…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

We argued over the years that any ideology that is not based on morality and practical reason or ultimately Logos will one day be reduced to ashes. For example, take a look at Femen. In 2013 Inna Shevchenko, the leader of the Femen movement who happens to be Ukrainian, was running around literally naked in much of Europe and saying things like, “We can do everything, and so Femen are kind of feminist al-Qaida, if you want. We are feminist terrorists coming and showing how it is.”[1] Shevchenko continued:

“We are feminism’s shock troops, a spearhead unit of militants, a modern incarnation of the word fearless. Our nakedness attacks the raw nerve of the historic conflict between women and ‘the system.’

“We are nothing less than its most visual and fitting embodiment. Our activists’ bodies represent undisguised hatred for the patriarchal order, and display the new aesthetics of a rejuvenated woman’s revolution.”[2]

Some of Femen’s slogans were “Our mission is protest, our weapons are bare breasts,” “Nudity is liberty,”[3] “My Boobs, My Bombs,” “My Body, My Gun,”[4] “topless jihad,” “our tits are deadlier than your stones,” “Muslim women, let’s get naked,”[5] etc.

Naked breasts, Shevchenko tells us, are “political instruments. Our breasts are talking; our breasts are screaming” for “a new meaning. This is my political weapons.” “With our political breasts,” she said elsewhere, “we are shocking, irritating, frightening, inspiring.”[6]

She once again postulated:

“We believe that if women are left with little more than satisfying sexual desires as a life purpose, then our sexuality must become politicised. We are not denying our potential to be treated as sex objects. On the contrary, we are taking our sexuality into our own hands, turning it against our enemy. We are transforming female sexual subordination into aggression, and thereby starting the real war.

Inna Shevchenko

“Make no mistake about it: we are at war. This is an ideological war, a war of traditionalism against modernity, oppression against freedom, dictatorship against the right to free expression. We are targeting the three principle manifestations of patriarchy: religion, the sex industry, and dictatorship.”[7]

“We must not fall into the trap of self-censorship and create restrictions for ourselves so as to avoid ‘offending someone’s beliefs.’”[8]

Listen to the logic very carefully here: Shevchenko means to tell us all that it is freedom of speech to get naked in public places and even to literally and publicly crouch down and urinate on a picture of a grimacing Viktor Yanukovich (Ukrainian president) without getting arrested,[9] but because she was morally and intellectually crippled, she could not see why a predator would attempt to rape her while she is walking around naked and boasting about her tits.

Anyway, where is Femen now? Is it really thriving and flourishing? Or is it a dying ideology?

It is almost the same thing with the MeToo movement. After the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard verdict, the New York Times put out an article entitled, “Is the #MeToo Movement Dying?”, in which we found this statement: “…the defamation case between the actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, which turned on Heard’s self-description in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed as a representative of domestic abuse, has been read as a low-water mark for the movement.”[10]

Michelle Goldberg wrote an article entitled, “Amber Heard and the Death of #MeToo.”[11] Goldberg, as a feminist, had to put the blame on something else. She said: “There seems, however, to be a broader misogynist frenzy at work, one characteristic of the deeply reactionary moment we’re living through.”[12] In other words, it’s not Amber Heard’s repeated lies and inconsistent testimonies that destroy the MeToo movement. It’s misogyny. Total nonsense.

Tarana Burke, founder of the MeToo movement, could have easily made a strong case if she explicitly disavowed Heard’s repeated lies in court. But she came with pitchforks defending her movement as if to say that truth doesn’t matter:

“You all want to play ping pong and have your way with the hashtag because it doesn’t mean anything to you so you try to kill it every few months. But it means something to millions and millions of folks. It means freedom. It means community. It means safety. It means power. You can’t kill us. We are beyond the hashtag. We are a movement.”[13]

Well, Ms. Burke, do you agree with Amber Heard saying that she donated the 7 million dollars which he accumulated from her divorce case when in fact she never did? Do you agree with Amber Heard working with TMZ and then denying the same thing in court? Where does this tissue of lies end?

Anyway, it should be known by now that the Depp/Heard trial has almost certainly ended the MeToo movement. Everyone can now go home. Party is over.

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  1. That has to represent you at about the lowest I’ve ever read Jonas. That trial had next to nothing to do with the MeToo movement but it’s certain that the right wing has tried to turn it into such. It was an open and shut case of clear physical, mental, sexual and verbal abuse from an out of control man drunk on power every bit as much as Trump’s profile. She even testified that her article, written for her by the ACLU, was based on experiences she had even before she met Depp. For crying out loud, they had video tape!

    I don’t know what’s happened to you guys at VT. It’s like you’ve all lost your minds once Putin attacked Ukraine. I can’t believe that a site that went to such lengths to expose Trump now throw in with all the axis of male abuse he’s a part of–Putin, Erdogan, Depp, Gaetz. What’s gotten into you all?

    • You think dog is guilty ?? if Gina Haspel showed you the dog confession you can be sure interrogators tortured that pet

    • Jeff Beck used to be my favorite electric guitarist. But his weirdness has been leaking out for quite a while. Fortunately, there will never be a Yardbirds reunion concert.

  2. And it is not stopping: Thirty-one people affiliated with the white nationalist group Patriot Front were booked on suspicion of conspiracy to riot at an annual LGBTQ+ event, Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White said. You have the right to your religious moral opinion but you do not want to encourage this. I blame Putin, that’s a joke, JK. not.

    • Concerned citizen informs local police of suspicious activity in Uhaul truck. False Flag FBI event accidentally averted by local police?

  3. If Pussy riot were an organic female punk group protesting the oppression of women, their offenses and crimes were primarily in hurting the sensibilities of their audience and giving the middle finger to power. Rape, sexual violence and oppression is still far too common. We will always have ‘coattail hangers’ and liars like Amber Hurd to subvert the message.

    What has not been destroyed are the the number of violent sexual assaults and rapes by Heterosexuals.
    Statistics from the YWCA:

    Unfortunately, many people do not realize that men, as well as women, may be sexually assaulted. Many people also wrongly believe that only gay men get raped, and that assaults against men are committed by gay men. Such misconceptions about rape may affect the way males rape survivors are treated, both by peers and professionals. It can be especially difficult for male survivors to seek support, medical services, or to report the crime to law enforcement if they fear not being believed or being ridiculed. As a result, many male survivors may feel isolated and alone, and that they have no one to whom they can turn.

    Men get raped by other men. Men can also be raped by women.
    Male rapists who rape men are heterosexual in 98% of the cases.
    Both gay men and heterosexual men get raped.
    Men from all parts of society are raped (not just in prisons).
    Men are less likely to report rape.

    • No matter what was said, done, or worn, no one asks for or deserves to be
      assaulted. Sexual assault has nothing to do with someone’s present or
      future sexual orientation. Sexual assault is a crime of violence and power,
      not of lust or passion. Strong or weak, outgoing or shy, gay or straight, old
      or young, male or female – no one does anything that justifies rape.
      Myths About Male Sexual Assault

  4. It would be really hard to beat anti-Putin feminist activist Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. She is one of the members of the anti-Putin Russian feminist punk band ‘Pussy Riot’. Hillary Clinton loves Pussy Riot and praised them as being ‘strong and brave’ women.

    Let’s look at some of Nadezhda’s ‘strong and brave’ acts:

    Nadezhda covered her naked feminist body with lots of ‘large cockroaches.’ She becomes known after this stunt as the ‘cock roach porno queen.’

    Nadezhda went into a public Russian grocery store with feminist friends and they made a video with a frozen chicken shoved up one of their vaginas. This Russian feminist then walked around with the legs dangling out. American liberals praised her as being a ‘strong and brave’ woman.

    Nadezhda, while in late pregnancy, filmed herself doing group sex in public. Hell…, at least she was screwing the same species in this act.

    Nadezhda and fellow feminists stormed the Christ Cathedral, took over the altar, and screamed: “Putin is shit! The Lord is shit! Mary must become a feminist!”.

    The American liberals will probably elect Nadezhda Tolokonnikova as the new disinformation queen at the DHS since Nina Jankowicz recently resigned.

  5. If only Hunter had known about Ferman he could have saved all that money on a PornHub subscription. Seriously though we were discussing the hypocrisy of the #metoo movement years ago on twitter. I figured it died around the time swallowing Tide pods fell out of fashion. Nice to see that the final nail was hammered in on that coffin.

  6. This was a victory for the Harvey Weinstein crowd. It is hard for me to believe anyone that has a well documented substance abuse problem. Depp has zero credibility. Clearly a B-list actor that was able to buy his victory. Pathetic! Just one more reason to never watch a Hollywood production.

    • Jimmy – did you even watch the trial? As millions of us actually watched the trial from start to finish, we got a firsthand look at the LIAR named Amber Turd. We witnessed ALL HER LIES exposed one by one by evidence and the TRUTH.

    • How did Johnny ever having a substance abuse problem cause Amber Heard to lie in court? I’m seeing from your post that there are no minimum hiring standards where you work.

    • So Depp could afford a better set of liars to represent him. Imagine that! I can’t say I am an Amber Heard fan but Depp is and always will be a BIG Zero. Have a drink and snort. And share some with Harvey Weinstein and friends. Watch it on TV? Just another show trial. Oh it was on TV, it must be true!

    • You are making a false equivalence by comparing Depp to Weinstein. The two and the Depp VS. Heard trial are in no way related. It is a lame attempt at a strawman argument on your part.

      If Depp could afford a better set of liars to represent him, then that is an admission on your part that the Heard legal team is also lying. If thats the case then why do you believe Heard’s side and not Depp’s? Furthermore, how do you know Depp or Heard is lying and to what amounts each is lying since you already claim to have this knowledge? Can you post some evidence to the contrary?

      “Watch it on TV? Just another show trial. Oh it was on TV, it must be true!”

      If you knew the correct story that was different from the TV and thus would prove the TV story wrong as you imply then post your sources.

    • Biden will add her lawsuit payment to his Infrastructure Bill. Pelosi suggested it. Dems are really the walking dead and will be buried in 2024. The Blob Is Back!!