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Professor Anthony Hall’s academic freedom struggle goes to court

How can universities be places of open debate based on scientific application of empirically-based evidence if they are made to give way to the unilateral suspension of faculty members through disreputable and dishonest procedures like trial-through-media-based-on-maliciously-engineered-Facebook posts?

Anthony Hall academic freedom court case begins August 8th – Open Letter to University...

If “anti-Semitic” were an accurate description of Professor Hall’s views it would indeed provide some support for such a limitation. But a very warped understanding of prejudice is required in order to make the description fit.

Prof. Anthony Hall’s pay reinstated – but academic freedom fight continues

In a bizarre letter delivered 23 days after it was supposedly mailed, Mike Mahon – the physical education teacher who serves as president of the University of Lethbridge – has given censored and suspended Professor Anthony Hall some good news and some bad news.

The PLANTED weaponized image that got Professor Anthony Hall suspended

In this week's False Flag Weekly News (embedded above - click HERE for links to the stories) we discussed co-host Tony Hall's suspension without...

CBC launches Hannity-style attack on Professor Anthony Hall

Kevin Barrett - Can the absurd, CIA-created, weaponized term "conspiracy theories" be used to force tenured professors out of their jobs? Before 9/11, such a thing could never have happened.

James Comey challenges Congress to defend FBI and Dept. of Justice

Jim W. Dean - Trump views being president as a Dancing with the Stars show where he feels he can out bullsh_t the best of them.

Prof. Tony Hall wins – U. of Lethbridge backs down, does the right thing

Witch hunt crumbles – academic freedom triumphs – Tony Hall returns to the University of Lethbridge!

FFWN: Trump vs. Ilhan Omar on 9/11; Notre Dame blaze benefits Macron & NWO

Prof. Anthony Hall returns to break down a big week of news—and push back against the propaganda

Notley’s libelous attack on professor’s “repulsive, offensive…conspiracy theories” gets everything wrong

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is facing criticism for her vitriolic comments supporting the witch hunt against Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge. 

BREAKING: Terrorist troll Joshua Goldberg behind professor’s suspension!

Kevin Barrett – A false-flag "Islamic terrorist" named Joshua Goldberg created the hate speech image that led to Professor Anthony Hall's suspension from the University of Lethbridge.

The New Cold War of the Middle East?

Anthony Hall..."The US uses democracy claims as a tool to use for its own interests and its acting like a double dealer in Yemen."

Harper’s Obedience to Neocon Commander Netanyahu

Anthony Hall..."The state of formal relations between the governments of Canada and the Islamic Republic of Iran are abysmal."

Strasbourg False Flag Shoots Down Yellow Vests? False Flag Weekly News 12/14/2018

The Strasbourg apparent false flag featured everything but ISIS flag and the the throw-down passport.

FFWN 9/11 anniversary special!

The official story that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda took down three WTC Towers with two planes and then hit the Pentagon with another passenger vehicle is a pathetic hoax.

9/11 truth wildfire still spreading—Ron Unz “comes out” with a bang

We have been condemned to live in interesting times, and the 9/11 anniversary is always an interesting day.

ACTION ALERT! Austria’s top Jewish group tries to censor Black Panther leader

Since when did the genocidal settler colony posing as the illegitimate so-called state of Israel get the right to control the global academy?

False Flag Weekly News Friday, June 8th: 51st anniversary of the USS Liberty massacre

When King Trump says "l'état c'est moi," which état is he talking about? 

FFWN: “Conspiracy Theories” winning the debate!

Why are they censoring, witch-hunting, name-callling—and refusing to debate? Because they are losing.

Terrorism and the United States of America

“CIA officers and their political bosses are never punished for engaging in terrorism. As we recently learned, they even get away with planting explosives in a Virginia school bus..."

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