russian military in the ATO zone.

One of the war veterans in the Donbass, Artem Milyaev (call sign “Shaman”) was so imbued with communication with “Sergei Petrovich” that he volunteered to help him recruit a group for “work abroad.”

The man is serious, especially since since mid-May a whole “Rosneft security manager” Sergey Viktorovich Bezinsky has joined the negotiations (although a person with such data does not appear in Russia, there is no such person in the staff of Rosneft).

He also had mail on the domain of the oil company, if only he could understand these domains. The address (, by the way, is not registered in Russia and stopped working on July 31, two days after the arrest of the Russians.

But that will be later.

How Ukrainian spies tried to quarrel Belarus and Russia – comments from an employee of the competent department
The arrest of 33 Russians in Minsk turned out to be a provocation by the Ukrainian special services. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” became aware of the sensational details of how the spies of the Independent tried to quarrel Belarus and Russia

In the meantime, “Shaman” began to look for volunteers, turning to an old acquaintance, a retired lieutenant colonel of the Russian army Krivenko, with whom he fought together in the Donbass.

The “customer” needed 90 people – the lieutenant colonel himself found someone, Milyaev recommended someone. At the same time, Krivenko personally conducted interviews with applicants in WhatsApp. Once he even got a call from “Sergey Petrovich”, making a completely favorable impression.

At the end of May, “Shaman” was offered to double the group – up to 180 people. Which he did, sending all personal data with photographs and bank card details to the “Rosneft address” – for payroll in the future. At the same time, for some reason, when recruiting people, Milyaev used the paraphernalia of the Mar PMC liquidated in 2018.


On July 6, Shaman received the most unpleasant news from Rosneft. In Libya, “Sergey Petrovich” died a heroic death. A few days later, a new curator contacted him, calling from a Venezuelan number (+5-841-291-01-091).

And after all, Artem Milyaev, maybe even broke through it – this is actually the number of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Caracas. But this is the duty phone, without the possibility of outgoing international calls – that is, the same completely virtual number as the Syrian one.

The new “curator Artur” suggested reorienting himself to “Rosneft projects” – 180 people are needed there. Just break them down into 5 groups. Which is what was done. Each has its own commander: “Shaman” (Milyaev), “Yurich” (Krivenko), “Sanych” (Belik), “Paradox” (the name of the editorial office is unknown), “Admin” (the name of the editorial office is unknown).

This bearded man in July 2020 at an Alfa-Bank ATM transferred money to the senior group Milyaev

Four detachments were to advance to Minsk on July 24, July 26, August 4 and August 6. The Yurich group was to be transferred by sea to Venezuela. According to our source in the Russian intelligence services, Shaman’s recruiting services were valued at $14,000, which were deposited into his account through an ATM by an unknown man with a beard.

In the first batch – “Shaman” – there were mainly people who had Ukrainian citizenship before and fought in the Donbass. Andrey Bakunovich, who was already in Minsk, joined her.


Departure from the capital of Belarus on the route Istanbul – Havana – Caracas was scheduled for July 25th. 10 days before, Milyaev received by e-mail copies of plane tickets for a Turkish airline flight departing from Minsk on July 25 of this year. Air tickets looked like they were purchased through the Must Go website (registered in Kiev, tel. +380509468296).

However, with the indication of the details of the Coral Travel travel company on the tickets. But through the office of Turkish Airlines in Moscow, it was established that they were purchased … “in an authorized agency registered on the territory of Ukraine, which follows from the response of the Moscow representative office of the Turkish airline.”

The airline’s official response clearly states that all ticket transactions were carried out on the territory of Ukraine.

When booking, contact information was indicated in the form of a phone number +380509468296, which is the phone number of the Travel Set company located in Kiev at the address: Vaclav Havel Boulevard, Building 6, Building 17 A, Office 706/1, which is confirmed by documents from the Moscow representative office of the Turkish airline .

The specified firm and its director, the citizen of Ukraine Kalyuzhnaya Nina Leonidovna, are identified. The company was registered in January 2020.

In addition, it was established that the Ukrainian company Easy Travel Ukraine (registered in the city of Lviv, tel. +380975500325) was built into the chain of ticket purchasers under the Must go brand. At the same time, Anna Aleinik, phone numbers +380442228500 and +380952945511 are indicated as the consolidator of this group of tickets in the booking system.

Tickets for the Sanycha group were also bought by the Ukrainian company Air Life Logistic (Kyiv, Pechersky district, Predslavinskaya street, 11). The head is Kashperskaya Alena Alexandrovna, the company was also registered in January 2020.

Electronic ticket of Alexander Tokarenko. “Must go” is a Ukrainian online sales company, and the details are indicated in Moscow and Yekaterinburg, and owned by the Russian travel company Coral Travel. These tickets are not in Coral Travel booking system

And while the Shaman group was getting ready to go, their tickets to Istanbul were canceled and rebooked for July 30th. What travelers were not even informed about. However, while the detachment was traveling from Moscow to Minsk, the reservation for most of its members was canceled on the 30th.

Anna Aleinik – was listed as a consolidator for a group of passengers in booking and ticket management

On the border with Belarus, the Russians showed their copies of contracts with the RN-West company. Tickets were found at the meeting party – a citizen of Belarus Gennady Kompan, which were sent to him from the same unregistered “address of Rosneft” ( and printed out at the gas station closest to the border.

Kompan (our source suggests that at the final stage of the operation he was brought to cooperation by the special services of Belarus) and drove the guys to Minsk in two minibuses. Needless to say, these contracts are fake, the details and seals are fake, and the head of the company, Rustamov, who allegedly signed them, has long been living in Samara, and not in Minsk. That is one hundred percent fake.

Gennady Kompan was engaged in transportation and escort of the group on the territory of Belarus.


Whoever framed the Russians in Belarus definitely knew what he was doing. Having collected questionnaires from all job seekers abroad, which included bank details, the “employer” drew up an employment contract for each of the 33 heroes. Almost like a real one!

The Rosneft logo on the letterhead of the Belarusian company RN-Zapad, its director Sergei Rustamov on the one hand and a citizen such and such on the other. Position – security officer, term – one year, rights, obligations, incentive payments, tariff categories. Seal, signature.

And here is where it gets tricky. First, the seal is fake. And secondly, the data of the compiler of the document is a little outdated. The fact is that Sergey Rustamov has not been working in this company for a year now. Currently, he is the General Director of Samaranefteprodukt PJSC NK Rosneft. And it has nothing to do with the signing of this document. And the “autograph” itself is fake.

At the disposal of “KP” was a sample of the real signature of Sergei Rustamov (see photo). As they say in Odessa, these are two big differences.

This employment contract was sent to people to be shown to the Belarusian border guards. Sergei Rustamov is a real person, but has not been working in Minsk for a year now. The seal, signature and details are fake.

The real signature of Sergei Rustamov.


Larisa Nikolaevna Samarina, “an employee of the Russian embassy in Istanbul”, concurrently a “specialist of Rosneft”, was engaged in the placement of Russians in Minsk. Which, of course, is never true. (She is either Samokhina or Yegorova, her identity is now being established.) This “employee” used a fake phone number registered on July 15 + 7-903-399-96-97, which is also virtual and was not registered in cellular networks.

Larisa Samarina, who was engaged in the placement of Russians in Minsk.

And the same Samarina sent Shaman an identification card with allegedly her photo for a meeting at the Istanbul airport.

And she booked the Belorusochka sanatorium for a group from July 24 to 29, explaining to the manager that she was accommodating a group of passengers of a rescheduled flight, which they did not suspect. Moreover, they lingered at the border, being late for check-in and moving to a hotel in Minsk.

Accurately before departure, on July 25, “Shaman” is still told about the cancellation of the flight, instructing them to destroy the old tickets. Fly, they say, by another plane on July 30th.

Having torn up the tickets, the Russians thereby destroyed important evidence, a thread from which would lead to Lvov and Kiev, somewhere to the building of the SBU. Therefore, all payments within the framework of the “project” by the “curators” were carried out exclusively in cash.

2 personnel questionnaires: please note that on the first version of 04/03/2020, the word “painting” is at the bottom, which is not typical for a Russian-language document. And on the second, later version, the word “signature” has already appeared.

“Foreign PMCs”

Well, then we all know. On July 29, the Shaman group is detained by the Belarusian Alfa, Bakunovich is knitted separately, which, as it were, hints that Minsk had a list of “passengers” from Kiev.

The Belarusian media report that 33 people “did not show up for the flight on July 25.” Although their tickets had been canceled by that time.

Meanwhile, the excited “Sanych” unsuccessfully tries to contact Samarina. She recommends disbanding his group while “the curators solve the problem.”

Immediately after the arrest, lists of detainees were transferred to the Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk, which, in fact, explains the operational adjustment on the Peacemaker website, where 12 people from the Shaman group were added. Another 16 were already “hung” there.

Here one can only assume that the Belarusian special services were already in close contact with the Ukrainian ones, having received from them information about the arrival of “saboteurs”. No wonder Alexander Lukashenko on July 24, during a visit to the special forces brigade, mentioned “foreign PMCs” who were going to cause unrest in Belarus.


As a result, it can be stated that the Ukrainian special services managed to create a fake project, which involved 180 Russian citizens, while including veterans of the war in Donbass in the first group.

At the same time, it is quite possible to assume that this whole fascinating and instructive story was brought to the Belarusian side in a very truncated form – without details about air tickets.

With this whole operation, the SBU, it seems, intended to kill several birds with one stone at once – the ubiquitous, nightmarish and terrible Wagner PMC, the ricochet should have hurt Rosneft – as one of the largest Russian companies, but the main blow, undoubtedly, on Russian-Belarusian relationships.

Not to mention the possible extradition of Russian citizens to Ukraine, which Kiev would be incredibly happy about – such an opportunity to avenge its sailors, whom Poroshenko sent “for slaughter” to the Kerch Strait.

According to our information, the materials on this entire special operation have already been transferred to the Investigative Committee, which, as our interlocutor put it, will give a procedural assessment of this “staging”.

It remains to be hoped that in Minsk they will also take a closer look.

Detention of 33 Russians in Minsk in July 2020


Rosneft called statements about the involvement of a company employee in Russians detained in Minsk a provocation

All the detainees were signed with fake contracts on letterheads with company logos ( details )


Who dares to put an article in Komsomolskaya Pravda on the provocative arrest of Russians on Lukashenka’s desk?

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova got acquainted with the results of the investigation of our correspondent Alexander Kots ( details )

“It’s definitely Ukrainian handwriting!”: A “stolen identity” was involved in a provocation with the Russians in Minsk correspondent Alexander Kots was contacted by a woman whose photo was used in a scandalous multi-move ( details )



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  1. I am good at english, and was in Minsk when this happened.
    Its not what they say it is in article.
    Its Wagner group going to Istanbul on way to probably Syria and with a stopover in Minsk is what it was, and they were stupid and brought along their weapons into Belarus.
    Of course everything is a cover up nobody wants people to know where these guys go what they do.
    When arrested, it was all about having weapons stashed in their hotel and thats why arrested.
    They dont tolerate this stuff in Belarus.
    Elections were 10 days away when all the protests and crackdowns on protestors started.
    No one really knew or expected the protests to get so out of hand.
    If these guys were not arrested, they would of been out of country by then, and in Syria or wherever, with all their guns too, when the elections and protests happened.
    False documents probably because of the shipment of weapons through Belarus and nobody wanted to get blamed or traced to it.
    Protests in Belarus were about extreme violence of Belarus police against Belarus citizens. Protests were NOT about joining the EU (no way jose for Belarus, which is more Russian than Russia is) or overthrowing President with NATO puppet (like Ukraine)

  2. This story is datelined “27 January 2022” but it first appeared in July 2020. You have had time to edit it, why didn’t you?

  3. The title misleading, I was in Minsk Belarus when all this happened with the arrest of the Wagner group people.
    Some facts: The presidential election, and the riots and protests that followed, were on August 9

    These guys were arrested on July 29 and what they were arrested for, was bringing into Belarus loads of guns and ammunition.

    In Belarus guns are strictly prohibited, nobody but police packs a gun or its big jail time.

    These 33 guys were armed to the teeth and they smuggled the arms in.
    Apparently on their way to Istanbul, but the flights were delayed, and they stayed in Belarus for a couple days longer than planned probably for some R and R and hit casinos and clubs.. someone in hotel noticed all the guns reported them, and they all got arrested.

    They were Russians, all members of Wagner group, on their way to somewhere “undisclosed” probably Syria.
    Ukrainian and Belarus not such big enemies at this time, also Lithuania and Poland borders were open along with embassies, It is after the elections when things got bad.

    This was not staging for a false flag, its just these guys got caught smuggling in weapons, but they were not going to stay in Belarus is the story I know about it.

  4. This article is a mess! Yes, it is more or less clear that a group of renegade(?) Ukrainian special service personnel were planning to frame a number of Russians as staging a FFO. a “Russian attack on Belarus”, in Belarus, but the article is hardly readable. I suppose a lot of it is m/c translation, but that is hardly an excuse. VT has people who are familiar with the story, I suppose, and whose mother-tongue is English, so a bit of editing could aid clarity and should be applied.

    That said, it is an interesting tale and would make a good TV drama. Good job it was caught in time.

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