Xi to Biden: don’t teach us how to live. China has decided on Ukraine

What did the US-China talks show at the highest level?

Chinese President Xi Jinping meeting with US President Joe Biden via videoconference. (Photo: AP/TASS)

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SVPress.ru – The US-PRC talks at the highest level showed that China takes an independent position, including on Ukraine, and is not afraid of American threats.

Throughout the previous week, the United States threatened China with heavenly punishment if it did not support sanctions against Russia and condemned the special operation in Ukraine.

Before the decisive conversation between the two leaders, Washington conducted a powerful diplomatic artillery preparation, warning Beijing through all channels that American patience was running out, and China would pay a high price for further cooperation with Moscow.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told CNN, “We are closely monitoring the extent to which China provides material and economic support to Russia. We will not tolerate or allow any country to try to compensate Russia for its economic losses.”

Meeting in Rome on March 14 with a member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, head of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee Yang Jiechi (one of the key figures in Chinese foreign policy), Sullivan was able to personally verify that his threats did not reach the goal.

On the contrary, on the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian at a briefing in Beijing pointedly told reporters that the United States “is spreading disinformation against China on the Ukrainian issue, pursuing malicious goals.” And in response to the US attacks, the speaker of the Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded that the US publish information about secret biological laboratories in Ukraine and other regions.

According to him, military biological activity in Ukraine is of concern to the world community, given that dozens of biological laboratories have been created in the country, which operates in the interests of the US Department of Defense, which has invested $200 million in them.

“The American side has always advertised the so-called openness and transparency. If this information is false, why not post the details to prove your sincerity. Why not open these Biolabs for independent research by international experts?” Zhao Lijian added, shifting the focus away from cooperation with Russia.

In fact, Washington, it seems, could not believe in any way that Beijing, contrary to instructions from the White House, took an independent position on this issue and continued to follow the line of a strategic partnership with Russia.

American representatives intensively probed the Chinese soil, trying to find sprouts of American Russophobia there or to convict Beijing of sympathy for Moscow and nail it to the pillory. Preparations were underway for a high-level conversation, but Beijing, in its characteristic manner of polite diplomacy, evaded direct answers.

And so, when Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with President Biden on March 19 , the world press started talking about Washington’s unfulfilled hopes. According to Politico magazine, the talks revealed serious disagreements between the two leaders over Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The publication concluded that the conversation with the US president did not prompt Xi Jinping to use his influence with Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the military operation in Ukraine.

From what such a conclusion is drawn is difficult to say. After all, the negotiations were conducted over a closed video link. And the official information of the White House on this score is quite laconic.

Biden said in short: “The conversation was good.” And here is what the official press release says:

“The conversation focused on Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.  President Biden outlined the views of the United States and our allies and partners on this crisis. President Biden detailed our efforts to prevent and then respond to an invasion, including by imposing costs on Russia. He talked about the consequences if China provides material support to Russia, which will attack Ukrainian cities and civilians. The President stressed his support for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.”

After the talks, journalists bombarded the US administration official with questions, trying to get to the bottom of it: who did Xi support in the end: Biden or Putin? But nothing really became clear. Such is the cunning Chinese diplomacy. And the Americans, in turn, apparently are not eager to reveal their failure and hope that they will be able to set Beijing in the spirit they need.

And here is what the Chinese official Xinhua News Agency writes about the talks: “During the conversation, which took place at the initiative of the American side (the emphasis was placed on this – the Americans asked, the Chinese agreed), the heads of the two states frankly and in detail discussed issues of mutual interest, including Sino-American relations and the situation in Ukraine.

J. Biden recalled that 50 years ago, the US and China made an important choice and published the Shanghai Communiqué. Today, 50 years later, US-China relations are once again at a defining moment, he said, as the future development of that relationship will shape the world order of the 21st century.

“I want to reiterate: The United States does not seek a “new cold war” with China, does not seek to change the Chinese system, does not seek to confront China through strengthening relations with allies, do not support ‘Taiwan independence’ and do not want conflicts with China,” the US president said.

He added that the US side is ready for frank dialogue and enhanced cooperation with the Chinese side, firmly adheres to the one-China policy, and looks forward to the effective resolution of disputes and differences in order to promote the sustainable development of US-China relations. J. Biden expressed hope for maintaining close contact with Xi Jinping in order to set the course for relations between the two states.”

Looks forward to the effective resolution of disputes and differences in order to promote the sustainable development of US-China relations. J. Biden expressed hope for maintaining close contact with Xi Jinping in order to set the course for relations between the two states.”

Looks forward to the effective resolution of disputes and differences in order to promote the sustainable development of US-China relations. J. Biden expressed hope for maintaining close contact with Xi Jinping in order to set the course for relations between the two states.”

That is, the US President persuaded the Chinese partner to an alliance against Russia. In the beginning, we are talking about the fateful treaty between the US and China in 1972, when Maoist China, in fact, agreed to cooperate with the US against the USSR. This largely predetermined not only the fate of the PRC, which launched historic market reforms in 1978 but also the fate of the USSR.

Now, Washington would count on something similar. But alas, China is not the same, and the times are not the same. Therefore, further Biden, at the request of the Chinese partner, swears that the United States will not conflict with China, supports the independence of Taiwan, and does not want conflicts with China.

And Xi bends his line. Like, since their talks last November, there have been some changes in the world … “As permanent members of the UN Security Council and the two largest economies in the world, China and the United States should not only develop their bilateral relations in the right direction but also undertake proper responsibility, working for the good of world peace and tranquility,” Xinhua recounts Xi’s words to Biden.

In the right direction – this is how China understands it, that is, on the basis of mutual respect, without sanctions and instructions on how to live and with whom to be friends. “Mr. President just reiterated that the United States does not seek a “new cold war” with China, does not seek to change the Chinese system, does not seek to confront China through strengthening relations with allies, do not support “Taiwan independence” and do not want conflicts with China. I attach great importance to these words of yours,” Xinhua was quoted as saying.

And further: “As Xi Jinping emphasized, at present, Sino-US relations have not yet emerged from the difficult situation that was created by the previous US administration. On the contrary, these relations are facing ever-greater challenges. This is especially true of the situation when some representatives of the United States send false signals to the forces advocating “Taiwan independence”, which is extremely dangerous.

Failure to resolve the Taiwan issue will have a fateful effect on relations between the two countries. China hopes that the US will be able to pay due attention to this problem. “The main reason for the current situation in Sino-US relations is that

After reading this, you might think that it was not about Ukraine and support for anti-Russian sanctions at all. One might even suspect that there is bargaining going on: Taiwan in exchange for Ukraine. Xinhua does not cover this issue. But, judging by the reviews of the Western press, 1972 is clearly not going to happen again. There is no chance of any alliance with Beijing for Washington.

It looks like the worst dream of American strategists is coming true: to fight Moscow and Beijing at the same time, on two fronts.

As for sanctions, China, in its usual manner, will not tear its shirt off and declare support for restrictions or assure otherwise. Although Beijing has already firmly condemned the sanctions in principle and against Russia by the United States in particular. Here are the words of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on this occasion: “We will never accept any external coercion and pressure, and we also oppose any unfounded accusations and suspicions against China.” Much clearer and more authoritative.

Here is how Xinhua writes about the talks between Xi and Biden: “The leaders of the two countries believe that this telephone conversation turned out to be constructive. They instructed the working groups of both countries to carry out relevant work in a timely manner, take practical actions, bring China-US relations back on the path of stable development, and make efforts to properly resolve the crisis in Ukraine.”

“The United States and NATO should engage in dialogue with Russia to understand the true cause of the Ukrainian crisis and address the security concerns of Russia and Ukraine,” Xi Jinping said, pointing out that “the United States misunderstands and misunderstands China’s strategic intentions.” But the difficulty is that Chinese statements need to be read not only syllable by syllable, but also between the lines. Xinhua makes it easy:

As a result, the reader has every reason to believe the Western press, which writes about the failure of Washington’s hopes that it will be able to intimidate Beijing, force it to condemn Russia and join anti-Russian sanctions. As they say, life will show.

But an interesting detail. While the United States is mired in Ukraine and is persuading its allies to harm Russia, the trade turnover between China and North Korea has grown 41 times in January-February! This is with a country under sanctions. And according to official data from Chinese customs.

by Mikhail Morozov, columnist for the Trud newspaper

China today

Source: SVPress.ru


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  1. Upon entering the USAF and being stationed with the 23rd TFW, I enjoyed reading the history of my unit with China. It is perhaps a relevant review at this time. Taiwan has its own choices. The US must stop this big brother financial benefit program. China has within it, neighbors who have known each other for thousands of years. We do not. We should all be imposing great stress on our country to be transparent in regard to our biological programs and pentagon spending. That is a concern for the entire world and one US people are ultimately responsible for. We must press hard against the corporate oligarchy here to make it so. Pandemics are not something we want on our shoulders. Enough is enough.

    • And so, if China wishes to impress upon us our own words of transparency, then I agree. And further, we could use China’s assistance with this. By now, they have ingested and digested some information of utmost importance to the stability of the future for all people. The I-Ching must be explored and published for what it is. As the oldest text known to humanity, it must be made clear to science and spirituality in a public manner, that the first 20 hexagrams are the 20 days, and the following 36 are the 36 decans of the solar year. This information must be made transparent, and if China does not, then they join the cowards and progenitors of false information pertaining to where the bible came from. This lack of transparency, also greatly harms the free and open source scientific community of the planet. We know they have it, because we sent it.

    • Here, in the US, we are operating on a system of fear , which alone generates changes in our policy outside of financial gains. We did not originate the I-Ching, and we do not have credibility to profess what it is or what it is not. However, China does. This transparency must take place immediately. The churches and the people are a concern and it must proceed in a manner which is not conducive to chaos, but it must proceed nonetheless. The knowledge of consciousness and time, was gathered for many thousands of years, and belongs to the people of the earth, not statism. The science will save lives and promote wisdom. China stands, in the position of being “just another group of oligarchs full of lies”, or the brave people who spoke the truth, without fear based governance. The I-Ching is the basis and foundation of the writing of Genesis, and verbatim entries can be found in comparing #5 hexagram with chapter 18 Genesis. All chapters correlate in the order of the trecenas. Say it, or be another group of silver spoon fed oligarchs who are not worth our time. Selfish cowards feeding off the backs of our labor. Keeping secrets for their own benefit. Time is up.

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