By Mark Dankof and Teheran Times

Tehran Times: How do you evaluate Biden’s trip to the Middle East? Could he gain achievements?

Mark Dankof: Biden’s trip to the Middle East, like his entire Presidency, is an unmitigated disaster. His sycophantic performance with the Israelis underscores not only that his Administration will support the Zionist enterprise under any and all circumstances, but clearly paves the way for an illegitimate and catastrophic American Zio-War with Iran, at the same time Putin is winning the war in Ukraine on the battlefield and in the economic war of attrition launched by the United States and the EU against Russia.

If you add Mr. Biden’s bungling of American policy toward China over Taiwan, one can see the potential for an eclipse of both the United States and the West in what should have been an entirely preventable World War III.

Biden’s outlandish statements on the JCPOA treaty with Iran while in Israel might as well have been prepared for him by Netanyahu and John Bolton. His statements in the 2020 American Presidential Election that he would revive American participation in JCPOA have proven to be a complete falsehood.

His Zio-Team of Blinken, Nuland, and Sherman has clearly attached so many illegitimate conditions to the revival of JCPOA as originally agreed upon as to make American-Iranian rapprochement impossible. The bellicosity of the President’s rhetoric aimed at Iran was as ominous as it was irresponsible. I agree with Alexander Mercouris of The Duran that Biden’s statements in Israel on this subject pave the way for war.

Biden’s performance in Saudi Arabia was equally rank in its sheer public stench. His sermonizing on the Khashoggi murder with Saudi leadership invited legitimate rebuttal from MBS on questions of American crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and the silence of Biden in Israel on the murder of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

The President achieved nothing in terms of substantive changes in Saudi oil production or Saudi oil purchases from Putin that would support Biden’s simian war of economic attrition against commodity-rich Russia. Last but not least, Russian oil sales in the Middle East have increased to their highest level in 6 years, even as sales to Europe have declined by 30%.

Most telltale was what happened at the end of the Presidential trip to Saudi and the Gulf region. In meeting with the leaders of nine countries at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) +3 Summit in Saudi Arabia before heading back to Washington, one notes that not a single one of these countries supports American-EU sanctions on Russia over Ukraine. Even worse, Saudi Arabia has indicated its desire to consider membership in BRICS! This clearly indicates that the American Petrodollar as Reserve Currency agreement reached by Nixon and Kissinger with the Saudis in 1971 could collapse. If it does, the American Empire and Biden can be mercifully buried together in the desert sand.

Tehran Times: Biden said in Saudi Arabia that America would not “walk away and leave a vacuum to be filled by China, Russia or Iran,” while his predecessor Trump was planning to withdraw U.S. forces from the Middle East. What is your take?

Mark Dankof: The vacuum exists in Biden’s cerebral region, and that of European leaders who followed American “leadership” into the morass of supporting the illegal coup d’etat in Kiev, NATO expansions since 1997, and Zelensky’s puppet regime. This, and American policies in the Middle East which have taken the lives of at least one million people and have displaced another 38 million in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya with trillions spent in borrowed and fiat money, illustrates the catastrophe the United States has made in the Middle East.

Trump had figured out years ago that all of this is simply unsustainable. But then he proceeded to surround himself with Neo-Con advisers like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo who undermined Trump’s credibility on an America-First campaign platform that would have gotten the United States out of these Zio-Globalist wars, and rebuilt American domestic infrastructure and previously unmatched manufacturing and industrial capabilities at home if honestly adhered to.

But Biden seems not to notice America’s $32 trillion national debt, even as he has spearheaded the movement for the $73 billion already spent for Zelensky, on top of the $5 billion the United States spent on the illegal 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev. Now he and the Democratic controlled Congress are proposing a $650 billion IMF draw-down account clearly designed to prolong the life of Zelensky before the latter’s inevitable collapse finally comes.

When you add a Russian-Iranian-Chinese alliance coalescing in self-defense against this Zio-Globalist roadmap for the future, one can see how unsustainable the American Empire really is and a European Union designed to collapse with it. Biden and these other EU leaders will follow Boris Johnson into political oblivion. At the same time, their respective domestic populations’ futures are in similar doubt. The damage may well be irrevocable.

Tehran Times: Biden had said before that Saudi Arabia is a pariah country. So what happened or what has changed now?

Mark Dankof: Those statements were obvious political rhetoric from a politician clearly financed and controlled by the Zionist cabal, Wall Street, and the military-industrial complex.

Among many other things, the President and MBS both stayed very silent in this latest meeting in Saudi Arabia about their mutual partnership in genocidal mass murder in Yemen. This underscores how much principle the 46th President of the United States actually has. He has absolutely none. Hunter Biden simply follows in Dear Old Dad’s footsteps, along with the Deep State which suppressed the New York Post exposé on Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 American Presidential Election.

The bottom line for your readers is this: The American Empire has 5th Stage terminal cancer. This is clearly the good news. The bad news is that its political elite is panicking, and may well do something in absolute panic that could end the lives of millions of additional people, and perhaps Earth’s very existence. This is not an idle state on my part. Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii warns us that Biden is leading all of us toward a global nuclear conflict. I agree with her. It is that grim.

Tehran Times: What is the political fallout of Biden meeting with Bin Salman? Do you think the U.S. president has legitimized MBS by visiting Riyadh?

Mark Dankof: These leaders and the political corruption in both Washington and Riyadh over decades has been deemed illegitimate by thinking people for a long time. I don’t think the Biden visit achieved anything other than increasing international and domestic perceptions of the illegitimate character of his own Presidency and of MBS. But in the case of the latter, he is at least smart enough to see that continuing to bet on an alliance with the American horse saddled with Joe Biden as the jockey, is possibly fatal for his own longevity, which has him now hedging his bets. Who among us would bet on Biden against Putin and Russia? Not me for sure.

Tehran Times: Do you think Biden is able to convince Arab leaders to increase oil production in or to curb oil prices? Could you update us about the fallouts of Ukraine war and ramping up of oil prices inside the U.S.?

Mark Dankof: Biden produced nothing of substance for the United States and the West in changing Arab oil policies. These Arab leaders clearly see that Putin and Russia are winning in Ukraine militarily, and in the economic war of attrition foolishly launched by the United States and the West against them.

My scenario is as follows: Russia will secure the Donbass completely after the Slaviansk-Kramatorsk salient is secured. I believe this will likely conclude by the end of September.

Putin will make a final offer for peace with Zelensky and his Zio-Globalist handlers in the United States and in Europe. I believe the latter will be foolish enough not to settle, but to escalate. I hope I am wrong.

Russia will then take Odessa, Kherson Region, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lviv in a much faster tempo than was the case in their expertly-executed Carl von Clausewitz strategy for pounding the best of the Ukrainian army in the urban areas of the Donbass.

Then a senile President of the United States and his lapdogs in European capitals will have to make a choice: War with Putin, Iran, and China, or finally retreat from a Zio-Globalist strategy designed to produce “Hell on Earth” as President Vucic of Serbia and Dmitry Medvedev warn of?

Time tells. We may be at history’s endgame.

Best to all of my wonderful friends over many years in Tehran.


SOURCEMark Dankof

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  2. The President of America is a wish machine that never arrives.

    The world leaders are what we are permitted to see, but the very fascination with the obscenity we are allowed to observe prevents us from knowing what it is that we see.

    America is a business, a Mafia style business and Joe Biden knows the rules and he knows the penalties for breaking them.

  3. Americans not exposed to alternative news and opinions are likely still hypnotised, like the rest of used to be.
    But every day that group of zombies grow smaller. It is probably already in the extreme minority, but no “real” leader with major exposure has had the courage to call a spade a spade and energise the “truly” awoken. The keywords being “real” and “truly.”
    E. Michael Jones would be a great tutor for any aspiring 21st century New American “Founding Father.” But it’s easier said, than done.

  4. The sad thing is that most people in the US and EU don’t have a clue what is going on. They watch main stream media and reality shows and believe both are real, get the picture!

  5. Even Bush Senior in early 90’s had more luck trying sale American cars in Japan than Biden trying to sell a brand new bonesaw to Bin Salman

  6. The complete absence of logical discussion like what is presented here in our media and our politics Tells me that your worst case prediction is nearly inevitable. ‘Leaders’ from the two parties that exist in the USA, the undisputed richest military power on earth have followed this Zionist path to destruction you describe jointly since at least the assassination of JFK.

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