By Manlio Dinucci

The Rand Corp prides itself on having contributed to the elaboration of the long-term strategy which enabled the United States to win the Cold War, by forcing the Soviet Union to consume its own economic resources in the strategic confrontation.

It is this model which was the inspiration for the new plan, Overextending and Unbalancing Russia, published by Rand [1].

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According to their analysts, Russia remains a powerful adversary for the United States in certain fundamental sectors. To handle this opposition, the USA and their allies will have to pursue a joint long-term strategy which exploits Russia’s vulnerabilities. So Rand analyses the various means with which to unbalance Russia, indicating for each the probabilities of success, the benefits, the cost, and the risks for the USA.

Rand analysts estimate that Russia’s greatest vulnerability is that of its economy, due to its heavy dependency on oil and gas exports. The income from these exports can be reduced by strengthening sanctions and increasing the energy exports of the United States. The goal is to oblige Europe to diminish its importation of Russian natural gas, and replace it by liquefied natural gas transported by sea from other countries.

Another way of destabilising the Russian economy in the long run is to encourage the emigration of qualified personnel, particularly young Russians with a high level of education.

In the ideological and information sectors, it would be necessary to encourage internal contestation and at the same time, to undermine Russia’s image on the exterior, by excluding it from international forums and boycotting the international sporting events that it organises.

In the geopolitical sector, arming Ukraine would enable the USA to exploit the central point of Russia’s exterior vulnerability, but this would have to be carefully calculated in order to hold Russia under pressure without slipping into a major conflict, which it would win.

In the military sector, the USA could enjoy high benefits, with low costs and risks, by increasing the number of land-based troops from the NATO countries working in an anti-Russian function.

The USA can enjoy high probabilities of success and high benefits, with moderate risks, especially by investing mainly in strategic bombers and long-range attack missiles directed against Russia.

Leaving the INF Treaty and deploying in Europe new intermediate-range nuclear missiles pointed at Russia would lead to high probabilities of success, but would also present high risks.

By calibrating each option to gain the desired effect – conclude the Rand analysts – Russia would end up by paying the hardest price in a confrontation, but the USA would also have to invest huge resources, which would therefore no longer be available for other objectives. This is also prior warning of a coming major increase in USA/NATO military spending, to the disadvantage of social budgets.

This is the future that is planned out for us by the Rand Corporation, the most influential think tank of the Deep State – in other words the underground centre of real power gripped by the economic, financial, and military oligarchies – which determines the strategic choices not only of the USA, but all of the Western world.

The “options” set out by the plan are in reality no more than variants of the same war strategy, of which the price in sacrifices and risks is paid by us all.

SOURCEGlobal Research


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  1. That is exactly what they did before with the USSR…
    But those were other times…
    Now Russia, China, India and the Middle East will be a single block.
    And the BRICS…
    And Russia does not depend only on exporting energy.
    Trade with China and India guarantees its viability
    and even its supremacy.
    Anyway… at the end, let’s read Orwel… : Two opposing blocks.
    Oceania, and… the others…

  2. I sure hope they succeed. Even a twisted Republican/Zionist-dominated America is freer than the mafia state with nukes that is Russia. Wanting to spread democracy around the world is a good thing. The problem here is the anti-democratic cancer is spreading everywhere, and not without Russia’s copious help.

    Putin’s problem isn’t that NATO is knocking on his door but Western style freedom. All those Eastern European countries fear Russia and for obvious reasons and want NATO’s protection. Our provocations and hypocrisies in the Middle East are/were driven by Israel’s domination of our foreign policy.

    • The Rand Corporation has us right where the neocon perpetrators of “spreading democracy” want us. Chump!

    • After reading your post, all I can say is…Wow! While I do not subscribe to the notion that all we see is real, especially pertaining to the NWO (or otherwise named MPWO, Great Reset or whatever) run destruction of the west, I at least can see the western style ‘freedom’ for what it is…pure plutocracy. How that equates to democracy in your eyes is a total mystery. So far as today is concerned, the western democracies are doing a fine job of self-destruction, forcing others to side with the ‘lesser evil’. Russia is complicit in this, but the west itself has made the rules. The NWO (regardless of terminology) is coming and authoritarianism will be the order of the day. But, in reality, it is already here…hidden in the machinations of national/international relations. In truth, it seems that those unspoken of still hold the reins. Proof of this is the reality that they cannot be questioned or singled out without penalty, not only in every western state, but in Russia as well. It appears that for them, it is yet a status quo. One look at who is doing the actual dying is a pretty good hint.

  3. Why Russia is not kill the USA, I mean destroy the rotten part, whe know where it comes from, the Khazars are the big devils, take them out cost what it cost, this kind is exstremely criminal, always wash and always will be, they hate all people, are a pest for our planet, sick very sick !

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