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ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 13

CHAPTER TWELVE The Spanish Revolution        The Long Range Plan for the ultimate subjugation of Spain started, as in other countries, soon after the death of Christ. ...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 12

CHAPTER ELEVEN Stalin        Stalin was born Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili, in the mountain village of Gori in the province of Georgia in 1879.  His father was a...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 11

CHAPTER TEN The Treaty of Versailles        It has been previously stated that the treaty of Versailles was one of the most iniquitous documents ever signed by...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 10

CHAPTER NINE Political Intrigue — 1914 – 1919        The way international intrigue was used to depose the Right Honourable H.H. Asquith when he was Prime Minister...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 9

CHAPTER EIGHT The Russian Revolution — 1917        In January, 1910, nineteen leaders of the World Revolutionary Movement met in London.  This meeting is recorded as “The...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 8

CHAPTER SEVEN Events Preceding The Russian Revolution        The invasion of Russia in 1812 by Napoleon shook the Russian people to the core.  Tzar Alexander I set...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 7

CHAPTER SIX Monetary Manipulation        When the Rothschilds obtained control of the Bank of England, following Nathan’s spectacular financial “killing” in 1815, he and his associates insisted...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 6

How men who obtained control of the Bank of England, and the British National Debt, also obtained control of the trade and commerce, and the monetary system of Britain’s American colonies

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 5

The international bankers planned the French Revolution so they could become The Secret Power behind the governments of Europe and further their Long Range Plans.

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 4

CHAPTER THREE The Men Who Caused the French Revolution 1789 In the previous chapter evidence was given to prove how a small group of foreign money-lenders,...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 3

CHAPTER TWO The English Revolution 1640-1660 The Forces of Evil realize that in order to win undisputed control of the material assets of the world, and...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 2

CHAPTER ONE The World Revolutionary Movement (W.R.M.) In order to understand the Causes in the past, which have produced the Effects we experience to-day, especially in regard...

ESSENTIAL READING: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr – part 1

This book, written in the 1950s, is one of those books that 'they' really on't want you to read, it is long out of print and hard to find, but thanks to the internet, it is available in electronic form.

Turkey dangerous games causing Idlib catastrophe

By Firas Samuri for Veterans Today The meeting of the heads of Russia, Turkey and Iran dedicated to the Syrian settlement was held in the...

Freemasonry and Major Crimes

The hidden hand, the role of Freemasonry in provoking World War I, the American Civil War; and the Freemason takeover of Italy, in concert with British Freemasonry. The players.

Freemasonry and Satanism: The History of Albert Pike


Blockbuster: Hannity Faces Jail in HUD Foreclosure Scam But it Goes So Much “Deeper”

Sean Hannity is and has been the spokesman for the Deep State and its occult empire for decades, according to sources with access to the Cohen files.

TradCatKnight Interviews Prolific “NWO-Zionist Exposer” James Perloff

James Perloff has been on the show before and we have had some good discussions unmasking the New World Order, Zionism and this endgame leading up unto the coming Antichrist. I recently asked James a series of questions concerning the New World Order.

The World Order – How It Works

A Dutch whistle blower from the banking/financial sector, Ronald Bernard, has recently revealed that the globe is controlled by about 8000-8500 people...

Khazar World Order in the Headlights!

By Katherine Frisk A Russian friend once explained the Russian mindset to me. This is how it goes. While taking insult after insult, even a couple of...

A Sunny Day in September

How I spent 9/11/2001... It was a crisp September morning as I completed my morning jog.

Veterans rise Against New World Order Wars

“George W. Bush’s War on Terror began eighteen years ago, with no initiative on the part of the U.S. government to bring it to a conclusion. In those two decades, Americans have spent $6.4 trillion and lost seven thousand soldiers."

New World Order Is Linked with Zionism and Banking Cartel

Now that President Putin has committed the Russian military to supporting the legitimate government of Syria, he and his country are now being targeted by the same diabolical forces, and for the identical reasons.

Why Fake Alternative Media is So Dangerous (a rant)

Alternative Media Ignoring Truth Most Mass Shooting Events Are Truly Faked And Why This Reality Is So Dangerous To Modern History

Hamas says newly-developed tactic behind ‘Iron Dome’ failure

Outside observers might view this as a warped love-hate affair, where both want it to continue, as it gives them total control over their respective peoples.

Prolonging War on Islam: Terrorism in Sri Lanka and the Global Zionist Project

The attacks on Sri Lanka are merely a unit of the larger game that has been going on since 2001.

Review: TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin — Deep State...

TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE: Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin (Trine Day, 2015) 6 Stars – A Seminal Work Integrating Deep Looks from Others – A...

Christchurch Attack Decoded: A Manifestation of the Zionist Master Plan

It's all part of the five-century-old Zionist plan to trick Christians and Muslims into destroying themselves in an apocalyptic war.

America’s Moby Dick

Friends & Colleagues Terrorism, in fact and fancy, is now woven into the fabric of American society. It is as integral to our way of...

NEO: What Will Take the Place of America?

Investigative genius Gordon Duff wrote recently about the psychopathic killer, former Vice-President Dick Cheney in a piece about the indecency of Washington.

The Crypto-Elite and the West’s Moral Vocabulary.

By Vaughn Klingenberg for Veterans Today As the old saying goes: "Does a fish know that it swims in water?" Similarly, does the public know...

Media Distortion of Civil-Military Relations: Imran Khan, New Pakistan or Corruption?

                                              By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today There is a famous Arabian saying which states “A man’s greatness can be measured by the enormity of his enemies.” The Urdu...

Worst Deal of the Century as Dual-Citizen Traitors offer Palestine “Fair Deal”

How can US Senators and Congresspeople who swear an oath to serve and protect the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American people also legally, and with a good conscience, hold a dual citizenship with Israel?

Ukraine Escalation: Regional Security Threats And Global Chessboard

The situation in Eastern Ukraine may undergo a dramatic transformation.

Palestine at a Cross Roads, Freedom or Perpetual Imprisonment

"For the first time in 70 years, nations around the world, not a few but the vast majority representing 90% of the planet's population, are declaring Israel a "rogue state."

Intel Drop, Word from Syria of Poisonous Treason, given at risk

Americans are being held inside Syria. We have reason to believe that Syria captured Americans in East Ghouta and elsewhere. What I am telling you now is confirmed. We have a list of 12 dead Russian officers killed by UK/US special operations.

VI Change We Must, The Big Picture of Global Politics, a NWO/Deep State Crash...

A Freedom Series article by BraveHeart You are witnessing, right now, the hopeful last and ending kick of the drowning NWO/Deep State.   If the truth...

ReTread: Dark Secrets of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero Within

(2,356 views before 2019 VT website reset) Editor's note:  If you feel you are living in a Skinner Box, and that thought has only come...

Dark Secret of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero With (Part 4 of...

Part IV:  Witches and Warlocks of Controlled Opposition, PSYOP and False Flag Deceptions. A Braveheart article series This is an important conversation about how you and...

Duff’s Edit of the Braveheart Primer with Introduction

Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today There is a rare opportunity here and I am "re-treading" Steve Robertson's piece from two days...

Dark Secrets of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero Within (Part 3 of...

(8,447 views before 2019 VT website reset) Part III: Wizards of Mind Control and Their Attempt at Full-Spectrum Dominance A Braveheart Article Series Hang onto your hat...

Part VI: Big Picture of Global Politics, Change We Must to Live Again

The Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Freedom Series of articles are intended to bring light to the manipulative control of the secret Cabal (Khazarian Mafia,...

Evil Agenda: Supporters of Palestinian Apartheid and a Fresh Look at BDS Movement

Will Humanity awaken from a cowardice dream that presently allows misguided bullies to imprison, victimize us, our world and our families or will we rise-up to realize and express our great hero within and be known as the warriors of loving truth who acted in turn, as we were destined to be?

The New World Order Is Linked with World Zionism and Western Central Banking Cartel

Ayatollah Khamenei is both prophetic in tone, and impeccably accurate in content when he addresses Western youth with his hopes and fears. He wants them to understand that terrorism is the common enemy of all those who are decent people and men and women of good will.

“Muslim Rape Army of Murmansk”: Fake News, or Just Bullshit?

Racist urban legends - pure BS, lies, garbage peddled by sexually insecure white men - drove the lynch mobs of the American south. Today exactly the same lies are paving the way for anti-immigrant lynch mobs in Europe. Anyone spreading these lynch mob lies is a moral and intellectual cretin.

NEO: Vladimir Putin and the Hamburg Testament

Phil Butler - Vladimir Putin acts in Russia’s behalf, and exactly in the manner western neocons and Cold War psychopaths know he must. What kind of journalist or historic idiot ignores this crystal-clear nugget?

NEO – Jigsaw, Beyond the CIA and Soros

Jim W. Dean - VT has been shadowing the Google groups' black ops for some time, on a case-by-case basis. This is the first time we have published what we have been privately briefing those with a need to know.

India’s intrusiveness in Pakistan’s internal affairs

When Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947 under the sagacious leadership of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Indian leaders didn’t reconcile with moth eaten Pakistan that had been treacherously slashed by the conniving Mountbatten and Radcliffe.

Ongoing and Accelerating Neocon-American-Zionist-Imperialist (NAZI) Destruction of USA and the World

Neocon-American-Zionist Imperialism (NAZI) has killed 1.3 billion people, half of them Muslim, since 1950. Have a look at the men behind the curtain who did this.

Exclusive: The Lynching of Hamza Yusuf

“The United States is, in term of its laws, one of the least racist societies in the world. We have some of the best anti-discriminatory laws on the planet… We have between 15-18,000 homicides a year, 50 per cent are black on black crime."

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