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Republicans Challenged by their White Supremacy Wing that Trump supported

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) went more forcefully after Fuentes: “Nick Fuentes is an asshole.”

Pentagon wants Moscow back channels to prevent nuclear escalation

Jim W. Dean - NATO may finally get the war that it has been wanting, but it will hardly turn out the way it wants, as they rarely do.

EU’s Criminal Energy Politics & Freezing of Nord Stream 2: A Mass Sacrifice to...

Note by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe On the cover image the frozen Nord Stream Gas pipeline (trough Russia and Germany) and the EU...

VT Cooking: Mindless Do-It-Yourself Home Pizza

Everything is about dough. This pizza dough also makes a pretty good french bread.

Ukraine: Moment of Truth

What is happening today in the world is a natural result of accumulations that began since 1990 with the dismantling of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact and the insistence of the colonial powers to keep NATO to continue waging criminal wars against sovereign states.

Ukraine War Day 5: Mariupol, Kharkov

On February 27, the Ukrainian military began mass use of phosphorus-filled ammunitions in Kiev suburbs near the Gostomel airfield. Ukrainian forces use phosphorus-filled shells for D-30 howitzers and phosphorus-filled rockets for BM-21 Grad launchers.

Russian TV on Sanctions, “The West Wants to Destroy Russia”

VT: Should the US continue helping Turkey steal Syrian wheat to make up for probable shortfalls from Ukraine?  

Vital: Is There Blatant Orientalism in Western Media Coverage of Ukraine War?

White supremacy is the fundament of Euro-American “civilization”. The orientalist division of human beings into desirable and undesirable people has been structurally inscribed in dominant media discourse.

Russia: U.S. Hegemony Has Ended, Wants New Rules

Russian State Controlled Media: Moscow's decision to conduct a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, the goals of which are declared to be the demilitarization and denazification of the country , puts the Western world before new realities.

Russia Blames UK FM for Elevated Nuclear Alert

The British foreign secretary made “unacceptable” statements on “clashes” between NATO and Russia, Putin’s spokesman said.

Belligerent Rhetoric & SS-Style Regalia: Who are Right Sector and Neo-Nazi Azov?

For years The West turned a blind eye to crimes committed by the Ukrainian military with support from neo-Nazi militias.

Are Anti-Vaxxers Shitty Drivers? Spike in COVID Traffic Deaths Says ‘Probably’

An AAA study reported by The Washington Post found 4 percent of drivers increased their time on the roads during the pandemic. They tended to be young, male, and more likely to speed, read texts while driving, not wear seat belts, or drive under the influence of alcohol or weed.

Russian Envoy to UN Says Nationalists in Ukraine Using Civilians as Human Shields

Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe On the cover image (already published by The US Sun, link at the end of this...

Al Qaeda Moving Troops from Syria to Ukraine, al Qaeda’s ‘Homeland’ to Fight Russians

According to the Abkhazian Network News Agency, al-Jasim is currently preparing to funnel militants from Syria to Ukraine, where they will be thrown against Russian forces.

Biblical Simplicity

Let’s try to image how a true humanist should relate to what is happening in the world today.

Does Propaganda Battle for Ukraine Spell End of Democracy?

Same press...new war...same lies... Tg2 of Rai, the Italian state television broadcast a video of the War Thunder video games, pretending to be a missile attack by the Russian army against Kiev.

Nine Remarkable Nursing Facts That Make Us Appreciate Them More

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. They are known for providing expert care from the beginning to the end of life. They take flames...

Putin Orders Nuclear Forces on High Alert, Cites Western Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday ordered Russia’s nuclear forces to be put on “special” alert in response to Western sanctions and what he said were “aggressive statements” made by NATO countries.

How to make your trips more pleasant as a veteran

Going on a trip is an exciting experience that broadens your horizons and helps you relieve stress, and this is crucial, especially if you’re...

Donbas People Describe Living under Kiev-US-NATO Shelling for 8 years

This is a dark stain on the US military, diplomatic and political systems, as they all looked to profit from this as a new Cold War.

Ukraine Poses Then Refuses to Launch Negotiations

We can clearly see now that the West has planned to use Ukraine as cannon fodder.

West Asia after Ukraine war

The Ukraine crisis can be interpreted from various aspects, but it represents the rivalry between Russia and the US over a strategic depth called Ukraine. Also, there is an opportunity for superpowers to approach Iran, while the American order is declining.

Ukraine and Nazis

The Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine are fascists, white supremacists, and Anti-Russian. This allows the Ukrainian Nazis to partner with the Jewish President who is fighting Russia.

Did We Provoke Putin’s War in Ukraine?

Neither Ukraine nor Georgia will become members of NATO. To prevent that, Russia will go to war, as Russia did last night.

Analyst: Russia Seeks to Neutralise Ukraine’s Geopolitical Status to Solve Dangerous Security Crisis

What will be the ripple effects and repercussions of the Ukraine crisis in the rest of Eurasia and the Indo-Pacific? This is a significant question and should occupy policymakers in Washington today.

Putin Orders Russian Nuclear Deterrent Forces on Highest Alert

The move comes in response to “hostile” rhetoric by top NATO officials, Russia’s president Putin has explained.

Day 4 Russian Forces in Kharkov and Ukraine Crumbles Behind a Wall of Lies

It seems that the Russian military is set to really take control of Kharkov and destroy the crucial military logistical infrastructure of the Kiev regime there.

Tulsi Gabbard, Not Trump, To Be Republican Nominee in 2024!?!

I predict Gabbard for President in 2024 as the Republican Candidate, not Trump who will be killed off by a thousand wounds including his support for the Vax, mixed views on Putin and all his legal problems.

Putin played into the Western trap

NATO was a major force in killing the JCPOA and similarly with letting the Minsk agreement die on the vine, and did nothing to stop the shelling of the Donbas perimeter for 8 years, actually paying for the munitions. It has zero credibility.

Report: Russia Claims they prevented US backed bio-weapons attack in Ukraine

As Russian forces are advancing in Ukraine, Kiev seems to be in a rush to hide the evidence that the USA violates the convention on non-proliferation of biological weapons.

US Backed Terrorists Wounded in Syria in Failed False Flag Chemical Attack

“According to information obtained by Syrian special services, militants of the al-Nusra group delivered containers with a poisonous substance, presumably chlorine, to a town in the Idlib governorate. One of the containers was seriously damaged, as a result of careless handling during transportation,” the TASS news agency reported.

Corruption: Why does the World Economic Forum exist?

Much more light deserves to be shed on this supranational entity, its string-pullers, and the extent to which their agenda trickles down into our daily lives.

Occultism and America’s Military “Elites”

The aftermath of World War II, and the defeat of the occultist powers, Germany and Japan, by Russia and the West, is not an untold story, just one subject to military secrecy.

INTEL DROP: What this war on the NAZI Right reveals

What we don't talk about is who put the Nazis in control of Ukraine. It was done by the Israel lobby in the US working with the Israeli and Turkish security services and using backing from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Russia Summons Israeli Ambassador over Regime’s Position on Military Actions in Ukraine

Press TV: Russia has summoned the Israeli ambassador to the country’s capital for clarifications over the occupying regime’s position regarding the Russian military operations in Ukraine.

UKRAINE: It’s Only A Small War!

Unlike MOD and the Pentagon, with every respect, I understand and comprehend Russian concerns over the firing of the SHEWS weapon system from Ukrainian soil and share Russian concerns over the ongoing loss of life in the Donbas.

VT Italy: A ‘Brainwave’ Look at Ukraine

The real adult enemy of Russia is, as I argue, US Deep State, the military industrial complex, Big Data, Social media, and all the western corporate world. It’s a question of competition among different economic and social systems.

Esoteric Evolution – a Primer for the New Gods I

“Teapot” & the Toroidal Universe by Jack Heart & Orage

“Rebel” MP’s Join Russia in the Fight Against Ukraine

I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People's Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist.