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Secret Space war XIII: Alien Partners tell Putin, “Don’t Worry, We’ve got your back”...

By Preston James, Ph.D Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be walking with a prideful swagger in his step lately. In spite of growing conflicts between...

Secret Space War XIII: Alien Partners tell Putin, ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got your back’

Unsubstantiated rumors have been seeping out of deep contacts inside Russian Space Command the last few weeks that, not only does the new Putin’s Russia have a well developed Secret Space war Program, but that this Program provides substantial ultra-high-tech back-engineered offensive and defensive weaponry.

Dr. Preston James: Secret Space War, You are Not Allowed to Know


Book Review, Secret space program and the hidden war, Kerry Cassidy (important update with...

Book review, A handbook for the 21st century, Kerry Cassidy's Rebel Gene, Secret Space and the Future of Humanity

Exclusive: Putin and Erdogan, the Dark Secret behind the Sochi Handshake…War!

VT: Only moments ago, French intelligence officials informed VT that Israel has attacked Beirut again, a single missile from an F 35 against an oil storage facility.  They tell us Israel has deployed its American made stealth fighters as part of an operation...

In Syria ongoing War Crimes Allowed by NATO. Children Dead of Hunger and Disease....

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Mediterranean Versione in Italiano For the hypocritical Western world, the right of an Afghan woman to play sports is...

Exclusive/Stunning! Saudi Arabia and the Upcoming Secret Nuclear War

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, ... with New Eastern Outlook, Russia First published ... February 15, 2019 With Israel issuing direct threats against both Syria...

NEO – US War Plans with China taking shape

Jim W. Dean - The curve ball in all of this analysis is cyber warfare, the kind where ships' electronics can be crashed without being hit by a conventional weapon and made defenseless for an easy kill.

The Secret History of 9/11

Not one official with any standing at all, has challenged VT's 9-11 reporting. That includes mass media, which, to date, has not put in one call "to learn more", and perhaps revisit their own coverage, or should I say coverup.

Kabul Collision: CIA Director Negotiates Secret Deal with Taliban Leader… As we Forecast!

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio Versione in Italiano As I wrote in previous article the US Army withdrawal from Afghanistan let space to the Intelligence shady...

Pakistan’s subservience to lukewarm defiance

Asif Haroon Raja 9/11 changed the global dynamics In the morning of 9/11/2001, unknown hijackers flying two passenger planes struck the twin towers in New York...

Meet the Press: Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Submitted to VT by NBC News Secretary of State Antony Blinken joined Chuck Todd this morning on Meet the Press. See below for rush text highlights and early rush transcript. This transcript...

The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

The State Department apparently believes that terrorists are acceptable — provided they’re backed by a NATO member (Turkey) or a country (Azerbaijan).

Exclusive: Apollo and Anti-Gravity, the Secrets Behind the Real Moon Landings

 “This early type of magnetic buoyancy system works in the vacuum of outer space by displacing the magnetic field lines producing magnetic buoyancy or an...

Leaked Whitehall files reveal how London secretly controls both pro- and anti-government NGOs overseas 

By Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist exploring the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions. Follow him on Twitter @KitKlarenberg The shadowy work done by...

Road to Empire – POWs and Total War in Korea

...by Thomas Powell, Socialism and Democracy, Submitted by Jeff J Brown. Source article: https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/MHI5MWSQCP6GGTN9XBFH/full?target=10.1080/08854300.2020.1787009 The capture and internment of prisoners of war (POWs) became the most complex...

Titthakara: Nazi Germany’s Secret Installations beneath Polar Ice Caps

Code name Operation High Jump, America’s 1947 expedition to the Antarctic, tells a persistent story about a rebuffed military action against a Nazi stronghold under the ice. Expedition leader Admiral Richard Byrd told El Mercurio –the Chilean newspaper – that they were preparing to defend the world against “enemy fighters that can fly from pole to pole with tremendous speed...”

Incredible: February 10, 2017, Intelligence Analyst Predicts Trump’s War on America,

How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent...

Censored-Hacked-Banned: New Bombs and War Crimes in Fallujah

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and their gang of neocon traitors and dual citizens dipped into America's nuclear arsenal with the aid of traitors in...

German UFO Secrets by the Thousands

Whack-a Fourth Reich and just plain German bashing.

VT Nuclear Education: The Secret of America’s Doomsday Nuclear Waste

By Jeff Smith, Science Editor and Nuclear physicist and former IAEA inspector The recent fires at nuclear waste facilities have been the subject of little...

Disclosure: Beware, New US UFO reports not what they seem

VT has, on several occasions, aired material that goes there, onto the other side of the mirror where dwells things like the Secret Space Program

Mind Control and America’s Secret Civil War

By Preston James, Ph.D (2014) A Secret American Civil War is now being waged as Terrorist Proxy-Wars in Syria, the Ukraine and Afghanistan. This is a...

Pentagon chief: Next major war very different from Middle East conflicts

In his first major policy speech on Friday, Austin stressed the need for the US military to move forward a faster and more innovative approach by harnessing emerging technological advancements and computing powers.

The Secret Elitist List Behind Our Fake Patriots

Enjoy and send this to your former friends.

NEO – The Nasty Secrets behind Pentagon Treason and America’s Rogue Nuclear Threat

General Honore’s investigation found widespread complicity between military commands in and around Washington DC and coup plotters.

Russia Accuses US of Bio-Warfare in Shocking Report

"We hope that common sense will prevail in Washington." Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev on the crisis in relations...

The Story of the Wests Secret Nuclear Attacks on Yemen

Video of a nuclear attack on Syria by Israel, one of several- VT: in 2015, Saudi Arabia and Israel began joint operations against Yemen using...

VT Nuclear Education: Secret Science and America’s Cowboy Nukes

When intelligence sources come to us saying these same nuclear weapons have been used in our own cities, on our own people, blamed on terrorists, or perhaps an earthquake or some other disaster, what and who can we believe anymore?

NWO war against Russia is here

"At heart modern psychological warfare has been a tool for managing empire, not for settling conflicts in any fundamental sense."

Donald Barr, Jeffrey Epstein and The Secret Space Program

VT asks harder questions about why Don Barr would hire college dropout and serial pedophile Jeff Epstein to teach at an exclusive private school. This lets us know a bit where AG Barr came from.

Yemen: On the Sixth Anniversary of “Operation Decisive Storm”, Derailment and Violations Amounting to...

   Geneva- SAM for Rights and Liberties: The level of enjoyment by individuals of their fundamental rights in the country is constantly declining because of...

FFWN: Psychopaths in Power: “Soulless Killers” or Black-Eyed Space Lizards?

Is a bloodsucking space lizard  accusing others of being bloodsucking space lizards?

Meghan’s asymmetrical warfare on the House of Windsor was a masterclass – the British...

David Matthews is a writer whose work has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday and the Observer, and on the BBC and...

Suppressed/Classified: America’s Secret Thermobaric Nukes

The United States possesses and may well have used a devastating weapon designed to emulate terror attacks and even natural disasters. 

Russia Calls for International Conference to End Biden’s Renewed War on Syria

In a press conference held today in Moscow via video conferencing, Klimov said, that the Syrian people have the right to protect their interests and decide their own fate.

Biden deploys Trump’s fake ‘Space Force’ in Syria

President Joe Biden, and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, will have to ponder a new strategy on Syria.

WarGames within US-Israel Alliance: Iron Dome in Persian Gulf. CentCom Chief in Tel Aviv,...

Israel's goal is to present to Biden and his administration a dossier on the Iranian nuclear program that makes it impossible for the American president to re-enter the agreements.

War With Russia – Last Hope Of Globalists

In the current political conditions, any real consolidation of national unity can only be achieved if a significant external threat appears. Thus, the United States desperately needs an enemy.

Toward an Inclusive Security Arrangement in the Persian Gulf

Three steps: 1. Abandon plans of domination. 2. Let the regional players lead the negotiating dialogues. 3. Include other major powers.

At Us Intelligence’s Top the Prophetess of Pandemic & NWO. Biden rewards ex CIA...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio Versione originale in Italiano Update on Decxember, 16 - First posted on November, 24, 2020 The lawyer Avril Haines, capable of making...

Breaking: GOP Impeaching Biden on Jan 21 on orders from secret QAnon Base on...

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, also known as "Q Karen" or "Brain Bug Margie," on secret orders from QAnon's base on the Angry Red Planet, will be filing articles of impeachment for 'Endangering Mars' on January 21. Greene is under investigation for letting rioters into the capitol building on both January 5 for reconnaissance and on January 6 to kidnap and murder members of the government.

US new Cold War triggers faster Russia-China military ties

Jim W. Dean - US military complex woke up from its slumber, realizing that we could not pull hundreds of billions out of the US budget without some good old fashioned threats.

Dark Secret behind US-Israeli friendship is revealed

The United States and Israel have been the only two powers in contact with aliens for years, at least, according to Israel’s former space security program chief, Haim Eshed.

Secret War: Massive Secret US Force Building ISIS in Syria and Iraq as Largescale...

Eastern Syria and Western Iraq have become the epicenter of a new ISIS war, one where the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel have established a force of 30,000, mostly Americans. 

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