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Fetzer: On C-Span, Richard Gage leaves 9/11 truth in a time warp (Fake truth?)

What happened on 9/11/2001, how was it done, who was responsible and why?

VIDEO 23:23 Dr. James Fetzer On Thinking, Truth, JFK, False Flags, Fake News, &...

Robert David Steele, former spy who has managed both a CIA false flag operation and a global CIA media influence operation, interviews Dr. James Fetzer, former Marine Corps artillery officer and author of 23 academic books and 16 books on assassinations and other false flag events, to discuss truth, lies, and the implosion of America.

Jim Fetzer USMC (Hon. Discharge) Is a Real Marine Officer NOT a Crisis Actor

I sometimes have strong disagreements with Jim Fetzer. But he is undoubtedly a sincere person and an ex-Marine.

The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial

This is bigger than Jim Fetzer and Sandy Hook. This is about saving the Bill of Rights...

Jim Fetzer and Lenny Pozner Testify During Day 2 of Sandy Hook Trial

The afternoon session featured back-to-back testimony from Lenny Pozner and Jim Fetzer.

Exclusive: The Inside Story on Dr. James Fetzer’s Law Suit: Pozner vs. James Fetzer...

------------EXCLUSIVE---------- WARNING: This publication contains information free to the American public "We the People" under the First Amendment. Any information you find offensive or inflicts...

Sandy Hook: Fetzer and Halbig on the False Flag Controversy

Video interview of Wolfgang Halbig by Jim Fetzer

Intel Drop: Fetzer and Sandy Hook, A Study

I think Sandy Hook was an experiment, to see if a staged event could be used to not only test the ability to stage more and get away with it, some with real dead, some with crisis actors, but more.

New Trump executive order: “Bring back Jim Fetzer!”

Donald Trump's latest executive order is an outrage.

Wikileaks Tracked to Haifa, Trump’s Real Campaign Headquarters and more, much more (2016 and...

Those who think Wikileaks is moving against Hillary aren't paying attention, of course, many never pay attention - they fail to note who Wikileaks targets and who it serves.

The Secret History of 9/11

Not one official with any standing at all, has challenged VT's 9-11 reporting. That includes mass media, which, to date, has not put in one call "to learn more", and perhaps revisit their own coverage, or should I say coverup.

9-11 WTC Hidden Explosions: Lawyers, Architects & Intel Experts Fighting for Truth against Deep...

VT: Carisio, a great journalist from Italy, is not knowledgeable as to the tiresome two decades long scandal tied to the endless time wasting of AE/9/11 and those tied to them and how they have worked, by our efforts with the perpetrators, to hog the limelight and keep the long published real solution from the public.

Startling: The Story of the 9/11 Breath-though that Solved it all and debunked the...

VT Nuclear Education: Most Classified 9/11 Revealed The article below was written in May 2014.  It tells its own story, a fascinating one.  This is...

The Nasty Truth, What the Mossad pays Qanon to cover up (updated)

Gordon Duff - Some people call themselves whistleblowers. When we look into them, who they are, where they were, what they really knew, some are total frauds, most are fabricators and the majority are "stooges" or "informants."

VT Nuclear Education: Secret Science and America’s Cowboy Nukes

When intelligence sources come to us saying these same nuclear weapons have been used in our own cities, on our own people, blamed on terrorists, or perhaps an earthquake or some other disaster, what and who can we believe anymore?

Disclosure: Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned (“for entertainment purposes only”)

This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Secret Space War matters. Its purpose is to provide information about a certain group of notably evil Alien ET visitors who formed a long-term association with Super-elite criminally-insane Psychopaths who hijacked America in 1913.

VT Nuclear Education: Khalezov on Mini-Nukes and the WTC

Some thoughts on the mini-nukes theory in regard to the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center By Dimitri Khalezov for Veterans Today I feel obliged...

Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations (The First 1%)

This compilation cannot prove involvement of the Invisible Government and its agents in any given case.

Who is doing the killing, the CIA, Barr’s former employer, seems to be busy

Senior Editor Let's talk Austin last night.  What we know, our victim was pushing his girl friend who is a quadruple amputee in a wheel...

Intel Drop: How do you know you found a paid liar, listen for their...

By the Senior Editor In case you forgot, let me mention a name: Jeffrey Epstein  (try to remember why he is dead and what former CIA...

Video/Open Letter: Lockdown = National Suicide — Is Donald Trump Self-Destructing?

Robert Steele shares an epic video and open letter translated from German to English that totally trashes the national lockdown concept as bad science and the equivalent of national collective suicide.

Precursor to CV 19, Yes, We Mean 9/11

Preface by the Senior Editor The US has been involved in a pattern of activities that began well before 9/11 indicating a breakdown in chain...

Lethal BioWeapon & GSK Golden Vaccine’s Ring with Bill Gates, Pentagon and Zionist’s BlackRock

COVID-19 killed 67yo Iranian former ambassador in Syria and Revolutionary leader. Quarantine for whole Italy. Infected Governors of Rome and Turin lands

REVEALED: CIA Analyst Set Out to Take Down President

Robert Steele builds on a superb article by Paul Sperry that discloses the genesis of the impeachment witchhunt, and predicts a federal trial that will not end well for the perpetrators.

Did Alex Jones “Throw” Sandy Hook False Flag Lawsuit?

Robert Steele evaluates the New York Times bombshell story -- buried on New Year's Eve -- that documents how Alex Jones "threw" his Sandy Hook lawsuit.

The Farce, an Intel Drop

Did a certain country 'stand down' for the 2016 election, letting Russia or 'Ukraine' take over Washington?

FFWN: Mideast Peace Breaking Out?! The Horror!!

Mideast peace, Trump chaos, gender madness, quantum-Katechon-singularity cosmic catastrophes...must be the end of the world.

FFWN: Gordon Duff on “The Scramble of October 2019, a New World”

New research shows why monkeys are smarter than mainstream media brainwashed humans at  understanding "conspiracy theories."

Exposing 9/11: NIST Jenga Game

By Joseph A. Olson Jenga is a stacked wooden block game for arrested development drunks, where three block rows are stacked in alternate layers and...

Never Forget: Israeli Operatives Masterminded and Committed 9/11 | Jack Mullen

The world will not be the same from today on. It's an attack against our whole civilization. I don't know who is responsible, I...

NEO: Nuclear 9/11 can no longer be ignored, It is killing us all

Jim W. Dean - A fitting tribute to the 9-11 victims would be to publicly spotlight all those involved in the 911 coverup and demand a real investigation.

SPECIAL: Licensed to Kill — False Flag in El Paso, Texas — Evidence of...

SHORT URL: http://tinyurl.com/licensed-to-kill Back Up Image: LINK: https://twitter.com/RachBlevins/status/1157815390891909120?s=20 Watch it fast, Twitter is dishonest and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that controls its censorship and digital assassination...

Joe Olson on 9/11 Nuclear — Unequivocal

Shared by Robert Steele, Editor, 9/11 Truth: Memoranda for the President Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes Engineering is applied science, with one caveat not shared with other science...

Petition: Medical Attention for Sheikh Zakzaky, being held in Nigeria

E. Mr. Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Secretary General, We write to demand that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Mallima Zeenah...

Exclusive: A Citizen Journalist’s Exposure of Sandy Hook | by Stephanie Sledge

Western World, here is the missing information all Americans need to know right now about the questionable Sandy Hook shooting which took place on December 14, 2012

Threatened by YouTube Censorship, I Go Into the T-Shirt Business

Alternative journalism is dead. Long live T-shirts!

Trump created ‘phony’ Iran emergency to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

...from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... June 13, 2019 - US President Donald Trump has been accused of creating a “phony” emergency to bypass...

ISIS Returning to Chechnya, “Sick of Working for the CIA”

...by Gordon Duff with VT Staff A couple of things, one a medium confirmed, meaning not a rumor but not yet worth rounding up and...

Insider Scoop at VT: Trump Has Begged Saudi Intel, the Khashoggi Killers, to...

...by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor Introduction:  It isn't that we all got played it is just that everything "we" are fed or allowed to...

Robert Steele: New Zealand False Flag Event – Zionist Provocation to Disarm US White...

New Zealand False Flag Event Zionist Provocation to Disarm US White Nationalists and Start World War III? TEHRAN - Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps...

Undeniable Proof: CGI Used in New Zealand Shooting (video link restored)

We are all now reexamining the video and problems are coming up.  Here is the rub, the more problems we find, shotgun rounds coming out of a rifle, shotguns turning into rifles, disappearing shell casings, none of this is accidental.

NEO – American “Tomfoolery,” the Only Thing in America that Really Works

In military operations, “tomfoolery” is called “deception and cover.” Could we perhaps postulate that there is no “tomfoolery” without purpose?

Crimea: The prize as always

Since Ukraine/Crimea are heating up, this might be a good time for us to reflect on the incredibly rich and bloody history of that part of the world.

Tribute to late William Blum: “I was next to David Ray Griffin on Osama...

We are told that Osama’s bookshelf included two books by Blum, along with other excellent books including David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor.

Jerome Corsi on “Who Really Killed Kennedy” (foreword by Gordon Duff)

Corsi names all the JFK perps except the most important one: the state of Israel.

Fake Victimization: Assange and Jones, the Stooges of the Deep State

It is no secret that both InfoWars and Wikileaks are engineered for those whose decision making occurs below the waist

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