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Smotrich Unmasks Face of Genocidal Israel

There is “no such thing as Palestinians because there’s no such thing as the Palestinian people,” Smotrich said.

China: Iran-Saudi pact to Kick US and Israel Out of the region

Iran and Saudi Arabia highlighted the need to respect each others’ national sovereignty and refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of one another.

Palestine-Israel: We tell the same old lies, time after time

VT's Stuart Littlewood digs deep into the new Israeli government assault on its indigenous peoples in another attempt to erase them from the state

HUWARA: An Israeli American Jewish Krystal Nicht Pogrom

VT's Sami Jadallah Goes Off the latest "mowing of the lawn" by Israeli's continue to pursue colonial dreams of Eretz Israel at the expense of the local indigenous peoples

Israel’s Illegal Occupation: When ‘De-Escalate’ Means ‘Ramp Up’

VT's Stuart Littlewood Reports on Israel's newly energized push for Eretz-Israel and the elimination of the indigenous peoples.

Israeli firm dubbed ‘Team Jorge’ ‘meddled in more than 30 elections around the world...

An Israeli firm sought to influence more than 30 elections around the world for clients by hacking, sabotage and spreading disinformation, according to an undercover media investigation published Wednesday.

Bibi strikes the Earthquake Victims! Syria Accuses Israel of Deadly Missile on central Damascus

Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio VERSIONE IN ITALIANO Not even the tragedy of an earthquake is capable of stopping the diabolical murderous rampage of Israeli...

What are Israel’s Plans for the New Israeli Ukraine?

Forty million Ukrainians are brought to the brink of hell by a junta consisting of the USA, Israel, NATO, and the EU. There they are left without help.

Hur gÄr det med Israels planer pÄ ett nytt israeliskt Ukraina?

ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION by Jan Westh NÀr Ukrainas president Viktor Janukovytj i november 2013 beslöt att skrinlÀgga beslutet om ett samarbetsavtal med EU följdes detta beslut...

Law says Israeli Occupation and Use of Force Illegal, Peace Agreements Irrelevant…

VT's Stuart Littlewood exposes the continuing Illegal Occupation of Indigenous Peoples and the Deliberate Mission Creep that is Erasing Palestine

It’s Verboten to Call Israel “Apartheid”

In Westminster, exposing this vile practice can get you into trouble while supporting the racists is (still) OK

Russia issues warning to Israel

Any attempts – implemented or even unrealized but announced, for the supply of additional, new or some other weapons – have led and will lead to an escalation of this crisis. And everyone should be aware of this,”

Israel Still Providing Safe Haven for Terrorist Murderers of American Professor

Decades After a Palestinian American Activist was Assassinated in California, two suspects in his killing are living openly in Israel

Israel strikes Damascus airport. Two Syrians Killed but Western People Ignore these War Crimes

Damascus International Airport was forced to suspend operations early on Monday after an Israeli missile strike left two soldiers dead and damaged the facilities,...

Netanyahu, The Godfather of Modern Israeli Fascism

Israel’s far-right fanatics are defined by some basic fascistic characteristics, such as belief in a divine and historic nationhood and tradition that is superior to any notion of modern democracy and citizenship; a pronounced sense of aggrievance and victimhood; militaristic tendencies; and cult worship with a golden Netanyahu medallion of loyalty to go with it.

To Understand Israeli LGBTQ Propaganda we have to Learn Difference between Masonic-Zionism and Judaism

On the cover image a B’Nai B’Rith paper and the Wider Bridge, JQY (Jewish Queer Youth), Keshet, and Eshel march in the Celebrate Israel...

UK Foreign Office Rapped for Failing to Punish Israel’s Defiance of International and Humanitarian...

VT's Stuart Littlewood goes off on UK Policy against Humanity

Cleveland Clinic: “Higher Risk of COVID-19 Infection among Vaccinated”. Israeli Study on SARS-Breakthrough, Killer...

US Cleveland Clinic: "the greater the number of vaccine doses an individual has previously received, the greater the risk of contracting COVID-19”

Hoshen: Israeli Non-Profit for LBGTQ

Hoshen (Hebrew: Ś—Ś•Ś©ŚŸÂ Hoshen, lit. 'priestly breastplate') is an Israeli non-profit LGBT organization that is listed by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association as the largest such organization in...

Prominent American “Anti-Racist” Jews Are Funding Racist Gangs Attacking Arabs In Israel

Whatever superficial differences they project to the public, liberal Jews and more virulent Kahanist Jews retain their racial synergy and solidarity against Gentiles, whether its oppressing whites in America or beating and killing Arabs in Israel, they are thick as thieves.

Saudi Arabia and China Partner Moving Without USA and Israel: Well Done MBS

Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman has taken the lead in making China, a key player in the economic, energy, not political players in the Middle East by hosting three summits in Riyadh.

VT RADIO: Bibi’s Back in Charge of Extremist Israel with VT Senior Editor...

Host Johnny Punish welcomes back Dr. Kevin Barrett to discuss the lovely return of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel

Rising Republican Party Influencers Got Their Start At Talent Agency Run By Israeli Pornographer

They all got their start as actors and models at the same Israeli-owned talent agency.

“Jewish Power” Exists—Genocidally—in Israel

There is one place where Jewish Power is openly discussed: Occupied Palestine.

Revealed: The former Israeli spies working in top jobs at Google, Facebook and Microsoft

The Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) Unit 8200 is infamous for surveilling the indigenous Palestinian population, amassing kompromat on individuals for the purposes of blackmail and extortion. Spying on the world’s rich and famous, Unit 8200 hit the headlines last year, after the Pegasus scandal broke.

How the Israeli Ministry of Health Became an Agent for Pfizer

None of the outcome measures that were explicitly agreed upon in advance were safety outcomes, such as overall mortality, hospitalizations from any cause or the known side effects of vaccines, whatever they may be.

Hidden Documents Point to Israeli Army’s 1948 Biological Warfare Attacks

For decades, rumors and testimonies swirled about Jewish troops sent to poison wells in Arab villages. Now, researchers have located official documentation of the ‘Cast Thy Bread’ operation.

Greater Israel and the Tale of Two Temples

Ayn Dara and the Syrian Connection

Marvel heads revealed to be closely connected to Israeli intelligence

Isaac Perlmutter, the current chairman of Marvel Entertainment who served on Marvel Comics’ board of directors until 1995, grew up in 1948-occupied Palestine (or modern-day Israel) and served in the Israeli military during the 1967 Six-Day War.

Was Adolf Hitler the Real Founding Father of Israel?

Truth Telling Transfer Agreement Exposes Hitler as the real Father of Israel

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi: Israel is really dangerous

"The power of the Israel Lobby and of AIPAC is not cost free for the American public. The current $3 billion plus that Israel, with a thriving first world economy, receives in military assistance is on top of the $130 billion that it has received since 1949."

From Exodus to Marvel: The Israelification of Hollywood

the Israeli superhero, Sabra, must be understood within the rational progression of the Israelification of Hollywood, a phenomenon that is surprisingly new.


When Israel Murdered American Citizen Rachel Corrie the world saw exactly what Zionism stood for. Rachel's murder at the hands of Israel launched a full-blown censorship campaign to erase it from the record.

We will never forget Israel for 9/11

At least 200 Israelis were arrested. 140 of those were detained by the FBI right before the 9/11 attack. Many of those Israelis “had used cover stories to gain access to sensitive government buildings and the homes of American officials.”

21 Years Later: Did Israel Nuke The United States of America on 9/11?

The political implications of proving this thesis would be hard to overestimate. It would mean America has not only been fighting the wrong enemy but has actually been laying waste to the enemies of the real enemy.

ZIONIST DENIAL OF HISTORY: Israel is Banning Schools from Using Maps that Show its...

The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality has sent schools maps showing Israel's pre-1967 Green Line border, in defiance to the Israeli government's attempts to censor knowledge of the historical border.

UK Government dismisses Israeli apartheid, “doesn’t agree with the terminology”

"There’s nothing quite so deplorable as trying to defend the indefensible."

Should Israel suffer a major defeat?

"Israel has subjected Gaza to a merciless illegal blockade. What has befallen Gaza is a man-made humanitarian disaster.”

“Monkeypox Outbreaks Connected to mRNA Covid Vaccines”. Israeli Physician-Scientist Injured by Pfizer said

An Israeli scientist damaged by Pfizer's Covid vaccine, Professor Shmuel C. Shapira, has correlated the Monkeypox outbreak with damage to the immune system caused by mRNA gene sera.

“Israeli Attacks on Syria would’ve never been done without Western support and UN Silence”...

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN said on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation’s recurring aggression on Syria are taking place amid unaccepted Security council’s silence and US, western protection and support.