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New Evidence Reveals that Senator John McCain and other high-ranking Vietnam War POWs may...

Covert Action Magazine: Among the few memories that most Americans still retain of the Vietnam War—now nearly 60 years in the past—one of the...

Sad Admission: John McCain the last genuinely human, though flawed, member of the GOP...

VT: If you watch this and don't feel like crying, I feel sorry for you.  You can cry. Cry for your children, cry for America,...

Exclusive: Senator John McCain: The ‘Charlie Wilson’ of Syria War (vital)

By Nauman Sadiq for VT Islamabad In an editorial  last week, Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, lambasted Donald Trump for canceling a visit to...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov: John McCain is schizophrenic

A Russian official by the name of Ryabkov has recently put John McCain on a suicide watch by saying that the Zionist puppet is basically schizophrenic.

John McCain: Vladimir Putin is worse than ISIS!

John McCain is “nervous” that we are not invading more countries in the Middle East, but he is not nervous that he is making deals with two diabolical entities in the Middle East: Israel and Saudi Arabia.

PressTV: John McCain calls for expulsion of Turkey’s ambassador to US

  Senator John McCain has urged the expulsion of Turkey’s ambassador to the US following a violent confrontation between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s bodyguards and protesters...

Lindsey Graham and John McCain: We want to bring the apocalypse in North Korea—for...

Both Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump are helping the Israeli regime to bring “creative destruction” in the Middle East and Asia. We must not let that happen. The American people and much of the world have every right to say no more for Israel.

Neocon Whore John McCain: Russia helped Assad on chemical weapons

McCain loves to make political moves—crazy and diabolical moves—but he doesn’t act independently.

Vladimir Putin crushes John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s dream in Syria to dust

Terrorist apologists John McCain and Lindsey Graham are mad and sad again.

The Rothschilds Own John McCain

Niall Ferguson: “No one does more to further the revolution than the Rothschilds themselves…"

Basketball player Timofey Mozgov takes a shot at the Neocons, John McCain, and “Mad...

Neocon psychopaths continue to marshal perverse arguments against a nation that has been obliterating terrorist cells such as ISIS in places like Syria. But Mozgov ain't buying it.

John McCain works for terrorist states like Saudi Arabia

“McCain-Linked Nonprofit Received $1 Million From Saudi Arabia.”

Dr. Kelli Ward, the Woman John McCain fears the most

This is the a post by the woman who is challenging John McCain in the Republican Primary for the US Senate.

John McCain Demands Donald Trump Make Amends to Veterans

Senator John McCain of Arizona called on Donald J. Trump to make amends to veterans for his belittling comments about prisoners of war and suggested he would be unlikely to appear on a stage with Mr. Trump until that happened.

John McCain: F-35 program has been a ‘scandal’

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s record on cost, schedule and performance has been a scandal and a tragedy, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told senior Pentagon officials Tuesday during a withering critique of the most expensive weapons program in U.S. military history.

John McCain Received Money from Terrorist Regime Saudi Arabia

Bloomberg has implicitly agreed with what VT has been saying for months: John McCain is a terrorist apologist.

John McCain Continues to Be a Fool

Could it be that McCain is just jealous that Putin continues to win, despite obstacles?

Taking Aim at Ukraine: How John Mearsheimer and Stephen Cohen Challenged the Dominant Narrative

Cohen counters the prevalent narrative that Putin bribed and bullied Yanukovych to reject the “reckless provocation” of the EU proposal – forcing a “deeply divided country to choose between Russia and the West” (p. 17).

Fox News doubles down, Trump calls US Servicemen ‘suckers’ …hates ALL Vietnam Vets, not...

Donald Trump on Friday night demanded that Fox News fire a reporter after she confirmed a series of highly-damaging incidents detailed in an Atlantic article.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Junior

I’ve changed my mind! It’s not just a woman’s prerogative, but an intelligence analyst’s. When the facts change I change my opinion. Since my...

John Brennan Treason Update — Now Includes Steve Bannon, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and...

Are Steve Bannon, Mitt Romney, & Bill Kristol All Seeking to Impeach President Donald Trump? Is John Brennan Doubling Down on His Own Treason...

John Bolton: A raging bull for Israel and “the Great Satan”

Tim Anderson of the University of Sydney: Netanyahu “is a dangerous man and he is creating, like his mentor in the US, pretexts, which were a bit of credibility, pretexts that he will use and has used for almost arbitrary attacks.”

McCain Funeral Hijacked by Vietnam Revisionism

Jim W. Dean - The dust has somewhat settled on McCain's exit. He will now be busy explaining to those in the hereafter why he betrayed them all.

On the Death of McCain:  Not an Epitaph

By Galima Galiullina, Ph.D for VT If I were a little American boy and I asked my grandfather who modestly kept his medals given for...

10 countries McCain wanted to destroy

Gordon Duff: "Vietnam was a useless war. I served in Vietnam as a Marine combat infantryman and know the war well close up."

McCain: It’s All About the Dossier, 100% True

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor The "spat" between McCain and Trump is 100% "dossier" driven. McCain, love him or not,...

Trump hires Russian whores to piss on McCain’s grave — report

Poll: Which of the following best describes your reaction to President Trump's decision to hire Russian prostitutes to urinate on John McCain's grave?

McCain whacks Trump one more time from the grave

The US President had a rocky relationship with McCain, who publicly criticized his hard line immigration policy and recently bashed his performance at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin and at the NATO summit.


Now McCain is equal with the 2 million dead from Vietnam, a list I will be joining. We will all be equal in death, and forgotten as well. 

The Ramming of the McCain

China only pays attention to international law when it suits her. The Chinese media, which is state-controlled, used the incident to bash the US Navy, the only sure guarantor of freedom of the seas in the South China Sea.

McCain to Trump: Retract wiretap claim or provide evidence

Jim W. Dean - McCain throws down the gauntlet to Trump and his brilliant White House team to put up or shut up on their charge that the Obama administration legally or illegally wiretapped Trump and his campaign.

McCain Illegally in Syria Again, Will He Meet Baghdadi Again?

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) made a secret trip to a Kurdish-held region in northern Syria last weekend to speak with US military officials, rebel...

Trump Presidency Stillbirth: McCain, Intel Chiefs Say “Trump Owned” (updated)

There is no way out of this one, hold on for a more than bumpy ride.

NEO: Happy New Year Donbass from McCain and Company

Hanoi John McCain continues to be the embarrassment he has long been, with no "coming to Jesus" moment anywhere on the horizon. If ever there was a threat to US national security it rests between this man's two ears.

Did McCain and Obama BOTH admit 2016 election is rigged?

In a stunning bipartisan admission, President Barrack Obama and Sen. John McCain reportedly have revealed that the outcome of the upcoming presidential election has been essentially decided in advance...

McCain Stands Down: Congress Reaches Compromise on Russian Rockets

The Senate war over Russian rocket engines appears to be over, as lawmakers have agreed that an all-out boycott benefits no one.

Russia Sanctions McCain for Terrorist Contacts and Support

Jim W. Dean - The US continues the "Puff the Magic Dragon" silliness by imposing sanctions on Russian individuals who under Russian law cannot have assets in the US and who have no intention of traveling here anyway, so it is just a cheap theater stunt for the American people.

NEO – Where is McCain’s phantom Arab Army to invade Western Iraq?

The actions of erstwhile madmen seem to be dragging the United States back into a Mid East war, reminiscent of 2011.

Washington Post Lets Hersh’s Dangerous Cat Out of the Bag

As the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines on 26 September 2022 constitutes an act of international terrorism and represents a threat to peace, it is the Council’s responsibility to take up the question of who might have carried out the act, help bring the perpetrator to justice, pursue compensation for the damaged parties and prevent such actions from recurring in the future.