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Intel Drop: Fetzer and Sandy Hook, A Study

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor When I think of Sandy Hook, I think of the school counselor who told reporters that she saw the shooter,...

New Trump executive order: “Bring back Jim Fetzer!”

Donald Trump's latest executive order is an outrage.

Dynamic Duo #2: Barrett & Fetzer slam Netanyahu

Not your usual TV news show.

Fetzer Questions Holocaust – Call the Spanish Inquisition!

Jim Fetzer says "six million" is a gross exaggeration.

Tribute to the late William Blum: “I was next to David Ray Griffin on...

We are told that Osama’s bookshelf included two books by Blum, along with other excellent books including David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor.

Jerome Corsi on “Who Really Killed Kennedy” (foreword by Gordon Duff)

Corsi names all the JFK perps except the most important one: the state of Israel.

The Secret History of 9/11

Editor's note:  This is a reprint from 2016 of a recap of an investigation done between May 5, 2014 and June 2015 by select...

Fake Victimization: Assange and Jones, the Stooges of the Deep State

It is no secret that both InfoWars and Wikileaks are engineered for those whose decision making occurs below the waist

Joel Skousen guest hosts False Flag Weekly News

This was the first time I've managed to get into a genuinely heated argument on FFWN since Jim Fetzer left.

Moses Pompeo delivers the 12 Commandments to Iran

Was Pompeo trying to bait Iran into a Pearl Harbor style attach with his impossible demands?

Peace with a price: Iran promises EU to adhere to nuke deal on one...

The EU is making its opening moves to deflect Trump sanction threats. A showdown seems to be in progress as to who will blink first.

America’s “Red Flag” Wake Up Call

By Jack Mullen | The Government Rag | Submitted to VT Nowadays it is more important to disarm the people than to lead them to...

Terrorism and the United States of America

“CIA officers and their political bosses are never punished for engaging in terrorism. As we recently learned, they even get away with planting explosives in a Virginia school bus..."

TRUTH JIHAD: Robert David Steele on “War in the Middle East”

It is obvious to everyone that Israel and Goldman Sachs want war in the Middle East...

VT Was Right, Nuke Cloud Over Europe Tied to Illegal Ukraine Arsenal Explosion

March 25, 2017 nuclear detonation at Ukraine arms depot (time mark 2:00 onward) Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor The Sputnik News story, censored in the...

Manufactured terror in NYC – Americans are being hoaxed!

This event is a hoax and I can prove it.


The good news: An FBI SWAT team responded almost immediately to the Las Vegas shooting. The bad news: They made no effort to stop it, but instead set about confiscating security videos!

Las Vegas Massacre – Shills Expose The Desired Outcome

People are tasked with sowing disinformation narratives, written for them by the people within the 'Deep State' or 'New World Order', the organised criminal cabal that runs the US. By analysing what they have to say, we can often figure out what the cabal's real strategy is.

The Las Vegas Gambit

The October 1st attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas—which ex-intel operative Robert David Steele speculates may be a real surprise attack that hijacked a week-long Federal training drill(1)--is starting to resemble the false narrative concocted after the 1963 assassination of JFK.

Darwin and “Scientific” Racism Meet Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Kant

“The modern intellectual is, for the most part, a lecher and a fool. His theories are propounded for everyone but himself."

8/17/17 Barcelona False Flag?

Here are five reasons to suspect a possible false flag.

“Muslim Rape Army of Murmansk”: Fake News, or Just Bullshit?

Racist urban legends - pure BS, lies, garbage peddled by sexually insecure white men - drove the lynch mobs of the American south. Today exactly the same lies are paving the way for anti-immigrant lynch mobs in Europe. Anyone spreading these lynch mob lies is a moral and intellectual cretin.

“Dying CIA agent confesses to demolition of WTC-7” FAKE NEWS

The "Dying CIA agent confesses to WTC-7" story is just a rewrite of a previous article by the same hoaxer, Jay Greenberg.

Complete Exposure

Thanks to the Internet, the World's New Gutenberg Press, the Ruling Cabal has now been completely exposed to a select population of Internet users who are aggressive truth-seekers.

Were ETs involved in 911 ?

Were the Twin Trade Towers turned to dust by super high-tech Alien ET technology?

Soft-Pedalling with Satan – Russia Today and the White Helmets

Veterans Today exposed the White Helmets as proof Western Intelligence Agencies, media along with Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Holly wood buffoon George Clooney, had formed a cabal.

NEO – InfoWars: More Than Simply Fake

Jim W. Dean - This story is not so much that Jones has done what he has, but that all of his media "competition" just sat back and watched it all happen without saying a word, except for VT.

Big Stories the Controlled Major Mass Media refuses to report truthfully

As the Internet's Alternative Truther Media grows in popularity, the Controlled Major Mass Media becomes exposed for its habitual lies, false-narratives and USG propaganda, and is now rapidly losing share.

Proof: Turkey Did 2013 Sarin Attack and Did This One Too

Editor's note: The western press, sometimes called the fake news or MSM is in total lockstep with the supposedly "new" and totally "neocon" Trump...

EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine

As Jim Dean reported earlier this week, there was a spectacular series of explosions at an ammunition dump in the Ukrainian city of Balakleya, in territory held by the Kiev government.

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