JEA: Sanctions or no Sanctions, I believe Russia will win the war against the political vampires of NATO and political prostitutes in America. Finn Adren provides some solid reasons as to why sanctions against Russia aren’t going to be good for America and any country that approves those sanctions.

By Finn Andren

The Western sanctions against Russia seem to shock very few Westerners. Yet, for several reasons, these sanctions should at least be the subject of lively debate in Western societies.

Firstly, these sanctions are illegal from the standpoint of international law (only the Security Council can approve economic sanctions, according to article 41 of the Charter of the United Nations). They legitimately can be considered an act of war by Russia, with all the terrifying consequences that such an interpretation could have. Thus, regardless of whether Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is considered a violation of international law, an economic war waged by the West in Russia cannot be justified by nations that do not have defense agreements with Ukraine and that are not at war with Russia. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Secondly, sanctions do not work if their aim is to change the behavior of the government of the target country or, more indirectly, to impoverish the population so that it revolts successfully against the government. No historical examples seem to exist where either of these two goals has been achieved. Moreover, the calculated impoverishment of a foreign population in order to achieve unattainable political goals is profoundly cynical and callous. As far as it is possible, the state must be prevented from doing harm not only to its own population, but even more importantly to foreign populations.

Countries such as Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela have for decades been under American and European sanctions almost as harsh as those currently facing Russia. All these countries have populations who suffer economically for this reason, but who support their governments against these external economic aggressions. However, even though these sanctions are ineffective, they are nevertheless rarely lifted, to such an extent that one can be allowed to doubt whether their real aim is not precisely the impoverishment of these populations as a punishment.

The economic war declared by the West against Russia has had the effect of convincing the minority of Russians who were not yet convinced that the Russian government has been right all these years when it warned about the threat posed by US foreign policy and Western countries under its influence. While many urban Russians initially opposed the invasion of a brotherly country, the brutal sanctions, including the confiscation of around $300 billion from the Bank of Russia, actually has reinforced public support for President Vladimir Putin. If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: the goal of the US government is regime change in Moscow, and the war in Ukraine is just a pretext for that.

Moreover, the Russian economy is much larger and more diversified than those of the countries mentioned above. Indeed, the latest Russian economic news indicates that the measures taken by the authorities, such as capital controls and restrictions on holding foreign currency, are maintaining the stability of the economy in the face of sanctions. The ruble has returned to preinvasion levels, industrial production rose at an annual rate of 4.5% in March, and the key interest rate was reduced from 20% to 17%, which is close to the level of recent years. There is all the more reason to think, then, that Western sanctions won’t change the political power in Russia.

The Russian population will undoubtedly still feel the effects of these sanctions, especially when stocks of Western goods are sold out. However, the economic consequences of the sanctions will be mitigated to some extent by the import substitution plan being set up. Autarky, that is, trade only within a geography limited by artificial political boundaries, is always less economically efficient than an economy based on free trade on a global level. But in a context of almost total lack of trust between interventionist governments that mostly follow geopolitical interests not shared by their own populations, autarky is sometimes a logical response.

The Boomerang Effect of These Sanctions

It is hard to believe that Western leaders were thinking clearly when they agreed on these sanctions. In their eagerness to punish Russia, the long-term global consequences were probably not adequately considered.

The realization of the ineffectiveness of the sanctions against Russia is now pushing Western leaders to dangerously up the ante, blinded by their unrealistic obsession with seeing Russia crumble. While the effects of possible new waves of sanctions against “Fortress Russia” are debatable, to say the least, it is now clear that sanctions already in place are turning against the West.

These sanctions can also be seen from another angle: it is the Western nations that voluntarily deprive themselves of Russian imports and exports, of natural resources and access to the Russian market. By preventing their businesses and consumers from benefiting from these economic exchanges with one of the biggest economies in the world and the top exporter of natural resources, Western politicians are condemning their own populations to suffer a completely artificial reduction in competitiveness and savings over the long term. These sanctions therefore represent yet another unacceptable intervention by governments in the economic freedom of their societies.

The economic hardships that the West has now inflicted on itself with these sanctions are compounded by the two years of inflationary policies linked to the pandemic. It is now necessary to prepare for economic recession and social crisis in many countries. The sanctions that Western leaders have irresponsibly enacted against Russia will harm the people who elected them. But as usual, the opinions of the people are not considered, because the democratic system is an illusion when it comes to the interests of the state.

Nevertheless, economic impact means political impact. The political consequences of these sanctions will be felt not only in the United States and Europe, but also in the rest of the world. In many countries, food shortages will lead to uprisings. Serious political difficulties are already shaking Pakistan, Peru, and Sri Lanka, partially in connection with these anti-Russia sanctions. There is therefore also a fundamentally humanitarian reason for firmly opposing these sanctions against Russia.

It is shocking to see what the Western political leaders have yet again done to the world. They have unleashed a total economic war on Russia with political and economic consequences that will lead to the destruction of both lives and wealth around the world. To think that this could all have been prevented if only Western threats and hubris had been replaced by diplomacy and realism with respect to Russia in the years, months, and even weeks leading up to this war.


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  1. And the US calls China their greatest threat ? It’s not past the time, for China to understand, its better to aid and join Russia now. China cannot stay idle.

  2. The attack on Russia is being carried out by the US and UK, the global hegemon. The objective of the US is for Russia to collapse and be divided up into sub-states under the control of pro-Western bureaucrats/oligarchs and for its nuclear arsenal to be dismantled. In order to do this it is essential for the EU to be destroyed. Protesters in the EU will simply be stamped out, as France is doing. The sanctions are intended to accomplish the takedown of Russia and the EU while Russia’s military is pinned down and depleted in Ukraine, with new fronts potentially started in Finland, Georgia, and Kazahkstan. It’s World War III, folks. Meanwhile, Israel has been reduced to a nasty little snapping dog to keep the Middle East in turmoil so the Islamic world can’t enter the fray. That’s the plan, anyway. It’s all up to Russia now.

  3. After reading this article I am more convinced than ever that this entire thing is a contrived plan to usher in the NWO, only it is one that the people of the world will endorse. The decisions that are being made are not stupid mistakes, but decisions that make the ‘new’ multi-polar world inevitable. Russia and China appear to have been sequestered from the rest of the developed world until the time was ripe. which is now. Certain death from self-inflicted suicide is a very strange strategy, yet that is exactly what we are seeing.

  4. The German authorities urged citizens to prepare for the fact that they will not have light, water and food.
    German Interior Minister Nancy Feather claims that residents of the country will need a supply of food and medicines. The German authorities in her person urged citizens to prepare for the fact that they will soon have no light, water and food.

    This is reported in the German newspaper Handelsblatt.
    The Interior Minister of Germany advises the Germans to make food and medical supplies. She believes that due to the Ukrainian crisis, Germany may face an emergency situation.
    If electricity goes out for a long time or daily life is otherwise limited, in any case it would be wise to have an emergency supply of food, medicines and medical supplies at home.
    – the official thinks.
    At the same time, she recommends that citizens, when preparing stocks, use a list previously compiled by the federal Agency for the Protection of the population and including everything necessary to be able to live offline for ten days. It includes two dozen liters of water, as well as a minimum grocery set designed for one person. The list contains 3.5 kilograms of bread, cereals and pasta, about four kilos of vegetables and legumes, 1.5 kilograms of meat, fish and eggs, as well as other food.
    Shortly before that, German media advised German citizens to wash less often in order to use less water.

    Welcome to the Middle Ages!

  5. One of the most important tasks of these sanctions is to tear the EU away from Russia economically and disrupt the resource base, to deindustrialize Germany. I do not know when the protests and riots will begin in Europe because of the crazy prices for everything, but everything is coming to that. Through Zelinsky’s mouth, the German president was sent on a long erotic journey on foot when Steinmeier wasn’t accepted in Kiev. Well, Scholz and Annalena Berbock constantly hear whistles and curses from the crowd of Germans at rallies.
    So we are all suffering from sanctions, not those who sit in government offices.

  6. I’m sure, we all know the reason:
    When Russia was weakened, torn apart from within by social and political contradictions, the army was hungry, people were paid not with money but with the products of their factory (to get 500 frying pans instead of a salary and still try to sell them to feed their family), when CIA and Pentagon employees went to military enterprises as to work – that’s when the Americans told us “our Russian friends.” And Yeltsin said, “my friend Bill Clinton. My country was filled with drugs, prostitution, banditry. My country was robbed by the entire Western world.
    This is when a slave’s collar is affectionately thrown over the whole country, stroked on the head and given a bone.
    I remember those times well.
    And I’d rather pick up a rifle and defend my homeland, mother, country, women, children and the elderly, than chew a McDonald’s burger and pretend that none of this concerns me. I will not allow my country to be returned to the humiliating 1990s. There are human values and concepts: honor, dignity, justice, freedom. These concepts are much more important than iPhones, jeans and popcorn.

  7. Why can’t everyone be honest for a change. Zelensky is a Jew. Probably the biggest part of the rest of the Ukrainian state and local officials are either Jews or Masons or are paid off or blackmailed. The JewS government has probably the most Jews and masons and either paid of or blackmailed congressional members. Practically all of the different departments of the JewS government are headed by Jews and Masons. Then you have lobby organizations such as AIPAC and JINSA that dictate to the JewS government how they are supposed to run things. They practically run the Jewdicial System and the Jew run MSM and the organizations that makeup Hollyweird. What is the problem with people in the know on sites such as this who refuse to see the forest for the trees. All that the Masons do is work to build the worldwide temple of Soloman like Hiram Abif who was the master mason who built the temple of Soloman thousands of years ago. Remember John 8:44 where Jesus told the scribes and Pharisees that their father was the devil. Woe unto thee scribes and Pharisees. I absolutely love the way Jonas Alexis tells the truth.

  8. One might think that each and every top level decision maker always makes what he thinks is the best decision.
    But to a casual and uninvolved observer, some decisions seem like the opposite of the best;
    as in, “the decision” was forced on the leader or leaders, or they are just unable to think clearly for whatever reason.
    Then there are the sellouts who gladly sell whole nations, and even whole continents, down the river.
    At this stage of the world history game, it looks like as if all mistakes, missteps and misanthropes are in play, with no countervailing forces of good to intervene.
    Throw in a world deliberately driven mad with psychological manipulation and outright lies, and the only sane and safe spot left, is in a strong belief in God Almighty.
    And the most secure place in God is in being sure He is the “One True Way of Life” which was designed and anointed by the only One Almighty and Holy God in Heaven.

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