By Chandra Chisala

CC: So, I saw your interviews on the Tucker Carlson show, the Piers Morgan show, the Lex Friedman Show and your short-lived one on the Tim Pool show on 28th November.

Ye: I walked out on that last one. I had to.

CC: Can I ask why?

Ye: You saw the interview. A minute before I walked out, I told him I would walk out if he continued the conversation along a certain line.

CC: I did see the interview. But for the sake of our readers…

Ye: I told him that if he was going to deny just the basic facts, there was no point in the conversation. I mean, if you are going to deny the basic fact that the media is dominated by Jews, or that they are very powerful in that industry. Or that they are very powerful in the financial industry, the music industry, sports and –

CC: I’m not sure he was denying that. I think he was saying you should see them as individuals, instead of seeing them as a religion or …

Ye: Look. We can have a discussion on how all these “individuals” just so happened to be from one group, but first we should at least be honest to note that this is the case.

CC: That what is the case?

Ye: It’s like what Dave Chappelle said on SNL: “If they’re black, it’s a gang; if they’re Italians, it’s a mob, but if they’re Jews, it’s a coincidence.” For blacks we can notice some pattern and then debate why that pattern is. And then when someone says “oh, blacks, it’s genetic or whatever” you might say “you’re racist” or something. But for Jews, you are called anti-Semitic at the very point of observing the pattern.

CC: But don’t you think that’s because of what they’ve gone through? Historically?

Ye: And blacks haven’t gone through anything at all in history?

CC: Well, I think there are also black people who think it’s racist to observe that blacks commit more violent crimes than any other group. Isn’t that the same thing? Aren’t they stopping discussion right at the point of observing a pattern?

Ye: Those people are wrong to deny the facts. We should be able to have a conversation on why brothers commit more violent crimes than other groups. It may be the drugs that the CIA once put in the black community that resulted in them being so violent.

CC: I’m not sure about that CIA conspiracy theory, but in any case, the drug culture affected every group but only the blacks became that violent?

Ye: I am not debating that issue specifically, because I don’t have all the historical facts there; I am just saying you can have a conversation about why blacks are doing something bad more than others. Maybe the drug thing led to the drug business, which is inherently violent, and since blacks were poor they may have been the most tempted to get into this business after the CIA dumped the drugs on them and got them hooked, thus creating a market. Or someone else can say it’s because of the absence of fathers in the black home, or the government taking over as father. Those are all theories given by people when they were free to discuss certain patterns of behavior.

CC: Yes, but doesn’t that lead to racism in a way? When you keep dwelling on some negative behavior of a group, especially in a generalizing way?

Ye: But how do you find a solution if you stop people from noting the facts? Is it better to leave blacks in that state instead of finding out what is behind it? Some people would rather keep seeing black people get murdered every day because it is supposedly racist to observe that most murders are committed in and by the community. Or they fear that pointing out will affirm racist views. But should we let them keep dying so that racist views are not affirmed?

CC: Right. I guess I can see that with things like black crime or even black educational problems. But something like Jewish dominance in Hollywood or banking or fashion etc. That looks like there is only one thing that can result from that discussion: Hatred. Because it is not exactly a problem that you have to solve.

Ye: What do you mean?

CC: Well, black crime or black underperformance in school is a problem you should try to solve. But Jews in Hollywood? That’s not a social problem that you need to solve. So, the only thing it can result in is people hating Jews, no? I mean, what other result can you expect?

Ye: You’re right that It’s not a “problem” but… well, actually it depends. It’s actually a problem if they are using that power for nefarious purposes. For example, if they are using the media to misinform the public or to control the way people think, so that they can promote their own group interests at the expense of others. In that sense, it’s a bigger problem than the black crime problem.

CC: How so?

Ye: Black criminals can kill a few people, but controlling the media with false narratives can kill the soul of America itself.

CC: The soul of America? I think you should break that down because it’s not fair to accuse people of something so serious and then say they are killing “the soul of America.” Sounds too abstract.

Ye: Look at the race wars we have, for example. The racial tensions we have in this country. Especially blacks hating whites because they believe whites hate them. Where do you think that comes from? The media. They put a huge spotlight on stories involving white violence against blacks and ignore or downplay any other stories when the narrative is contradicted.

CC: Well, one could argue that this is perhaps a liberal thing. Most media is owned and controlled by liberals, and perhaps liberals honestly believe there is a big problem of whites being racist against blacks, especially expressed by white cops. Whether you agree with them or not, it is what liberals think; it has nothing to do with Jews per se.

Ye: But Jews own that media.

CC: Yes, but most Jews in America are liberal. We know that most of them vote Democrat. So, this could just be liberals expressing themselves. Besides, Jews are white. I don’t see how it could be in their interest to stoke black-vs-white wars.

Ye: It’s good we are having a conversation about this instead of you just denying even the existence of conspicuous Jewish power in the media. You raise a good point, but I disagree with you.

CC: You disagree that Jews are white?

Ye: Firstly, this is the only group that is both white and not-white. Which means they can play the game in a way that confuses people like you. They know when to throw the whole white race under the bus, in a way that benefits their group. They know that if they talk about white racism we will think specifically of non-Jewish whites.

CC: Why?

Ye: Well, because they are careful to emphasize that they are historically also just victims of white racism. Can you remember not too long ago when Whoopie said the Holocaust was not about race?

CC: Yes, she got into a bit of trouble for saying that.

Ye: Yes, but why was that such a big issue for them? It shouldn’t be a big issue because she was still saying it was all about hate. The Nazis hated people who look like them racially, so she thought it was about something else. Why did they make it into such a big deal and told her to take lessons and some time out, like a child?

CC: I remember that.

Ye: And by the way, why do they do that only for antisemitism? Do you ever hear of someone who is accused of anti-black racism being told to take some class or to go to some slavery museum and to pay money to the NAACP?

CC: Oh, like Kyrie Irving was told to donate money to the Jewish ADL?

Ye: Yeah, isn’t it strange that it is only “anti-semites” who are treated like a child and asked to prostrate themselves before the Jewish masters before they can —

CC: Wait. There’s a point you were making before you went on that tangent.

Ye: It’s not a tangent, bro. I get all these thoughts in my head that want to express themselves, and I am like the judge who says which thought should be expressed. But anyway, what point are you talking about?

CC: You were saying they are both white and not white, and that they promote the race wars or something, because …

Ye: Oh yeah. If they keep publishing and promoting stories that show that whites are racist against blacks, won’t they also be hated by blacks? Well, that’s why they emphasized the Whoopie thing. They want to remind us that they are actually treated as another race even if they look white. That way, even when they promote this “whites are racist” narrative, we can know that they are talking about non-Jewish whites, the same ones that were “racist” against them. Thus, they get the benefits of being white while avoiding the guilt of being white.

CC: And why would they want this black-white race war?

Ye: Power, bro. It’s all about power. Where do blacks and all these minorities run to when they are told that white America is racist?

CC: The Democratic Party?

Ye: Correct. And who owns that party?

CC: I don’t think anyone owns the party.

Ye: Bro.

CC: I mean, political parties are …

Ye: Bro. Follow the money, bro. Follow the money. They own that party. They present the Republican party as the white party – and therefore the racist party, so that all these blacks and Hispanics and immigrants can run right into their trap!

CC: It’s a cynical view, but I see what you’re saying. And I guess someone might even be sympathetic to that opinion. You certainly have a right to it. My only problem is that this is sounding too general. I guess that’s the problem with this “they” thing. When you say this, it sounds like all Jews are part of some conspiracy thing. It sounds like there are no “good” Jews, which is a big problem, I think.

Ye: I don’t know why everyone goes in that direction. Lex Fridman also kept saying that. Why is it that when you say something negative about a group, everyone has to assume you are talking about every single person in that group?

CC: Well, that’s how racism is birthed though. When you generalize.

Ye: Listen. If I say “blacks are so musical,” am I saying you won’t find even one black kid who is literally tone deaf and is totally talentless in music? “Generalizing” does not mean you are talking about everyone. Ben Shapiro went on Lex Fridman show after I went there and he said “I have a problem with Ye because when he sees something wrong some Jewish people in his life have done, he then generalizes to all Jews.” When did I ever say it’s every single Jew who is like this or who is part of these conspiracies? Why would I even go on Lex Friedman’s show, a Jew, if I thought that every Jew is literally like that?

CC: Look. You’re right, technically. When you say “the Jews do this and that,” you don’t technically mean every Jewish person is like that. However, can you see how someone might begin to hate any Jewish person they meet because of such statements?

Ye: So, you want me to sacrifice my life for the sake of Jews not being hated by some low-IQ person who can’t understand how words work?

CC: No, I mean, you can put it in a way that does not cause bigger problems. I know you have personally experienced some things with certain individuals who happen to be …

Ye: It’s beyond that now. This is not just about Ye now. It’s bigger than that. In a way I am glad I went through what I went through with the Jews because it has enabled me to open up a conversation that everyone was afraid to have. I mean, why do they always have some Jew talking to the president? Rahm Immanuel influencing Obama; Kushner influencing Trump?

CC: Before we talk about that, I just want us to be crystal clear on this point on saying “they”.

Ye: So, this is where you draw the line? I was happy you could at least accept that it’s OK to talk about how Jews dominate an industry. But you seem stuck at the next step. You don’t want me to say why the Jews…

CC: Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m a free speech guy. I’m as pro free speech as they come. I want people to totally express what they think so that we can have proper debates and arrive at the truth. I don’t believe there’s any subject that we can’t discuss.

Ye: So does that mean you’re against criminalizing Holocaust denial?

CC: Oh, absolutely. It’s a travesty that some European countries can send you to jail for questioning the Holocaust. There should not be any topic at all that you send people to jail for.

Ye: See, they condemn Muslims for drawing the line on insulting Prophet Muhammad, and then they draw their own lines, and yet they call Muslims barbaric for doing the exact same thing.

CC: Oh, absolutely. I’m with you there.

Ye: But notice that Europeans allow you to say whatever you want, but they just won’t let you offend Jews. Doesn’t that tell you who controls the world? I know it’s not every European country that will send you to jail for this “offense,” but it is the only one for which they are willing to sacrifice their cardinal value of free speech. It tells you who runs the world, and they’ve done it for a very long time now in Europe with all their bank money – the Rothschilds, the …

CC: Or it can also tell me that the Europeans feel a sense of guilt about that particular issue. Even if you quibble on the details of the Holocaust itself, the history of Jewish persecution in Europe is quite well documented.

Ye: Or the Jews use that history to control the world today for their own interests.

CC: “The Jews.” I don’t know, man. When you say “the Jews” in such statements, it does carry a heavy feeling and it does sound like you’re talking about everyone who is Jewish. Maybe not every single individual, but it sounds like you are at least saying the vast majority are like that. Which would justify someone generally hating them.

Ye: In every group, there are people who are the political leaders of that group. I think everyone acknowledges people like Martin Luther King as a leader in the black community, for example. If someone says “the blacks” fought to have the right to vote or something, it is obviously not every single black person who was fighting or who even cared about the issue. But that’s just how we record history.

CC: I guess when it’s a positive thing, no one cares since you can’t be racist over a positive trait or positive achievement.

Ye: Well, as I said before, I think people should be free to say “blacks are growing up with no fathers in the home and this has affected them negatively in many ways.” We don’t mean every single black person, but we all know what we mean when we say that.

In fact, have you heard Jews talk about Arabs? Or Palestinians? How many times do you hear them clarify that they are only talking about “some” “individual” Palestinians?

CC: OK, so you think the hate that could result from such generalizations is worth it as long as we have a discussion about it?

Ye: What about the hate that could come against all Palestinians when Jews discuss them in general terms?

CC: Yes, but that’s probably a perfect counter-example. There are many Jews who believe Palestinians should be treated better. But you sound like all Jews describe them in negative general terms.

Ye: When a Prime Minister of Israel says “Palestinians want to destroy us, Palestinians are making rockets to kill us”, has he asked every single Palestinian?

CC: So, he should say “some Palestinians”?

Ye: No. You are the one who has a problem with that. If he means to talk about what a clearly dominant group among Palestinians is doing, he is free to say “Palestinians” and we will all know what he means. We are not children.

CC: Ok, maybe we’ve dwelt too long on that issue of “they,” but I think it’s important that we think of the way we express our words especially when there is some disturbing history concerning that.

Ye: Look, I agree that someone has to be careful how they make their point, but at the same time, we should not be so strict with our words that we can’t even say anything. We can all agree that when we say “the Jews” we do not mean every single Jewish person in the world, but some very dominant Jews who promote their personal agendas by conspiring with other Jews.

CC: Is it personal agendas or is it group agenda? It sounds like different things. The record label owners who may have done you wrong were not necessarily thinking of helping Jews.

Ye: I don’t think it’s like that. I think that first and foremost everyone is thinking of himself. But he knows that he can achieve more for himself if he works with people who are like him on some deep level.

CC: And other people don’t do that? Only Jews do that?

Ye: I didn’t say that. Everyone might try to do it, of course; it’s called ‘tribalism’. But our concern now is the group that has managed to do it successfully. And I think they did use their history of persecution to give themselves and their children some excessive advantages over other people.

CC: Sheesh, I don’t know, man. You’re sounding pretty racist right now.

Ye: Are you just afraid of being canceled?

CC: No, I’m genuinely just not sure about how widely true your claims are. I know a lot of Jewish people who have just worked very very hard and are extremely talented, and I know that is how they got their positions. This is why I am uncomfortable with the kind of generalization that will diminish the achievements of all such Jews.

Ye: Well, maybe those Jews should be the most active in fighting against the greedy conspitorial tribal Jews so that they don’t give them a bad name by association.

CC: Is it fair to put that on them though?

Ye: They are the ones being affected negatively. It’s in their own interest to correct this.

CC: Isn’t that like saying those blacks who do not commit crimes should fight those who do because they are getting a bad reputation from their actions?

Ye: Yes, and they should. Instead of the Black Lives Matter focusing on the one or two blacks killed by cops, they should focus a lot more on the many more who are killed by other blacks every single day. They should offer their help to try to get black gangs that murder other blacks dismantled. I shouldn’t blame a little Asian woman for being afraid of me at night. I should blame those who have given me that reputation of senseless violence, and I should use my power to fight against that.

CC: So what should the good Jews do exactly?

Ye: I just told you. They should speak out against all these things being done by Jews. By putting pressure on them, there will be change.

CC: So what would “change” look like? Would you want there to be less Jewish music executives and fewer Jewish media executives?

Ye: No, if you know anything about me, you know that I admire success. And I never envy anyone’s success, individually or as a group. Or I should say I envy it in a good way. I would be happy if my own people were that successful. My problem is not with the Jews’ success or their dominance, but with what they’ve done with it, and how they screw other people with it. That’s what change would look like.

CC: So, in music, you would want them to do fairer deals with musicians?

Ye: I don’t want to say it like that. I don’t want it to sound like we are begging or something. I prefer this fight. I prefer to expose them for doing immoral things in the contracts that they force upon artists and athletes and other professionals. If anything, I would prefer that these professionals get together and use their numbers to demand change.

CC: The black professionals?

Ye: Well, both blacks and whites have been screwed. But yes, I am thinking mostly of black talents coming together. I mean, how can all these powerful basketball players allow Kyrie to be treated like that. Someone is treating him like a child for having an opinion and they are all scared to say something? They should get together and be able to say “here are the new rules: we are here to play basketball and what we say on Twitter remains on Twitter. It’s that or we all stop playing.”

CC: Ok?

Ye: “…and while we’re at it, can we also review some of these contracts that make us work so hard for little money.”

CC: The NBA players work hard for little money?

Ye: Yes. And so do the musicians and the football players and everyone else under Jewish management.

CC: What??

Ye: See, that’s how they keep them quiet. You are surprised I say that because they make millions of dollars, right?

CC: They do make a lot of money.

Ye: Look at how much is taken from them though, not how much they remain with. This is how they blind us. They tell everyone “look at these guys, they are lucky to make millions which none of you make. They shouldn’t complain.” Oh, but they should. A lot of musicians should be billionaires by now. Look at how much influence they have around the world. How many kids want to dress up like them and sound like them. They could literally make billions from their talents and invest some of that into our community.

CC: You are a billionaire.

Ye: Was.

CC: You made the money from your music. Under Jewish management of the industry.

Ye: Actually, I only made my billion when I went out and did a lot of other things outside music, and I literally had to save some big brands just to make my billion. And even then I wasn’t really wealthy, because when you are wealthy, someone can’t take away your wealth just for saying one “wrong” thing on Twitter.

I mean, think of what that does to all these professional artists and sports guys. They now know that if you want to keep the little money you have, you have to do what they tell you. That’s not being wealthy. There’s nothing you can do to Bill Gates to make him poor. That’s true wealth.

CC: OK, so you’re saying these professionals can get together and demand some changes to their contracts?

Ye: They should be able to threaten to walk away from everything and make their own leagues and own record companies and fashion lines.

CC: They are under contractual obligations though.

Ye: What’s the worst that can happen to them? They lose their contracts, and lose their money in civil litigation, but we can start all over again. Just like I am doing. Imagine how much easier it would be for me if there were many other people walking away from these chains and starting something new. We could start our own NBA, for example, and it will be worth hundreds of billions. And we could even expand the league so that every single city has a great team, and this could take many more black kids off the streets, who ended up there because they couldn’t achieve their basketball dream or something. And we won’t even require them to go to college first, which is just unfair to many of them. I mean, there is so much more talent out there that we could bring out and we could end up making trillions of dollars!

CC: The problem is that it’s harder to manage these things than it sounds, Ye. For example, artists are not necessarily good managers. So, they can go on their own but they won’t necessarily recreate the brands that these executives made for them. And all the distribution networks around the world? That’s not a simple task.

Ye: We can hire managers. We can hire executives. In fact, listen: we can even hire Jewish executives.

CC: Excuse me?

Ye: Yes. We can break free from the Jews and hire some Jews!


Ye: Look, obviously there are some special talents and abilities among the Jews. Maybe it comes from their ambitious mothers or their book culture or their healthy kosher food or something; otherwise they would not have achieved the dominance they did. It’s not enough to just conspire, you do need some real talent and work ethic, which they clearly have. So, we can hire good Jews to manage our firms, but this time we will be the ones hiring them and firing them. We will be the major owners. They might get a small ownership so that they put in their best efforts, but we won’t let them screw us up again. Never again!

CC: So, it sounds like you’re acknowledging that perhaps they have earned some of their dominance.

Ye: Someone can earn a position of dominance and then abuse it. They can abuse it in order to maintain that dominance, or to expand that dominance, or because of fear of being persecuted again, or whatever. What part of this are you failing to understand? I am not anti-semitic. Even while I was on Lex Fridman’s show, I was pitching him an idea for him to use his engineering talents to work with me. I obviously wouldn’t do that if I have some deep hatred for any human being who happens to be Jewish, as the media has been trying to portray me.

CC: I have to admit, that’s a good point.


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  1. While it is true that not all Jews are like this, if their Rabbis say jump, they will say how high. That is their hangup. They believe in this blood and gene thing. They don’t realize that the wicked Jews among them are controlling them for nefarious purposes. Fact is, they are just a duke’s mixture just like the rest of us. It is like what Jesus said that the Pharisees would not enter in themselves and would not let the rest of the Jews to enter in on their own.