Kosher Fail on Steroids: Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ Missed Every Syrian Air Defense Missile

Imagine how Iran's new 'dancing missiles' could do


Avia Pro: The Israeli air defense / missile defense system did not shoot down a single Syrian missile fired at IDF fighters.

During the Israeli aggression against Syria, Syrian S-200 systems fired at least four anti-aircraft guided missiles at Israeli aircraft. The latter managed to fly to the central part of Palestine, however, none of the Israeli Iron Dome air defense / missile defense systems could intercept them.

As it became known to the editors of the news agency, after successfully repelling an Israeli air raid, the Syrian military also attacked Israeli aircraft, firing S-200 air defense systems at each of them. The fighters planned to land at an air base in southern Israel, but after the missiles quickly began to catch up with them, the fighters unexpectedly headed towards the Mediterranean Sea.

It is known that Israeli pilots expected that the fired anti-aircraft missiles would be intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense / missile defense systems, however, according to Israeli media, Russia used its electronic warfare systems against Israel. As a result, none of the missiles was intercepted.

At the same time, experts note that the Syrian air defense systems did not have enough range and, probably, the speed of missiles to defeat Israeli fighters, although, despite the presence of S-300 systems in the CAA, the latter are still not used, but they would certainly have allowed to destroy IDF fighters.


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  1. Moscow knows that the Israelis are fully on board with the cabal in all their dealings, yet refuses to allow Syria to respond with capable systems. Are they still waiting for the ‘right time’ to allow Syria to rebuff Israeli attacks? Imagine if they were to adopt the same strategy at home. When will be the ‘right time’? Are they waiting for a massive end game attack where they will be needed? Now the cabal is intensifying attacks on Yemen. Hopefully, Yemen will put an end to the UAE and their backstabbing ways, opening the door for more resistance. Israel and the US realize the danger of a UAE that is destroyed. It threatens their entire ‘normalization’ plan. Once the UAE Emirs are on the run, the population will turn on their overseers. Would this result in the domino effect that the US used in the 60s as an excuse for Vietnam? Then there will be only one front, KSA. That the Yemeni with very restricted resources can resist as well and as long as they have, should speak volumes as to what the cabal could expect from Iran…and how any attack on Iran would turn out. That they would face not hundreds of missiles, but thousands, is why Israel wants Iran’s missiles on the bargaining block. Never gonna happen.

    • As well, does Russia not realize the value of a fractured cabal? Of course, yet they do not publicly seem to acknowledge the atrocities in Yemen…some caused by Russian weapons they sold to KSA, ditto for China. So even though Russia is basically under attack in many ways by the cabal, they too have Yemeni blood on their hands. Even worse, all the while they honor the sanctions and embargo on Yemen as well. This is especially curious, as Russia complains about illegal US sanctions. Does Russia believe the war on Yemen to be honorable and legal? Resigning Yemen to starvation and slaughter is not supporting a states sovereignty, which is Russia’s go to mantra. How do they reconcile this with their stance on Crimea and the Ukrainian breakaways? Does a people have to speak Russian to expect a reasonable moral stance from Russia? This is Putin’s excuse for kissing Israeli ass. A note to Putin, they are Israeli now, NOT Russian.

  2. Just as Guernica served as the testing ground for a new Nazi military tactic – carpet-bombing a civilian population to demoralize the enemy, Israel has turned Syria into the devil’s playground to test their latest weaponry.

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