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Agenda 21, Environmental Responsibility or Depopulation by Alien Overlords

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor The video above is useful but the real problem is that all information we get is filtered through  paid for...

Updated Finally an admission of guilt, alien agenda

My mom is doing well this morning, despite the below admission of guilt. As it has been impossible to obtain Justice, I am adding...

Godfathers of War and the alien agendas

Reflecting on the future of humanity and the hidden hand that orchestrates the alien agenda.
Victory over the alien agenda

Alien Agenda: Human Meat Processing Behind All Cults?

A long time ago, the white aliens came to the planet when the Anunnaki walked the planet.  The white aliens flooded the planet with what I call Corporate energy. It is artificial and unnatural.

Cult Sex Between Men – the Entry Point for the Alien Agenda

Baal's temple brought back a potential significant past life memory. When I saw a photo of it in Palmyra, Syria, I had a strange positively felt question, “Is Baal coming back?” It was an odd feeling of love that was associated with Baal.
Sun clears alien agenda

Clearing the Alien Agenda, Naturally

After the nearly dying the other day, I have spent some time clearing my energy, and I discovered something, so I wanted to share it as a possible solution to we may be facing, an alien agenda, that is very possibly operating counter to humanity on the planet.

The Ultimate False Flag: Alien Armageddon

The wealthiest families on this planet have erected a parasitic and absolutely inhuman system for the exploitation and subjugation of mankind.

TCK RADIO: Leo Zagami “Aliens, UFO’s & Francis the PEDO Protector”

TradCatKnight Radio, Leo Zagami "Aliens, UFO's & Francis the PEDO Protector" Talk given 2-2-18 (aprx 50 minutes) *TURN UP YOUR VOLUMES BOTH ON...

Indo-US-Afghan agenda against Pakistan

Asif Haroon Raja Motivated origination of war on terror Drama of 9/11 provided a readymade excuse to George W. Bush and his team of Neocons to...

Evil Agenda: Supporters of Palestinian Apartheid and a Fresh Look at BDS Movement

Will Humanity awaken from a cowardice dream that presently allows misguided bullies to imprison, victimize us, our world and our families or will we rise-up to realize and express our great hero within and be known as the warriors of loving truth who acted in turn, as we were destined to be?

EMF take-down of America by Alien ET technology: How far has it gone?

A secret plan using EMF weapons based on Alien ET technology has been deployed to take-down America.

Do the Alien ETs make them do it?

Are the men who control the Secret Shadow Government being secretly and unknowingly mind-kontrolled by Alien ETs?

Xenophobia, the Know Nothing Party of the 1850s and the Trump/Pence NeoFascist Republican Agenda...

The know-nothing movement reached its peak in the mid-1850s, and by 1859 it had essentially disappeared from national politics. But the ideology obviously did not disappear.

Pan-Turanism Takes Aim At Azarbaijan; A Geopolitical Agenda

  ... by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh (1) The Bernard Lewis Project. Professor Bernard Lewis (photo below) is an octogenarian expert of the “Middle East” (itself an invented...

America’s Alien Invasion

The Establishment Hierarchy does not want you to find out anything about this forbidden subject. And in past years they have harassed, threatened and even murdered hundreds to prevent you from ever finding out. All secrecy is now ending thanks to all the disgruntled Intel agents and assets all over the world who refuse to stay quiet any longer.

Deepest Darkest Secrets behind the Establishment Hierarchy’s evil Globalist NWO Agenda

It's time to fully disclose the deepest, darkest secrets of the Khazarian Mafia's Establishment Hierarchy and stop their Globalist NWO Agenda cold.
Love is on Earth

Sovereignty – USA, Destined for Greatness

What proves that God is always positive and keeps what is called the Divine Integrity Agreement? God is on the side of the USA. God is on the side of positive sovereign countries, the negatives need to be called to the carpet.
Love is on Earth

Negative Goes to the Core

The Negative is actually a large core mass of magnetic material that has been removed from the core of the planet.
Russian Amy Choir

Insolent Crab Beggars

Putin calls Congress insolent as Senators vote 98-2 to sanction Russia. Did Putin have the Russian Army choir killed, to add to evidence against America in an upcoming world body tribunal regarding terrorists we created through illegal wars and destabilization efforts?

A Complete Disconnect

...is what currently exists between the American People and their own government.

Khazarian Mafia Virus is more Dangerous than CV19

     By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Coronavirus pandemic also named as COVID-19 which is, rapidly, spreading across the world has killed more than 42,000...

Wahhabism, Freemasonry and the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey’s Eurasianist Movement

...by Dr. Can Erimtan. 21st Century Wire Turkey and Russia have enjoyed a good relationship over the past years. The Islamist President of the Republic,...

Why Coming Economic Collapse Will NOT be Caused by Corona Virus

With Monday's 1000 point stock market plunge the internet has been set ablaze with a discussion of a new crash looming on the horizon.

Exclusive: The Dangerous Anti-Muslim American ‘Deal of the Century’

In a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump exposed the long-delayed Middle East peace plan at the White House on January 27, this year. The plan would give Israel most of what it has sought over decades of conflict while offering the Palestinians the possibility of a state with limited sovereignty and would bury the longtime goal of granting the Palestinians a full-fledged state.

Suppressed History: A Banned Classic with New Introduction

Military Intelligence Expose of Deep State Origins in America "The Marxian program of drastic controls, so repugnant to the free Western mind, was no obstacle...

Jack Heart: Self Defense in Richmond

By Jack Heart, Orage and "Phil" for Veterans Today If you must rewire your house you better call a licensed electrician and if you must...

Military And Political Trends Of 2019 That Will Shape 2020

...from SouthFront In the year 2019 the world was marked with a number of emerging and developing crises. The threat of terrorism, conflicts in the...

To Infinity and Beyond, the NASA Space Heist Has No Limits! | Jack Mullen

And for us to take the next big leap toward Mars, you here at Ames are going to be a critical part of helping...

The Wireless take-down of America–Can it be stopped?

Who has the power to mandate the high level of control and the vast financial resources necessary to deploy high-tech wireless spying and mind-kontrol systems as a weapon systems in such a well-coordinated manner?

Steele on Books & America: Love it or Lose it! UPDATE: Key Book Links...

If you are in the DC area, the actual event, very low-cost, is just an hour up 270, tickets are still available and it...

Jews and Turks

  By Dr. Abdullah Manaz for Veterans Today, Turkey Until the 1950s, there was not a serious enmity between the Jews and the Muslim community. Jews...

Why Fake Alternative Media is So Dangerous (a rant)

Alternative Media Ignoring Truth Most Mass Shooting Events Are Truly Faked And Why This Reality Is So Dangerous To Modern History

In Connivance with Israel, India Converted Kashmir into “Auschwitz”..as in Gaza and the West...

      By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Massacre of the Jews through various tactics of torture in the concentration camps, erected by Hitler before and...

Jack Heart: Chaioth ha-Qadosh

Tookie Memorial Post, Sīrius Calling II

Why MUST They Take Your Weapons: The Red Terror Is Coming To America

by Jack Mullen Terrorism is a word originally coined to define the actions of a State against its people for purposes of fear to further...

SPECIAL: Licensed to Kill — False Flag in El Paso, Texas — Evidence of...

SHORT URL: http://tinyurl.com/licensed-to-kill Back Up Image: LINK: https://twitter.com/RachBlevins/status/1157815390891909120?s=20 Watch it fast, Twitter is dishonest and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that controls its censorship and digital assassination...

Iran Releases Details in CIA Spy Arrests

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian intelligence and security forces on Monday released more details about 17 CIA spies captured last year, saying that they had...

India: Anti-Muslim Aftermath of Modi’s Election Victory

                      By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Indian Prime Nerendar Modi’s extremist party BJP had got a land sliding triumph in the...

Summary Review with Links: Marianne Williamson, A Politics of Love – A Handbook for...

SUMMARY REVIEW WITH LINKS Marianne Williamson, A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution (HarperOne, 2019) 6 Stars – The Only Authentic Democratic...
Zelensky - from te comedy stage to the political frying pan

West puts Ukraine in play once again via fake stink tanks

Zelensky has been in office only a matter of days, and Western-backed groups are threatening to instigate political unrest should he take any action that they don’t find acceptable to their political agenda. Who poses the real threat to democracy?

Zionist-led ‘Lebensraum’ of US is bringing about its demise

By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party had come to power with the avowed purpose of conquering colonies and foreign...

US Agrees To Global Gun Control Under UN Authority

School Shooting PsyOps Spawned By United Nations #Strong Cities Network KrisAnne Hall, Esq. Says Strong Cities Network is Unconstitutional (Bitchute) UN language, “Violent Extremism” is Code...

Review: TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin — Deep State...

TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE: Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin (Trine Day, 2015) 6 Stars – A Seminal Work Integrating Deep Looks from Others – A...

Why Muslims to Pay for the Holocaust?

    By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Massacre of the Jews through various tactics of torture in the concentration camps, erected by Hitler before and during...

Indian intrusions and Pakistan’s responses

  Asif Haroon Raja Engineered Pulwama attack Throughout his tenure, Narendra Modi has maintained a highly bellicose posture against Pakistan. Tension between the two arch rivals escalated...

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