False Flag US covert attack on Ukrainan border coming?

And an argument in favor of the existence of real Buffer States


By Claudio Resta for VT

How can Biden these days be so sure of a future Russian invasion of Ukraine in February in spite of both Russian and Ukrainian denials about it? That is the big question and if I can I would suspect him of bad faith.

Isn’t he maybe planning of a US covert but officially false Ukrainian flag provocation on its Russian border?

Something that for the jus ad Bellum must request a Russian military response.

So that NATO or maybe, who knows, a Multi-National Coalition of the Willing, in this case, would recognize that they morally “have” the duty to intervene against Russia to protect Ukraine and EU borders.

This hypothesis if real would be an astonishing criminal act, yet pretty realistic, that you may imagine at present.

Such an eventuality would be in the current geopolitical context very dangerous at the risk of being the exploder of a New World War just as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo on the 28th of June 1914 was the detonator of WWI.

The wise foresight of ancient Diplomacy until the mid-twentieth century foresaw the existence of Buffer States lying between two rival or potentially hostile great powers. Buffer States, were independent and typically pursued a neutralist foreign policy. Its existence was conceived to prevent conflict between great powers and their alliances.

On the other side, the un-wise politics of present contemporary Diplomacy eliminated Buffer States.

In the sense that the former Buffer States more recently took sides on one side or other opposite great powers and/or their alliances.

So Countries like Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria among others aren’t anymore Buffer States as they used to be (since they took the side of the West). And the World became a much more unstable and dangerous place at risk of war.

I understand that there are many aspects on the social, economical, and political side that may historically turn a former kind of Buffer State (independent, neutral, and not aligned) through a free and democratic process in a type of it (West aligned, for instance, seldom East aligned).

Yet most of these aspects, even the cultural ones, are mainly driven by Imperial Superpowers (USA, Russia, PRC, even still UK, sometimes) even if often in a non-explicitly declared, hidden, and covert way.

So some Buffer States, like some European ones come from a long and complex history, in which sometimes after the end of WWII they were Eastern Satellite ones or even have a longer history of being part of the Russian Empire the USSR than after the end of Soviet Union autodeterminated to became independent and neutral, and then after few years decided to be full members allied of the West.

Different cases with different histories like those of Baltic Republics different from Ukraine and others.

Anyway, as I was saying before the process that turns a former kind of Buffer State (independent, neutral, and not aligned) into a type of it (West aligned, for instance, seldom East aligned) is much more exogenous than endogenous.

The exogenous instruments used by an Imperial Superpower are economic recovery programs, propaganda, psyops, and sometimes even covert criminal acts performed by Security Agencies, such as opposition killings even if political leaders.

Everything that can be useful to the manufacturing of consent was mainly driven by Imperial Superpower, yet also partly democratically confirmed by their people.

Propaganda is working from the continuous repetition of the assertion that the West is more “free”, richer, happier, and more qualified among others (as a peer and equal opportunities, feminist, etcetera), and “always” better than the East.

The most powerful instrument of these politics aimed at building a positive image of the West was Hollywood, with its masterful mix of art and propaganda, plus all the western mainstream media conglomerates.

The 1965 motion pictures Doctor Zhivago, for instance, is a great work of art, a movie masterpiece, a historical epic romance but yet a very effective work of propaganda critical of the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union.

Most war movies behind the action hide patriotic propaganda, and western too.

Then PsyOps was functional to the manufacturing of consent in Sweden, and also the killing of nonaligned leaders even in Western Countries such as Olof Palme and Aldo Moro, for whose deaths the principal suspect are US labeled (see NATO secret armies and Strategy of tension in Italy around the Seventies).

Not to mention a few years before Enrico Mattei and probably also Adriano Olivetti in Italy at the beginning of the sixties just like Swedish UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjöld, and especially obviously JFK, MLK, and Bob Kennedy all along the sixties, whose deaths share the same principle, US Deep State.

They all were heroes of freedom and democracy in their Countries and for the world and so were obstacles to the plan for the destruction or at least non-existence of Non-Aligned Countries, Buffer States and Peace, after all for those who pursued this evil project.

I guess I know the reason why present contemporary Diplomacy eliminated the existence of real Buffer States.

That is because “war is a racket” as General Smedley D. Butler used to say. A top-ranking level professional expert in this subject with much more knowledge and experience of me and most people and also a man with a very open and free mind, too. An extremely rare good today.

And, since the Buffer States are not useful, or functional to the economy of the racket of war, they were eliminated, by present contemporary Diplomacy for the sake of this racket.

But is this price for the benefit of a few racketeers unknown to most people worth the lives and welfare of most of the people in the world?

Signed by

Claudio Resta


Dagens Nyheter (Swedish newspaper) article by Olle Alsen,(journalist) US President Ronald Reagan’s assistant, Barbara Honegger and writer of October Surprise, the book whose author is Barbara Honegger and not the one with the same title by Gary Sick, stating that Italian P2 freemason master Licio Gelli and CIA puppet on February, 28th, 1986 announced the killing of Palme



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  1. Who’s doing your editing at VT?
    A false flag US covert attack on Ukrainan border is coming? Is NOT a question.
    Is a false flag US covert attack on Ukrainan border coming? Is a question.

    • from VT Italy…probably machine translated

      VT is quite popular there…and France…and especially Russia where we are loved like Nazi stepchildren

    • You are right. Sorry. I apologize. But you should know that I am used to think in Italian and to write even in English but often with an Italian syntax to which I am much more used to. Then I revise and correct (usually correctly). And in Italian you don’t position the verb in a different place from that of an affirmative statement. You understand that a statement is a question just by the presence or not of the question mark.
      The when I ended my piece it was yesterday late night and perhaps I was not at my best in revising and correcting it.
      The title was absolutely intended to be a question and not an affirmative statement as you can see by the presence of question mark. So the right title should be:
      Is a false flag US covert attack on Ukrainan border about to happen?
      (subtitle is right)
      I will notify it to VT for errata corrige, if possible.

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