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COVID-19 Pandemic Fueled Resurgence of Polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Due to the pandemic, a total of 50 million children did not receive the polio vaccine in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan: Indian Support to Terrorist Outfits

                By Sajjad Shaukat for PAK VT  In the present world, state sponsorship of terrorism remains one of the most important factors in fostering international and...

Ending the War in Afghanistan

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference held in Geneva to discuss donor aid to the Kabul Administration is simply a repeat of the status quo policies that have promoted the misappropriation of donor funds and created an environment that has enabled systemic corruption.

NEO – Afghanistan’s fate decided by narcotics, not politics

Sources in Afghanistan have confirmed a “fact” that runs totally against what is reported, that a prominent CIA officer rumored to have died in a plane crash, is being held by Pakistan’s ISI. The individual involved, Mike D’Andre, according to sources, is responsible for the murder of General Soleimani, an Iranian diplomat, and of hundreds of Iraqis as well.

Australia may Prosecute its SAS for Afghanistan murder sprees

There should also be some serious soul searching in Australian cultural life, not just the military, about the whole ‘mateship’ ethos and what the duties and responsibilities wrapped up in that bond actually look like, and whether or not they are healthy.

NATO chief rules out rushed, early exit from Afghanistan

Jim W. Dean - Along with the US, NATO acts as a palace guard for the current Kabul regime, which has always needed foreign protection.

The Fake Afghanistan Talks: Qatar Hosting Drug Lords and Corrupt Officials of their Choosing

As evidenced by the composition of the Qatar talks, it is apparent that war profiteers are pushing for the continued ethnic divide and conquer policy, as foreign interests and neighbors use Afghans for their own proxy wars.

Bounty claim clouds US endgame in Afghanistan

Allegations Russia paid Taliban militants to kill US and NATO troops is making big political waves in America

Petraeus on Russian bounties in Afghanistan: ‘We were looking for this kind of activity’

The New York Times reported Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked fighters to kill American soldiers and other coalition forces in Afghanistan. The report asserts that US President Donald Trump was made aware of the intelligence finding in late March.

Blockbuster: Trump was told, He lied: US Intel confirms, Russian bounty paid for 3...

The US military had its fingerprints all over supporting and in some cases actively participating in aiding and abetting terror attacks on Syria.

International Criminal Court Asserts Jurisdiction Over US Actions in Afghanistan

I.P.O. Information Service THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT IN THE WEB OF POWER POLITICS Statement by Dr. Hans Köchler on the Executive Order signed by the President of...

NATO’s Withdrawal: Unrest in Afghanistan will Affect Pakistan

     By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today In the agreement signed between the US and Taliban on February 29, this year, in Doha-the...

Afghanistan: To Withdraw, Or Not To Withdraw?

A simple and effective solution to this situation does not exist, and thankfully the responsibility for making any such existence doesn’t rest with us.

Afghanistan: Stop Sabotaging the Implementation of the Peace Agreement

By Kadir Mohmand for VT Dear Ms. Deyoung: Please do not sabotage the peace agreement signed on February 29, 2020. I believe the report was extremely...

Afghanistan: Glitches after historic peace agreement

Asif Haroon Raja, ... for VT Taliban Seized Power The Taliban regime under Mullah Omar took over power after capturing Kabul in October 1996. It managed...

Afghanistan does the impossible, forming a shared government

Jim W. Dean - There are forces inside and outside that would prefer the war go on forever so they can continue to benefit from it, like the drug smuggling.

Taliban betting it can win all in Afghanistan

Jim W. Dean - Ho Chi Minh is famous for his great prediction on the Vietnam war. "You will kill ten of us for every one of you that we kill, but in the end it is you who will tire of it."

Press TV’s The Debate – US Afghanistan policy

Jim W. Dean - The Taliban's strategy has always been to drag the war out until the US got tired of it and the Kabul regime would collapse.

Aussie SAS Faces War Crime Arrest for Murders in Afghanistan

Extraordinary footage captured on the helmet camera of an Australian soldier in Afghanistan could result in charges of war crimes.

Story Behind US Pullout in Afghanistan (Duff on Press TV)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has approved the release of hundreds of Taliban prisoners as part of efforts to pave the way for the start of talks with the militants.

US Military Analyst: Washington Seeks to Guarantee Drug Trade in Afghanistan (Duff interview in...

One of the most important priorities of the White House in Afghanistan is ensuring that the drug trade continues, one US military and security analyst on Washington's effort to reach a deal with the Taliban.

ICC Authorizes War Crimes Inquiry Against Pentagon War on Afghanistan

Senior judges at the international criminal court have authorized an investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, overturning an earlier rejection of the inquiry.

Tips for Returning Veterans from Afghanistan

Since the Vietnam era, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been the longest sustained US military operations. More than 2.2 million troops were sent into battle and there were an estimated 48,000 injuries and 6,600 deaths were tallied.

Duff on Press TV: Failed 7 Day ‘Truce’ in Afghanistan

The Taliban have clashed with Afghan security forces one day after an agreement was made between the militants and the US to reduce hostilities for seven days.

U.S. Backed Peace Process in Afghanistan a Charade

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has been a failure for everyone except the drug lords.

Afghanistan: US Loses 10 in Plane Crash on Jan. 27

The SouthFront video above is only part of the pushback received when VT broke the story that the US had lost a mobile command center over Afghanistan in January.  The US story that the plane was a civilian airliner then fell apart and soon thereafter, video began to upload showing wreckage and bodies.

U.S. bombing of Afghanistan hit decade high in 2019

Jim W. Dean - The military command loves the deployment as it is training a constant turnover of US military people in live fire engagements so our defense forces are populated with at least some combat veterans and experience pilots.

Iranian Revenge? USAF E11A Crash in Afghanistan (Southfront video)

On January 27, an E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node aircraft of the US Air Force crashed in the Taliban-controlled Deh Yak district of Ghazni province, 150 kilometers from the Afghan capital.

Afghanistan: Pentagon Confirms Dead Airmen’s Identity. Pilot likely worked for Intelligence CIA

The truth about the American military plane crashed in Afghanistan on Monday 27 January 2020 will probably remain forever shrouded in mystery. The Pentagon has finally released an official statement confirming the names of the two aviators whose bodies the US military has recovered with the consent of the Taliban but adds very few other certainties.

Sources: Murderer of Soleimani killed with spy plane shot down over Afghanistan (warning/unpleasant photos/original...

The downed plane was the mobile CIA command for Michael D' Andrea, head of operations against Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, America's most advanced spy platform and mobile command center with all equipment and documents now in enemy hands.

Iran Allegedly Claims it Shot Down CIA Command Plane Over Afghanistan

WARNING: Sources for this story may not authoritatively represent the IRGC  Avia Pro: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down an American military plane A few...

Middle East Monitor: CIA chief behind Soleimani assassination killed in downed plane in Afghanistan

Russian intelligence sources have claimed that Michael D’Andrea, head of CIA operations in Iran and who orchestrated the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, was...

Breaking/Unconfirmed/Direct: US prisoners taken after Afghanistan crash (newest contradictory updates…sorry)

Gordon Duff - "Ayatollah Mike" came to Kadir's home (here in Michigan) to recruit him as part of the US attack on Afghanistan.

Mystery Air Crash in Afghanistan, 83 Dead, Is it a US Plane as Markings...

Afghan Interior Ministry, Second Vice President Confirm Plane Crash in Ghazni. The Afghan Interior Ministry on Monday acknowledged that a plane had crashed in the eastern province of Ghazni, adding that the cause of the crash remains unknown.

Afghanistan’s Looted Kushan Bull Sculpture is Home

The artifact is one of thousands left destroyed, damaged or missing after civil war broke out in the 1990s

After 19 years U.S. admits it NEVER could have won in Afghanistan

For the duration of his one-year tour in Afghanistan, Tunnell found himself on the cusp of being relieved of his command for the crime of simply being too aggressive.

NY Times: New World Order lies about the war in Afghanistan

“For me, a former enlisted Marine rifleman who served in Afghanistan in 2008, 2009 and 2010, watching the national-security intelligentsia reckon with their careers, and where they contributed to the quagmire in which the United States now finds itself, reminds me of a Pentagon press-conference transcript from March 2010."

Afghanistan: Time for America’s Pedophile Occupation to End

Kadir A. Mohmand sends letters to key U.S. Senators to Stop the Madness in Afghanistan

Obtaining Situation in Afghanistan

  Asif Haroon Raja The US-NATO-ANSF military operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan have been going on since October 7, 2001 relentlessly and have now reached...

Worthwhile: WaPo, Mattis on Afghanistan and Trump

Consider starting an hour in on the YouTube. Mattis is not a sparkling speaker nor deep thinker.  Much of what Mattis says is a...

Washington Post’s Afghanistan Papers: Part Five

Submitted to Veterans Today by the Washington Post For almost two decades, U.S. military commanders have assured the public they are making progress on the...

WaPo: US Military Lied About Afghanistan from Day One, Trove of Documents Proves

Submitted by Molly Gannon-Washington Post to Veterans Today   A confidential trove of government documents obtained by The Washington Post after a three-year legal battle reveals that senior...

Khrushchev: Pakistan-Afghanistan, Washington’s Managed Chaos Backfired (2012-Vital)

 by  Colonel Eugene Khrushchev (ret), VT Editor The sleep of reason brings forth monsters. ­El sueño de la razon produce monstruos. ­  …Francisco José de Goya ­Afghanistan is in...

Khrushchev: False Flag Operation in Afghanistan a “Joint” Operation

By Col. Eugene Khrushchev, Staff Writer/Editor Monterey & Marja Right after 4/20 celebration of Weed Day in California, the duo of Supernova Afghan experts from Monterey published...

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