Foul Fools Push for Wider War, by John Kaminski

World supports Russia against U.S. perverts ruining Ukraine


A new piece by John Kaminski on America’s noble effort to start WW3 in the Ukraine. — Jack.

by John Kaminski

Only fools, criminals, retards and perverts support the ongoing U.S. war against Russians trying to rescue their own relatives from the criminal madmen in Ukraine who are glorified as patriotic heroes by the American drug pushers and child rapists who have turned this poor country into their warmaking crime center in eastern Europe.

Normal people not fooled by the barrage of media lies know that Russia has only been trying to protect its citizens being murdered by American mercenaries and was forced to act to forestall an invasion planned by the madmen running Ukraine.

Now as an endless supply of new weapons are smuggled into Ukraine from every angle, this creepy coalition of corporate criminals that includes corrupt politicians, blood drinking billionaires and jaded journalists who will say anything for a paycheck, plus Jews posing as Nazis butchering their own countrymen and a comedian paid millions to pose as a patriotic president, asks the world to support its request for help so it can remain a lethal Western thorn in the side of America’s perpetual enemy, the old Soviet Union.

Never mentioned in their cynical pleas for support is the comparative example of how Americans might respond to Russian missiles in Mexico which is the threat that the U.S. biolabs in Ukraine pose to Russia.

Supporters of this demented Ukrainian underworld are the same thoughtless patriotards who cheered America’s 20-year torture of Afghanistan, the continuing rape of Iraq, the demolition of Syria, the evisceration of Libya, the continuing abuse of Yemen and dozens of other illegal assaults on defenseless countries around the world that have darkened this young 21st century with unceasing mass murder and mayhem, all grouped under the rubric of fighting a phantom terror apparatus that is secretly manufactured by Washington and Israel.

Members of this malevolent freak show have all combined in a nightmare cabal to support the criminal state of Ukraine obscenely fortified by Western bribery and lethal bioweapons against Russia’s noble attempt to save its own citizens who have been being butchered by U.S. sponsored sadistic spies and mercenary murderers for the past eight years.

This single minded sociopathy has enveloped the rest of the West’s puzzled allies into accepting anti-Russian policies that are actually destroying their own countries with measures handicapping and destroying their own economies and social fabric.

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  1. The Human faction with a full compliment of non-earth human genetics, occupied the earth under their control. going way back in time. They are gone now but not forgotten, and the old planning methods to achieve the ultimate goal of complete domination of the earth, will not be finished being played out now, or in the future, by those who still are pushing that plan for themselves, who are strictly earth human. No reptilian e.t’s., just a ancient lineage of humans from the past that used their powers to cast a spell on the victim earthlander.
    Until that day when all those effects are all played out, and eventually just dissolve away, like a puff of smoke that disappears into the hot Summer breeze.

  2. Romo, depends on what you want. Do you want what was taken from you, dignity and a way to lead a self-determined life or victim status and handouts? Look at what the civil liberties struggle have brought you, led by the sons and daughters of slave traders

  3. These are the very problems that are coming to the USA, which Galima Galiullina has always written about. Reckless and suicidal politics, reformatting the consciousness of Americans, madness that has become the norm and much more. This is really madness, destroying the country and the minds of US citizens. And the Russians need it the least.
    And now, in general, the masks have been dropped about Ukraine. This is when senior politicians of the collective West dare to indulge in openly hostile and insulting rhetoric against my president, my country, my people.

    • You should try to be Libyan or Syrian than!!!! They aren´t on the wrong side and never have been, the very existence of the U.S is what is wrong.

    • Romo, I sympathize with you but hating is not going to get you anywhere, this is the time to cultivate ally’s not enemies. As I promised them 3 years ago in Waycross Georgia, Civil War 2.0 is coming to America…

    • Unfortunately, some form of separation/division is coming to the USA (and sooner than we think). The partition of India many years ago is the model. The difficulty is that one group is on the two coasts while the other runs north to south through the nation’s midsection. But, it is coming. The latest abortion battle is just another issue driving separation as it’s another irreconcilable one. I don’t see a violent civil conflict because everyone has to much to lose.

    • Right ferdinand, that has already been discussed. We will take Miami and Galveston, they can have the left coast and the entire Northeast seaboard, good luck and good riddance

    • One speaks of mass murder, the loot of countrys and genocide commited over innocent people by a nation that it´s entire history is only genocide and erasement of people so they can put their hands on other´s wealth and you call me a hater? The exasperation for the losses is my only problem since i never learned to descriminate betwin people from one nation toward other. I´m black, perhaps that´s the problem!

    • Romo, Mr. Heart is speaking to you in regards to a response to the fall of the US government into the hands of its enemies.
      That government is in the total hands of its enemy defeated by a superior enemy on the fifth generational battlefield as should be obvious to you that the america that once was is no longer. Hatred? Simply not a useful response to the situation we find ourselves in.

      Our little war, as one battlefield, is for the hearts and minds of the enemy Romo as I suggest you guard that heart of yours and not succumb to the machinations of our common enemy.

      Before a response can be mounted we must first understand the extant of our losses. Best to leave emotions out of the exercise my friend.

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