Feature image: Kyiv troops heavy shelling of the Donbas western border

…from the New York Times – (6:23pm EST)

This sporadic shelling has been going on for ages, but escalating to Kiev using anti-tank rocket launchers to ‘assassinate’ Donbas defensive positions as a sport

[ Editor’s Note: It is beginning to look like nothing slick is going to be arranged for cranking up a new Ukraine war. The US has been telegraphing its plans openly with daily false flag theoretical stories, and apparently creating what it wants to exist to force Russia’s hands. The Pentagon has been an echo chamber.

Someone may have decided that this is a good time for war. The Donbas people don’t want it. They have had enough of it. But they will fight because they have to.

Biden’s line was a goof, “A spike in shelling heightens fears that Russian may claim a pretext to invade”.

Dear Mr. President, if Zelensky is crazy enough to allow heavy shelling all along the Donbas line, many would view that as baiting for the Russians to come in. It is not a pretext.

If the situation were reversed, then Biden would be interceding because he would look weak if he did not. But here in the US we have been hearing the ‘an attack is imminent for days, and it doesn’t come.

Earlier the Russians even went so far as to finally tell everyone what it would take to force them to go in, an attack by Kyiv and the West on Donbas. Today we had the Kyiv pitiful nursery school shelling a false flag, with three staff injured but none of the kids, a very strange story.

And of course, the teachers only have ‘concussions’ so there will be no ‘wound’ photos. And we are to believe not a single social media post was put up from any of the kids’ parents, not a word to the media, and no phone interviews we would be having translated for us tonight.

Here is the South Front story on it with some video.

Biden’s ‘false flag’ might have been a US-Ukie creation. We will know soon enough… Jim W. Dean ]

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Note the heavy shelling with no shrapnel peppering on the outside and no broken windows. Someone did not want to buy new ones I guess…JD

First published February 17, 2021

KYIV, Ukraine — A dramatic spike in shelling up and down the front line between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists on Thursday raised fears that a conflict that until now has consisted almost entirely of saber-rattling may now offer Moscow the kind of pretext the United States says it is looking for to invade.

Perhaps most worrisome, the separatists claimed that they had come under fire from the Ukrainians — precisely the sort of incident Western officials have warned Russia might try to use to justify military action. Moscow has long invoked what it says is its obligation to protect ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.

The uptick in hostilities came as the United States and Russia traded conflicting claims about whether Russian forces were really pulling back from the Ukrainian border, as Moscow has insisted.

On Thursday, artillery shells struck a town on the Ukrainian government-controlled side of a war with Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, damaging a kindergarten and wounding three adult civilians, the Ukrainian military said.

And Leonid Pasechnik, head of the Russian separatists’ self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of “massive strikes on civilians.” That claim could not be independently verified.

You can read the whole New York Times story here.

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  1. I guess the shell landing in Russian territory (Rostov) is what the west thinks will push Russia into action. Well, it has..they sent in police to investigate it. Of course, no mention by the west, as they are waiting for Russia to retaliate, which ain’t coming over such a stupid move. No matter, any complaints will be viewed as pretext in the western ‘press’. It must be go time since ALL the MSM, including that paragon of truth, Fox, is on board as well. Read the BBC article on FFs if you want a laugh. Funny how the west/US explains what it takes to mount a successful FF, almost like they’ve run them themselves. If this was a US sitcom it would be cancelled as a flop. But, hey, the CON-troll-ed press is on it, smashing reviews are guaranteed!

    • Yes, As some lost to the Ages person once said, “You just can’t make this shit up”. Or was that a guy on VT?

  2. Yes, a really pitiful false flag…Lets shell a kindergarten!! ….didnt work no one believes it people not that stupid but half of USA did vote for trump so they will keep trying until something sticks –

    Maybe Russian spies throwing Ukrainian babies in incubators on floor to die….

    How about Novichok poisoning by pro-Russian seperatists of Ukrainian pre-school kids…

    Russian missles shooting down an off-course Ukrainian airliner over Donbass?
    The missle operators personally ordered by Putin to bring it down. Thats a good one eh it might work if media cocksuckers really gets behind it full time.

  3. Biden is just the organ grinder’s monkey. He will jump around with his little tin cup while the organ grinder smiles and bides his time. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

    • Biden is another liberal Democrat fake who got a taste of under the table money and perks in Congress. How the people in Delaware kept sending him back for more is a mystery. Zionist stooge!

  4. This comment has been deleted as silly. VT does not run, spend our time, having a comment board, for people to be silly. If you don’t have something intelligent, or at least rational, don’t make a comment. If you are having withdrawal from boredom I feel for you.

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