Rogue Elephants: Can Elon, Tucker, and Ye Trample the Ringmasters and Tear Down the Big Top?


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Ron Unz has called economist Jeffrey Sachs a “righteous rogue elephant.” The elephant image is an accurate reflection of Sach’s heft and stature in the world of policy-making public intellectuals, while “rogue” nicely summarizes Sachs’ sudden savaging of the Western oligarchy’s party line on COVID origins and the Ukraine war.

While Sachs is a behemoth to the educated elite—or at least he was until he went rogue and the media started pretending he didn’t exist—he never had a regular following of millions the way Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, and Ye (formerly Kanye West) do. Those three rogue elephants are currently tearing things up in the three-ring media circus where the vast majority of Americans get their infotainment. And the media gatekeepers can’t suppress them the way they’ve been suppressing Sachs. Musk owns Twitter, Carlson has the biggest news show in America, and Ye has a massive fan base that will find him even if they have to track him down on Rumble or Bitchute or the Alex Jones show.

Elon Musk, Chief Twit & Rogue Elephant #1

Musk has been trading punches with the media since he bought Twitter. His most important effort, which he knows might get him assassinated, has been to bring in Matt Taibbi to expose the Twitter Files showing that prior to Musk’s takeover, Twitter was basically a national security state propaganda operation. Recent Taibbi drops reveal that the heads of the FBI, DHS, and the Director of National Intelligence were regularly conferring with Twitter’s former chief censor, Yoel Roth, during the run-up to the 2020 election. It reached the point that Twitter was a de facto FBI subsidiary. So much for the First Amendment.

The recent kerfluffle over the mainstream media’s doxxing Musk and his family’s real-time location (discussed at some length in the above FFWN video) reflects Musk’s well-founded fear of assassination. Highly influential people with large audiences, like the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and perhaps even John Lennon and other cultural figures, have been cut down in their prime by the CIA, the gangster enforcement arm of the oligarchy that rules America and its mainstream media.

Tucker Carlson, Rogue Elephant #2

If Musk became a rogue elephant, and someone who should stay out of small planes, by buying Twitter and exposing its secrets, Tucker Carlson has achieved the same stature by using his Fox News show to expose the CIA’s involvement in the JFK assassination. RFK Jr. responded:

Ye, Rogue Elephant #3

Even more unmentionable than the national security state’s media control and domestic assassinations is the role of Israel-affiliated Jewish ethnic mafias in America’s deep state. (Whitney Webb manages to make that clear, without using the dreaded J word, in her magisterial One Nation Under Blackmail.)

The issue of Jewish power, suppressed by Jewish power, is suddenly the topic of public conversation thanks to yet another rogue elephant, Kanye “Ye” West. While Jeffrey Sachs is a first-rank public intellectual, and Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson are canny media barkers, Ye is something else entirely: a Christian Carnival King and Truth-Telling Holy Fool.

Ye’s willingness to let Jewish power crucify him for the crime of mentioning its existence is a quintessentially Christian gesture. Just as Jesus was a spiritual rogue elephant who trampled the lies of the Pharisees, Ye is scaring the bejesus out of the ADL pharisees and setting an example for religious people and lovers of truth.

Will the rogue trio of Elon, Tucker, and Ye manage to trample the ringmasters and bring down the big top, Samson-style? How many more rogue elephants will it take to destroy the carnival of lies that is the national security state’s mainstream media propaganda apparatus? Or will the deciding factor not be the wealthy and influential elephants, but the ordinary folks—like the French Yellow Vests—finding creative new ways to make their voices heard?

SOURCEKevin Barrett’s Substack

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  1. Entia non sunt moltiplicanda praeter necessitatem is the ever relevant Occam friar.
    Net of all other reasoning, the Jeckyll Island 22.11.1910 is Masonic ritual of 22.11.1963 …
    The Covid Pandemic (the one that in fact created the worldwide curfew) was never declared and, always net of all other reasoning, this false Pandemic served to keep hidden (conceal) the biological weapon that is in fact what they called Coronavirus 19

  2. I appreciate catching up with the news thanks to this concise report. I know it shows my jadedness, but with covid/mRNA, Ukraine, the CIA, and the others all being exposed right now, I can’t help but think there’s a giant false flag distraction just around the corner.

  3. I’m in Brisbane Australia, as a Fan of Tucker Carlson I can only watch it on Youtube, so what I do is record it on a USB stick, together with other clips and at around ‘Wine O’Clock’ I take the USB out into my garage and watch the clips there.

    Lately I have noticed YouTube’s censors are preventing Tuckers’ show from being available at all. I could see that coming a long time ago. For years now the censors will not permit viewers to watch FOX’s Border reporter Bill Melugin, from showing film of the HORDES crossing the southern borders. Instead of the Film the Youtube screen is filled with a full face picture of Trump smugly grinning at God knows what.

    But the total removal of Tuckers’ program is a new development. The War mongering gangsters in the White House hate people finding the truth. You choice of these three is admirable, but an unseen hand is worthy of mention here.

    That is Lachlan Murdoch who has taken over FOX in the US and is giving Tucker a lot of rope. About 20 years ago young Murdoch was involved in an Aussie Telco with another son of a mogul James Packer. They had a few Jewish partners and it all fell to pieces. Young Murdoch and Packer lost 500 Million EACH!

    I’d say Lachlan Murdoch has never forgotten how he was separated from such a vast sum so easily.