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Intel Drop: VT Slams Zionist Agent Assange with Intel Deluge

Wikileaks was invented to support Roy Cohn's 'gayboy' lovers that the Kosher Nostra put into the White House. This is the simple truth of it and Cohn is still somewhere laughing his ass off as the US is torn apart by a second acolyte of Cohn's, another bumbling moron in a dress...

NEO: Trump Turns on Russia and Syria in “Caesar Act” Ploy

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (Est: 1816) On December 20, 2019, Donald Trump signed H.R.31/S.52, the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. In...

Up to 10k ISIS Prisoners Held by SDF Under US “Authority,” They Must be...

Why is the world finding this out now?  The answer is simple, the Americans left and the mess they left behind, dungeons filled with...

NEO – Beirut is burning: Rebellion against the elites has begun

Jim W. Dean - I have visited Lebanon while passing through to Syria. I was lucky on my first trip, going to the Syrian election as a monitor, to have been in Beirut for a weekend.

Board & Staff

Daily Operations Staff Johnny Punish: Owner and General Manager Jonas Alexis:  Managing Editor Dr. Kevin Barrett: Editor VT Advisory Board Membership on the board is honorary...

Does Israel Run ISIS, Some in the UK Think So and Are Suffering the...

Will Worley at UK Independent (a newspaper that also publishes Patrick Cockburn...long suspected by VT as being Mossad, a friend of Franklin Lamb's for those...

Roger Waters on Why More Artists Don’t Speak Out Against Israel: They’re Terrified

Jim W. Dean - Roger Waters raises the bar on political activism by denouncing the Israelis and the Jewish Lobby for rolling over on the crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people when most entertainers fear the revenge of the Jewish Jihadi career choppers.

The Attack on the Pipeline and the Resurrection of the Morgenthau Plan as the...

The Nordstream pipelines were a clear violation of the Mackinder thesis, which has been the hidden grammar of American foreign policy for over a century, a fact corroborated by both Donald Trump, who opposed Nordstream as president, and his opponent Ted Cruz, who said that there was bipartisan agreement on the threat which Nordstream posed to American interests.

The Royal Madness of King Charles III

Enter the Dragon Bonnie Prince Charlie has finally morphed into King Charles III. by Jack Heart What the Media Won't Tell You About KING CHARLES III What the...

The Khazarian Mafia and the Building of Ukraine: We Were Warned 70 Years...

Despite flaws, a top rated exposé of America's fake history, presented by what we now know to be America's military intelligence establishment, as part of their first salvo against the Deep State.

Joker Meets Capitalism, Alan Moore, Aleister Crowley, and Hegel

Alan Moore: "I’d known about Crowley ever since I was twelve, when I had my spate of reading Dennis Wheatley occult paperbacks and being told that Aleister Crowley was the wickedest man in the world. There are references to Crowley in V for Vendetta…”

A new report reveals a century-old American aristocracy — and it’s time to tear...

The Secret IRS files. An economic elite had “carved dynasties off the backs of America’s working men and women. The time has come when we have to fight back, and the only way to fight back is to begin to name names of these very wealthy individuals,” Franklin Roosevelt said.

Titthakara: Nazi Germany’s Secret Installations beneath Polar Ice Caps

Code name Operation High Jump, America’s 1947 expedition to the Antarctic, tells a persistent story about a rebuffed military action against a Nazi stronghold under the ice. Expedition leader Admiral Richard Byrd told El Mercurio –the Chilean newspaper – that they were preparing to defend the world against “enemy fighters that can fly from pole to pole with tremendous speed...”

More Disclosure: Suppressed history, A banned classic with new introduction

Some, perhaps even much, of what is here is of value, even extreme or critical value. With so much history faked, suppressed, "bunked and debunked" to where it is unrecognizable, those who wish to understand themselves have been exploited and misused.

Give me Logic or Give me Terror (Last Part of: A Bird’s Eye View...

By Moti Nissani They’ll talk about change, about politics, about reform, about corruption, but they will never talk about war unless they mean something happening...

South Florida: Virtual ‘Yiddish-fest’ Serving up the Whole Megillah…


Biblical Prophesy: Why are Evangelical Christians Ignoring Overwhelming Proof Trump is the Anti-Christ?

Does the Bible predict the future with stunning accuracy as so many in the end-times camp have claimed?

Sputnik: Dershowitz Reveals Maxwell Was Epstein’s Co-Conspirator (What does it say about Dersho?)

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz has urged “everyone” to “keep an open mind” about deceased billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s long-term partner and alleged procurer of underage...

David Duke’s Secret Behind Communism: Divide and Conquer

The Communist ideology of divide and conquer which David Duke eloquently describes in The Secret Behind Communism was and still is powerful. The same ideology did manifest itself in the civil rights movement.

An Open Letter: We are Jews Who Stand with Representative Ilhan Omar

by JewsWithIlhan.org _ We are Jews who stand with Representative Ilhan Omar. She has been falsely accused of anti-Semitism since tweeting that GOP threats against her and...

Press TV’s Hashemi due in US court on Friday

Press TV news presenter Marzeih Hashemi, who has been imprisoned by the FBI on unspecified charges, is due to appear in a Washington, DC, court on Friday.

Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi jailed in US on unspecified charges

Marzieh Hashemi, a journalist and anchor working for Iran’s English-language Press TV television news network, has been detained and imprisoned in the United States for unspecified reasons.

Breaking: Press TV issues statement on anchor’s detention in US

Jim W. Dean - Is the US ramping up pressure on Iran over its satellite launch by grabbing Marzieh Hashemi while coming to the US to visit her family?

Stagnation?  No! Societies are not stagnant and neither is ours

Countries, populations, and even mankind either progress toward civility or retrogress into wars and barbarism.

RussiaGate: The Origins of the Overclass

The wealthy have always used many methods to accumulate wealth, but it was not until the mid-1970s that these methods coalesced into a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient machine, whose origins, interestingly enough, can be traced back to the CIA.

Part III: Abuse of American Men and castration of Mind and Heart

In order to subvert America and transform it from a Representative Republic into a City of London slave state, gradual attempts were made to heavily mind-kontrol and covertly geld the American male.

Brief and Turbulent History of the Khazarian Mafia in Russia and Asia

The Khazarian Mafia and their puppets “have played a disproportionate role as leaders of the modern revolutionary movements in Europe and the West."

Steve Kangas, Until You Know His Work, You Will Never Understand Who is Behind...

The wealthy have always used many methods to accumulate wealth, but it was not until the mid-1970s that these methods coalesced into a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient machine.

The Majestic One – Chapter I

Pinky, must you continue to dress Doug in dresses? My god, woman, one day the boy’ll be a soldier.

American Democracy at Its Worst

By Dr. Elias Akleh Every four years the American people go through what I would call a charade event called presidential election. This election...

The Most Majestic One in The World Wars

Pinky, must you continue to dress Doug in dresses? My God, woman, one day the boy’ll be a soldier.