No Survivors: US Marine Osprey Goes Down off Norway

The US Marine Corps’ MV-22B Osprey was taking part in NATO drills in Norway and went down on Friday


  1. Benghazi explained the deaths of an ambassador and his bodyguards. According to Michaael Rivero, they had died months before in Mexico in a car bomb/IED on the road.

    These dead marines may have died as stated. However, they may also be part of a larger number who were killed in the Ukraine?

  2. Osprey is a horrible name also for this craft, it flies nothing like an Osprey. We have those birds here, and the wife and I had the pleasure of watching a pair teaching the young to fish over a summer. Scrap the entire fleet, they are useless in defense of our shores. Keep one for the museum with all the names of the unnecessarily dead listed on it somewhere. June Bug would have been a more appropriate name.

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