Donbass – Ukrainian army takes Children’s home under fire!

Alina from @NewsFromRussia was a guest in a children’s home near Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk People’s Republic. The border with Ukraine is very close here, Dokuchaevsk is part of the “red zone” where shooting takes place almost every day. What the home leaders show Alina is outrageous: Ukrainian soldiers took the home as well as its neighborhood under fire one night in 2014 – a bullet flew right past the face of a sleeping child before hitting the bed frame.

The journalist Alina Lipp delivered relief supplies to 12 children in the children’s home in Dokuchevsk. The children danced and recited poems to thank her for the gifts.

The children’s home was shot at by Ukrainian troops in 2014. The head of the home shows bullet holes just above the pillow in a child’s bedroom. Bullet holes can be seen in the walls everywhere in the room. Fortunately, no child was injured in the shooting.

Home manager: A shard came in here too, it was stopped by a book of Andersen’s fairy tales. There is some kind of providence after all. The home director speaks plainly:

Leaving home is out of the question. One cannot live here in peace, we sing under constant stress. But we are on our own land, we don’t have to run anywhere. When the situation calms down a bit, they stop shelling the city, then it’s already good, already calm.

People often ask us if we are used to the shelling. No, not used to it. You can’t get used to something like that. Every time there is an attack, every time there is shooting, every time there are machine guns and ammunition explodes, my heart pounds. You don’t get used to it. In the middle of the night you wake up and hear that there is shooting somewhere. You go out into the street and hear where there is shooting. By the nature of the shots, you already know if there is shooting in the city or not. You already kind of prepare yourself.

Here there was shooting by Bandera units, and it was exactly when children were going to school and people were going to work. When there was a lot of shooting, of course, we didn’t let the children go to school. But you can hear from which side they are shooting.

Alina: Here in Germany, the media say that the evil separatists in the Donbass are the ones who are doing the shooting.

Home director: …yes, we are evil

Alina: …attacked Ukraine again and each time the attacks were initiated from their side.

Home director: In a fight there are always two people: one provokes, the other defends himself and strikes properly. Today’s justice system condemns the one who strikes properly and not the one who provokes, that is, the one who initiated the conflict.

This is what Ukraine does: it drops ammunition a few times and we hit back – that’s it, the separatists are evil.

Why should I tolerate that?


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  1. The Kiev fake reporting is being catalogued for history. He had a couple of free days of getting away with it, but the internet sleuths have caught up on how they are grabbing old material off the internet. This includes the US navy landing barge that was being refurbished that a disgrunteld sailor set on fire, which Kiev used to show as a Russin landing barge being hit and sunk in Odessa. They are also taking ripe cadavers out of the morgues and night and staging civilian atrocities to be found the next day. Sadly, the same would be done by a number of countries as social media has weaponized disinformation, to the point we have to be suspicious as to who started social media. VT has long been suspicious that a major country Intel agency did, one of the early companies that had no advertising to support, which hence discouraged competition, as who wants to get into a new business with no income. That was FB.

  2. We’re not seeing any of this in western media. There’s a complete blackout of any destruction by Ukrainian provocateurs on their own people and infrastructure, for the express intent of blaming it on Russian forces, and then using it for propaganda value in western media. Zelenskyy is winning the propaganda war.

  3. The monstrous actions of Ukrainian militants at the Zaporozhye NPP – details from the Ministry of Defense | Russian Spring
    The monstrous actions of Ukrainian militants at the Zaporozhye NPP – details from the Ministry of Defense
    04.03.2022 – 12:13
    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported on the monstrous actions of Ukrainian militants at the Zaporozhye NPP, which could lead to the emergence of a source of radioactive contamination.

    At night, on the territory adjacent to the Zaporozhye NPP, the Kiev regime attempted to implement a monstrous provocation.

    At about 2 a.m., while patrolling the protected area adjacent to the station, the mobile patrol of the Rosgvardiya was attacked by a Ukrainian sabotage group — from the windows of several floors of the training complex located outside the power plant, heavy small arms fire was opened on the Rosgvardians.

    The firing points of the Ukrainian saboteurs were suppressed by return fire from small arms.

    Leaving the building, the Ukrainian sabotage group set it on fire.

    Now the staff of the Zaporozhye NPP continues to work in normal mode, maintains the facilities of the station and monitors the radioactive situation. The radioactive background in the area of the power plant is normal.

  4. 1. Roskomnadzor blocked the Voice of America for systematic fakes
    Russia continues to struggle with the placement of false information (fakes) in the media about the disinformation and denazification operation carried out on the territory of Ukraine. Roskomnadzor reported on the closure and blocking of several foreign and Russian resources.
    2. Zelensky said that almost the entire Russian army was thrown against Ukraine.
    Hiding either in a bunker somewhere in Kiev, or taken by Western intelligence services to Poland, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky recorded a new video message in which he said that Russia had thrown “almost the entire Russian army” against Ukraine.
    In addition, Zelensky at a recent press conference demanded that the West provide him with military aircraft to fight with Russia. At the same time, he accused Washington and Brussels of cowardice and unwillingness to close the sky over Ukraine. According to him, Russia will not stop in Ukraine, but will reach “the Berlin Wall.”

    If you don’t have the strength, the courage to close the sky, then give me planes. Give me the planes. If we are gone, God forbid, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia will continue. Then there will be Georgia, Moldova, Poland. So they will go to the Berlin Wall
    – he declared.

    • “Fake victories of Ukraine”: the British edition of the BBC unexpectedly exposed the lie about the military conflict with Russia.
      The attempts of the Kiev regime to organize counteraction to the Russian troops are accompanied by information processing of the population of Nezalezhnaya, feeding it with “sensations” about the “heroism” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and scaring it with fears about “atrocities” of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. At the same time, these throw-ins are made so crudely that even the Western press had to pay attention to them.
      Misleading messages come both from official sources and from “ordinary” users of social networks

      – the lies are exposed in the British edition of the BBC, giving a number of examples.

      For example, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the destruction of the Russian Su-35 by the MiG-29 fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allegedly showing footage from the video game Digital Combat Simulator World as confirmation.

      “Fake victories of Ukraine”: the British edition of the BBC unexpectedly exposed the lie about the military conflict with Russia

      In another case, it is said about the collision of the AFU unit with Russian soldiers, reinforcing the words with footage of the confrontation in the Crimea in 2014 at the Belbek airbase. At the same time, such stuffing quickly spreads through the world media.

    • The “fake victory of Ukraine” is captured on video about the defeat of Russian military equipment by drone strikes. However, as explained, these shots were taken and posted by the Turkish military in 2020 as part of a demonstration of the use of UAVs on the Syrian front.

      The explosions in the Chinese port of Tianjin, which occurred in 2015, are issued as a blow to the Ukrainian city. The amphibious landing in Nezalezhnaya was actually filmed by the Russian military during the exercises a long time ago. The massive strike from the MLRS on Ukrainian territory was borrowed from the training maneuvers of the Russian army.

  5. Mr. Duff, thank you!
    Here is the YT link about one French journalist. She has also became famous in Russia and Donbass. She reveals the truth about what was happening these years in Ukraine and seems French media hates it.
    I could find this link only in the French language. But it is important.

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