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Proof: Turkey Did 2013 Sarin Attack and Did This One Too

Editor’s note: The western press, sometimes called the fake news or MSM is in total lockstep with the supposedly “new” and totally “neocon” Trump regime.  VT had warned of this, all the right wing bloggers, the InfoWars guys, the Webb and Fetzerites who were gulping down Zio-Ziklon kool aid. There is no one left but […]

Breaking: Turkey’s Spy Agency Paid General Flynn to Fake Clinton Email Coverup Scandal

… by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor It seems the source of the “unbelievable” and totally fake news Breitbart story, accusing Secretary of State Clinton of interfering with the now bogus email investigation was a con job paid for by Turkey’s spy agency who hired, now wait for it…General Michael Flynn. Flynn then hired a […]

No Hillary Prosecution, of Course

No Hillary Prosecution, of Course

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor There was never a chance in hell of an indictment of Hillary Clinton for using private email servers like every other Secretary of State since email has existed.  With 7 million State Department emails, stolen by Israeli intelligence, in the hands of their Wikileaks operation, who would be insane enough […]

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