Libertarian Experiment Fail: 40 Years of Reagan’s Revolution Brought Crisis and Chaos


by Thom Hartmann

First, Michigan’s Republican Governor ended the power of cities to govern themselves, replacing them with “emergency managers” and producing the Flint water crisis.

Now the Republicans who run Tennessee are trying a similar trick, wanting to defy the voters to take over the town of Mason in that state.

As the headline at the Tennessee Lookout newspaper notes:

“State officials ask residents of a small, predominantly Black town near the site of new Ford investment to forfeit their city charter or face takeover.”

The GOP has gone all libertarian, and libertarians don’t believe in democracy, which they say should be replaced by “the magic of the marketplace” — or at least the “magic” of people made rich by the marketplace.

Here’s the one question that always stops libertarians dead in their tracks when they come on or call into my radio/TV program to proclaim the wonders of their political ideology:

“Please name one country, anywhere in the world, any time in the last 7000 years, where libertarianism has succeeded and produced general peace and prosperity?”

There literally is none. Nowhere. Not a single one. It has never happened. Ever.

If it had, that country would be on the tip of every Libertarian’s tongue, the way Democratic Socialists talk about Scandinavia where the full-on Social Democracy and regulated capitalism experiment has succeeded for generations.

Doing my show from Copenhagen a few years ago, I had one of that nation’s top conservative politicians on.

“So, you’re one of the nation’s leading conservatives,” I said. “I guess that means you want to privatize Denmark’s national healthcare system?”

He blinked a few times, incredulous, and then said, bluntly, “Are you crazy?”

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  1. Mr Hartmann…Please tell us when there was ever a libertarian admin in this country. It never happened. Reagan was a scam, as is every US politician. When was there ever a libertarian regime ever in the entire world? This is a fake argument, as there has never been said type of admin ever. People calling themselves something does not mean they are the said thing. Every President since RayGun was completely owned and served the state of Israel first and foremost. The closest thing to a libertarian was Ron Paul. How close to the WH did he get? Ross Perot? Ditto. Seems that RT is nothing like it was, it appears to be run by Atlanticists.

  2. This is complete projection by Thom Hartmann. He wants to blame Reagan for the (((Deep State)). He’s still in denial about the Israel Lobby. Clearly Hartmann, a liberal, is merely projecting and shifting the blame.

    • At this stage of the global conquest, anyone still in denial of Reagan’s (admin)neocon takeover of the US, is not dealing with reality. Reagan was the very same thing as Trump, a 3rd rate actor, chest thumping to the gullible. His push for privatization and his trickle-down (voodoo economics) lie, not to mention his Evangelistic support for Israel? He was forced to install the worst neocons the US had to offer…Bush, Rummy, Cheney and their first $T budget in US history, with the biggest military budget to go with it. Tax cuts or the rich, crumbs for the rest. He also sold the first weapons to KSA(F-15), proving that the Israelis were running things. Scandals? The Franklin scandal, the S&L frauds, Iran/Contra, October surprise (actual treason), Grenada and possibly the worst thing to ever happen to the US, the corporate takeover of FDA the very day he took office. Every scientist there was fired and replaced by corporate scum, then aspartame was approved for use in all foodstuffs…after a 10 year battle for Rummy and Best Foods. Where has the FDA been ever since? Let us not forget the Fairness Doctrine that Reagan ditched, which opened the door to domestic propaganda. Clearly anyone that believes there was anything good that came from Reagan is delusional to the point of needing counseling. Reagan admin was without a doubt the beginning of the end of this country, installing neocons at every level.

    • He was supposed to die after serving his purpose of getting CIA/Mossad chief Bush into the WH. But a senile Alzheimer President served the purpose just fine, giving GHWBush 12 years instead of 8. In the end, it was plain to see that there was an agenda…Gulf War 1 was a scam with a mission and we are seeing it play out in real time today. Was it all coincidental that they started their plans back before the 1960 election, assassinated JFK, worked all through the Johnson, then Nixxon admin and finally took full control for 12 years after Reagan gave them access. Then came GW…Obama…Trump…now Biden. All controlled Israeli assets…just like CONgess.

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