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Anti-Semitism is doubleplusungood, Holocaust denial is crimethink (with introduction)

"Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry trigger warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages." You can't make this stuff up!

My attorney’s demand letter to B’nai B’rith (re: “Holocaust denial” libel)

Why is B'nai B'rith so afraid of me that they are trying to plant a "holocaust denial" libel to stop me from entering Canada – and hinder my speaking and writing career? The likely answer is that it has nothing to do with the Holocaust, and everything to do with my work on 9/11 and other false flag operations.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon endorse holocaust denial! (UPDATED)

You can still buy bad and mediocre books arguing that holocaust revisionists are wrong — but you are not permitted to buy better books that might lead you to the opposite conclusion.

Zionists launch “holocaust denial” smear into US presidential campaign!

The Hasbara Manual puts it bluntly: "Attack the messenger, not the message."

Holocaust Denial Laws: Evidence Inadmissable, Defense Forbidden

In cases where defendants are charged with holocaust denial, normal judicial procedures and rules of evidence are in essence tossed out the window, making a legal defense practically impossible...

MSM in Denial: Amazon’s Holocaust of Holocaust books

The MSM has been complaining about Trump's supposed contempt for freedom of the press. If they want our sympathy, they should stand in solidarity with small publishers whose businesses have been destroyed by Amazon's book-burning frenzy.

Is Benjamin Netanyahu a holocaust denier?

Israeli scholar Avner Cohen has said in the past that Netanyahu is sometimes “crazy.” Former Shin Bet director Yuval Diskin declared that Netanyahu makes “decisions from messianic feelings.”

The Holocaust of the Masonic Communists


Should Jewish Parents Tell Their Kids the Holocaust is a Conspiracy Theory?

...by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor More and more Jews are turning to VT for information on what is now called "Holocaust Revisionism" or "Holocaust Denial." ...

Outrageous Holocaust Sermonizing From Puppet President in Lamest State of the Union Ever

by Gregory Conte Jared Kushner's puppet, Donald Trump, has achieved new heights of Holocaust fervor and reality denial. He devoted a good portion of his...

Intel Drop: Trump, “Holocaust Never Happened, It’s a Fake”

Gordon Duff - Let's now look at that other holocaust, between 1 and 2 million dead, about 90% white American, almost all male, most, were they alive, would be between 65 and 77.

Blockbuster: Jacob Schiff, the Jewish Father of Hitler and the Holocaust?

When our research teams, tracing the real financing of Hitler, got behind the screen, got behind the Bush and Rockefeller and Harriman cash that financed Nazi Germany, we found one man above all others, Jacob Schiff.

Steven Spielberg: Holocaust education should be mandatory

The Holocaust establishment is intellectually and historically deteriorating. The reason is simple: you either ally with the truth or the truth will eventually break you.

The Allied Holocaust in Dresden

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Michael Hoffman Michael Hoffman is a professional historian and the editor of the periodical Revisionist History. He is a former...

Poland Rises Against the Holocaust Establishment (updated)

...by Jonas E. Alexis Editor's note:  In 2006, Carol and I spent the holidays in Germany as we often did.  After leaving Berlin, I tried...

Israel Summons Polish Diplomat Over Holocaust Bill

Jim W. Dean - This is a hoot. We are to believe the Zionists are now the upholders of free historical research when the roadside of the discussion of the Holocaust outside the "promoted version"

Exclusive: The Unseen Holocaust of Alcoholism

By Carol Duff, MSN, BA, RN Editor's note:  Military and veteran families are among those most victimized by addiction issues.  VT decided that the material...

Ernst Zundel, the man who destroyed the Holocaust industry, died

The gas chamber controversy again became an issue that refused to go away in 1985 when Raul Hilberg was summoned to testify at the trial of Ernst Zundel.

Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust “deniers” are “conspiracy theorists”

Deborah Lipstadt has also used the Holocaust to beat the goyim over the head, but people across the religious and political spectrum are waking up, and this is a bad sign for Lipstadt and her brethren.

B’nai Brith libelously calls me “holocaust denier,” wants me banned from Canada

An extremely rich group of "Luciferians...dedicated to the destruction of Christian and Islamic societies and faiths...the folks behind 90% of pornography" really, REALLY hate me.

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