Scott Ritter: Do Ukrainian biolabs violate the ban on biological weapons programs?

An explanation must be offered for what was really going on in Ukrainian laboratories working with highly dangerous pathogens

Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and author of ‘SCORPION KING: America’s Suicidal Embrace of Nuclear Weapons from FDR to Trump.’ He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector. 



  1. Why do countries run biolabs of any kind in other countries? There is a quality of insanity about it all. And why do people work there who have diplomatic immunity? Isn’t this another trashing of legal proscriptions and norms? If UN was not a puppet show it could be made against international law to extend diplomatic immunity to anyone other than strict diplomatic staff at the embassy. You know, corrupt regimes could extend diplomatic immunity to any old criminal. This should not be allowed to stand if international law is to mean anything!

  2. The sooner the destruction of US labs around the world the better for the world. So far we’ve seen Covid19, who knows what NWO has planned next. Something has to happen to cut the roots of the NWO which uses US for its dirty works. Please bring it on let Russia finish the influence of US once and for all – this will save the world.

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