Your Future is On The Line


Monday night, July 11, 5-7 p.m. Kaminski Goes Ballistic on and his special guest will be none other than me. First time I had ever done anything like this without my cousin and this will be live. Wish me luck and be there or be square… – Jack

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  1. The question is difficult to answer. Is the loss of an ear punishment commensurate with involvement in a policy resulting in murdering and maiming countless people? Too little I think. I am inclined to think being torn limb from limb is more fitting. However, there are societal constraints such as religion leading us to believe this is not to be done. Since religion is a stumbling block that prevents eradicating the parasites, what does it offer as a fitting solution? Those who pretend to believe in the Old Testament must hold that a man is to “eat his bread in the sweat of his face.” Those claiming to believe in the New Testament must hold to: “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.” Parasites do not work but live off of their hosts. As a child I was told the fable of the fox heavily infested with fleas. She took a stick in her mouth and slowly submerged herself in a body of water until only the stick was above the water. The fleas either drowned or hopped onto the stick. The fox released the stick and swam off free of fleas. Round them all up, send them somewhere, anywhere, and let them fend for themselves by doing what they most detest – sweat producing work. “I never stood behind the plow; I fatten upon your sweaty brow…” I don’t know where they can be sent but there must be a place somewhere. And I don’t care what happens to them after they are there anymore than the fox cared about the fleas on the stick. Just my opinion.

  2. It used to be a point of disgust to me that one group of people could, and would look on aother group of people as just herd of animals, to be managed, to be managed like any other.
    You know how at certain times in your life, you suddenly see something in a whole new light, and you realize you probably only thought of it just then, because you were too young to understand it before?
    I had one of those thoughts today.
    It occurred to me, that animal husbandry came about because animals were not endowed with human intelligence, so they really didn’t know what was happenning, except maybe on the simple level of instinct.
    There are some super sharp cookies in this world;
    and some real duper ones too.
    The slope of the IQ scale from high to low, is so steep and long as to make it inevitable that the sharpest cookies would feel it instincually, and fttingly, proper to take advantage of the farming opportubities available above the level of dumb animals.
    Farms “animals” who have the ability to think! Some even on the genius level; what a bonanza!
    It’s all getting so clear now.
    I guess I’m a slow learner, and why I’m not an human-animal farmer.
    I wonder if they teach something like that in Sociology 101, or do you have to get a PHD first?

  3. Remarkable article. Thank you!
    And yes: fear is the ancient instinct. It always works.

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