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New Evidence Reveals that Senator John McCain and other high-ranking Vietnam War POWs may...

Covert Action Magazine: Among the few memories that most Americans still retain of the Vietnam War—now nearly 60 years in the past—one of the...

Exclusive: Senator John McCain: The ‘Charlie Wilson’ of Syria War (vital)

By Nauman Sadiq for VT Islamabad In an editorial  last week, Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, lambasted Donald Trump for canceling a visit to...

Taking Aim at Ukraine: How John Mearsheimer and Stephen Cohen Challenged the Dominant Narrative

Cohen counters the prevalent narrative that Putin bribed and bullied Yanukovych to reject the “reckless provocation” of the EU proposal – forcing a “deeply divided country to choose between Russia and the West” (p. 17).

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Junior

I’ve changed my mind! It’s not just a woman’s prerogative, but an intelligence analyst’s. When the facts change I change my opinion. Since my...

John Brennan Treason Update — Now Includes Steve Bannon, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and...

Are Steve Bannon, Mitt Romney, & Bill Kristol All Seeking to Impeach President Donald Trump? Is John Brennan Doubling Down on His Own Treason...

Yes, Lindsey Graham is Compromised… But He is Also Born Again. Representative Ilham Omar...

Robert David Steele Reposted with permission. While I am quite stunned that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who is owned by the Zionists more ways...

McCain Funeral Hijacked by Vietnam Revisionism

Jim W. Dean - The dust has somewhat settled on McCain's exit. He will now be busy explaining to those in the hereafter why he betrayed them all.

On the Death of McCain:  Not an Epitaph

By Galima Galiullina, Ph.D for VT If I were a little American boy and I asked my grandfather who modestly kept his medals given for...

10 countries McCain wanted to destroy

Gordon Duff: "Vietnam was a useless war. I served in Vietnam as a Marine combat infantryman and know the war well close up."

Trump hires Russian whores to piss on McCain’s grave — report

Poll: Which of the following best describes your reaction to President Trump's decision to hire Russian prostitutes to urinate on John McCain's grave?

McCain whacks Trump one more time from the grave

The US President had a rocky relationship with McCain, who publicly criticized his hard line immigration policy and recently bashed his performance at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin and at the NATO summit.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov: John McCain is schizophrenic

A Russian official by the name of Ryabkov has recently put John McCain on a suicide watch by saying that the Zionist puppet is basically schizophrenic.

PressTV: John McCain calls for expulsion of Turkey’s ambassador to US

  Senator John McCain has urged the expulsion of Turkey’s ambassador to the US following a violent confrontation between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s bodyguards and protesters...

McCain to Trump: Retract wiretap claim or provide evidence

Jim W. Dean - McCain throws down the gauntlet to Trump and his brilliant White House team to put up or shut up on their charge that the Obama administration legally or illegally wiretapped Trump and his campaign.

McCain Illegally in Syria Again, Will He Meet Baghdadi Again?

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) made a secret trip to a Kurdish-held region in northern Syria last weekend to speak with US military officials, rebel...

Trump Presidency Stillbirth: McCain, Intel Chiefs Say “Trump Owned” (updated)

There is no way out of this one, hold on for a more than bumpy ride.

NEO: Happy New Year Donbass from McCain and Company

Hanoi John McCain continues to be the embarrassment he has long been, with no "coming to Jesus" moment anywhere on the horizon. If ever there was a threat to US national security it rests between this man's two ears.

Russian cyber-attacks: top US Senators from both parties call for a Select Committee

Pressure mounted on Sunday for a broader congressional investigation of Russian cyber-attacks aimed at influencing the United States election, even as President-elect Donald J Trump team says there was no conclusive evidence of foreign interference.

PressTV: Families of victims slam senators seeking to amend 9/11 law

  The families of some victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks are voicing opposition to proposed changes to a new law that allows...

PressTV: US senators promise to act against Trump on Russia ties

  US senators say they would counter incoming President Donald Trump if he moves to establish warm relations with Russia. Lawmakers from both political parties would...

McCain Stands Down: Congress Reaches Compromise on Russian Rockets

The Senate war over Russian rocket engines appears to be over, as lawmakers have agreed that an all-out boycott benefits no one.

John McCain Demands Donald Trump Make Amends to Veterans

Senator John McCain of Arizona called on Donald J. Trump to make amends to veterans for his belittling comments about prisoners of war and suggested he would be unlikely to appear on a stage with Mr. Trump until that happened.

John McCain Received Money from Terrorist Regime Saudi Arabia

Bloomberg has implicitly agreed with what VT has been saying for months: John McCain is a terrorist apologist.

Russia Sanctions McCain for Terrorist Contacts and Support

Jim W. Dean - The US continues the "Puff the Magic Dragon" silliness by imposing sanctions on Russian individuals who under Russian law cannot have assets in the US and who have no intention of traveling here anyway, so it is just a cheap theater stunt for the American people.

NEO – Where is McCain’s phantom Arab Army to invade Western Iraq?

The actions of erstwhile madmen seem to be dragging the United States back into a Mid East war, reminiscent of 2011.

‘More wars in the pipeline: Bannon exit bodes ill for US aggression opponents’

With the firing of anti-globalist Steve Bannon, neo-conservatives and hawks may take complete control of US foreign policy, says investigative journalist Rick Sterling, adding that it’s not a good sign when hawkish Senator John McCain is smiling.

Two Days After Trump Sends General to Meet Turks, They Block Euphrates River, Crushing...

Gordon Duff - First it was Senator John McCain, his first illegal trip to Syria since he met with ISIS leader Baghdadi in 2014. Then General Joseph L. Votel arrives and has meetings as well.

Trump and Bannon’s Yemen Disaster and Shame, Hiding Behind the Dead

Today Sean Spicer demanded Senator John McCain and perhaps VT as well, apologize to the frauds, cowards and maniacs who planned the Yemen fiasco and then lied about the aftermath like they lie about absolutely everything else all the time.

Ukraine Was Not Built To Last

The present disaster in Ukraine incepted in the Washington-sponsored Maidan coup of February 2014. Among other things it was a "revenge intervention" designed to punish Russia for being so bold as to thwart the neocon regime change adventure in Syria.

Saudi Arabia and China Partner Moving Without USA and Israel: Well Done MBS

Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman has taken the lead in making China, a key player in the economic, energy, not political players in the Middle East by hosting three summits in Riyadh.

America’s Neo-Nazi bedfellows in Ukraine are latest in long line of odious allies Washington...

As confirmed by documents that were finally declassified more than half a century later, US intelligence agencies were soon to hire upward of 1,000 Nazis as Cold War spies.

Meyer Lansky and Organized Crime in Havana

“The Israeli newspaper Haaretz claim that ‘Jews control crime in the United States,’ but Meyer Lansky had the backing of the ADL when he claimed that ‘there was much anti-Semitism behind the campaign to convict him."

The Newest War-Disinformation, Lies and Censorship as “Activism”(2012)

The “great powers” are dividing up Africa, searching for key resources that can represent “collateralization of currency” when hydrocarbons become worthless and the fiat currencies are no longer accepted.

Ukraine War: When Tyranny, Jew Hating and Nazi Symbols become ‘the New Normal’

Former Israeli soldiers fought alongside known neo-Nazi militants who now claim to reject antisemitism. This sends the paradoxical message that neo-Nazism is somehow acceptable. Instead of condemning this abnormal alliance, the ADL sees a glimmer of hope in the “promises of Right Sector and Spilna Sprava”, groups that the Israeli media itself qualified as “fascist and neo-Nazi”.

US-NATO’s Ongoing Support for Naziism – ‘I want to make Ukraine into another Israel’

Over the past few months, NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg has continued outlining his organization’s “recognition” for the Ukraine “to become a member of NATO”. Comments like this are also a well-aimed provocation of nearby Russia.

Gordon Duff in a speech considered historic: If you want a womb for terrorism…...

Prior to Duff's historic speech, no one dared honestly disclose this essential truth, namely, not only terrorism in the Middle East, but its repercussions and effects on international organized crime.

Giuliani Led Terror Group Cited for Human Trafficking, Drug Smuggling

Members of the ill-famed MKO terrorist group enjoy freedom of activity in the US and Europe and even hold big events attended by senior American, European and Saudi officials.

A Note to a Very Few (classified but published anyway)

Back in 2012 and later in 2018, two different high level FBI let's call it "groups" came to me with a story.  They said key Americans were actually Soviet/Russian "deep fakes," fake identities.

Gordon Duff, the Traitor Exposed!

VT: Boring news day today.  While searching something to publish two 'gems' came up, one by the ADL, attacking me and the other by...

Give me Logic or Give me Terror (Last Part of: A Bird’s Eye View...

By Moti Nissani They’ll talk about change, about politics, about reform, about corruption, but they will never talk about war unless they mean something happening...