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Russia offers Ukraine deal to extend gas transit contract for 1 year

Jim W. Dean - Who the deal wreckers are in this dispute is beyond question, with the US the most shameful with the growing list of countries it has destroyed for whatever reason it chose.

NEO – Why did Russia write off Africa’s debts?

Jim W. Dean - The US response to these Eurasian expansion developments has been to put the big squeeze on South America as its last opportunity...

NEO: Treaty Busters – Why Russia’s Doomsday Weapons May Save Us All

A generation of secret weapons exist, some deployed, some in varying stages of development. Remember the 1964 film, Fail-Safe?

Wolfsangels: Ukraine’s Anti-Russia Battalion or Nazi Thugs?

In 2014 almost anyone who wanted to fight Russians in Ukraine was more than welcome. But today one volunteer battalion is accused of white supremacist terrorism.

Russia Seizes US Base in Syria (Abandoned)

RT/Moscow: Russian military police and bomb disposal experts have taken control of an airfield in northern Aleppo province, which was abandoned in a hurry...

Russia sets up helicopter base in northeast Syria

Jim W. Dean - The deployment of choppers and a logistics base in itself is not a big deal, but the Russians bringing in multiple Pantsir surface-to-air missile systems is.

Russia Does the AK in NATO 7.62/51 (.308)

RT/Moscow: As Russia marks famed Soviet inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov’s centenary, we look at the newest incarnation of his time-tested rifle. The AK-308 fires NATO...
Shale gas

NEO – Is Russia right about US shale energy?

Can the US continue to base policy on its leading role in gas and oil, or is this merely a blip due to end as suddenly as it appeared? The economics of huge future investments in US LNG export to the EU or China are not bright.

Turks Feared Russia Might Bomb Erdogan’s Palace in 2015

We at GreekNewsOnDemand.com (VT Affiliate) were the first to reveal the fact that the first people to become aware of Turkey’s involvement and initial…DENIAl...

Did Russia Just Kill Real Head of ISIS; Founder of the White Helmets?

Veterans Today investigations tie White Helmets to Deep State

Israel: Russia v. Trump in the Middle East and how Israel will always win….Depressing

🔊 Listen to this Zvi Magen, Vera Michlin-Shapir, Daniel Rakov, Yoel Guzansky INSS Insight No. 1224, November 6, 2019 Following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw United States forces from...

Geopolitics in Middle East: What is the Intention of Russia? Updated

Written and submitted by Enkidu Gilgamesh

Chinese media claims NATO could seize Russia’s Kaliningrad region in two days

Anton Alikhanov, head of the Kaliningrad region, for his part, described Hooker's report as “tabloid fiction”, adding that “he was tired of commenting on American nonsense”.

Intel Drop: Sputnik/Russia, Impeachment Seeks to Prove Trump “Fucking Nuts”

What do we know of Trump? He brags about women he screwed except they all have had to sign non-disclosures, some to "deny" and others...

NEO – Russia’s short march to food security

Jim W. Dean - Russia went to work on domestic import substitution, not just for short term relief but to protect the country from having food sanctions used against them in the future.

Russia Bans US from Flying Over Northern Syria

Russian Aerospace Forces have begun daily helicopters patrols in Syria’s northern provinces, Russian military pilot Dmitry Ivanov told reporters. “We have begun to carry out...

Russia Urges UK to Clarify if White Helmets Founder has al Qaeda ties

Russia has called upon the United Kingdom to clarify whether the founder of the so-called civil defense group White Helmets had any affiliation to...

Russia deploys military helicopters to protect Syria-Turkey border patrols

This was a smooth move by Russia, getting an airbase set up in northern Syria for protecting joint Turkish and Russian patrols.

Southfront: New Russian Base in Northern Syria (video)

Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out more than 40 airstrikes on militants’ positions in southern Idlib, northern Lattakia and southwestern Aleppo. According to pro-government...

Did Iran Conduct the Abqaiq Attack with Russia’s Blessings?

By Nauman Sadiq for VT Islamabad Although the Houthi rebels based in Yemen claimed the responsibility for the September 14 complex attack involving drones and...

Russia to Set up Air Base In Northern Syria

Russian forces has established a headquarters near Qamishli airport in northeast Syria, as a part of ongoing efforts to convert it to an air...

Syrian War Report – November 6, 2019: SDF Supporters Block Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol

...from SouthFront On November 5, Russian and Turkish forces carried out a second join patrol in northern Syria. According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda...

Russia wants NE Syrian air base

Jim W. Dean - Wanting complete control of the base via a lease is an indication of plans for permanent upgrading and needing 100% security for it with only your own people coming and going.

Russian Foreign Ministry: US Smuggling $30m per month of Syrian Oil Violating Own...

US violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling crude from oil fields seized from Damascus

Russian Special Forces University

...from SouthFront The Russian Special Forces University is the first and only private Russian company intended to provide professional training and development of task forces....

Trump Dossier Author, Now we learn was Top MI-6 Russia Boss, Gives new evidence

Christopher Steele wasn't a former "british spy" but actually headed the Russia Desk for MI 6.

Russia says all US troops must leave Syria, as Pentagon plans to deploy more

Russia has called for the withdrawal of all US troops which it sees as illegitimately deployed to Syria, amid reports that the Pentagon plans to send additional troops into northeastern Syria.

NEO – Did America’s crystal ball show this Russian-Turkey surprise in Syria?

The Kurds’ deal with Russia and Syria means that the US has lost its only ground ally in the region; the US no longer has any means to influence the ground situation without the Kurds.

Breaking: Turkish, Russian troops begin joint patrols in northern Syria

Jim W. Dean - The Deep State actors, as always, will be the biggest threat to peace. Look to see them trying to run their own terror attacks inside north Syria, and blaming it on a suitable patsy.

Denmark approves Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project

Jim W. Dean - Ukraine could have lost its gas transit fees with this news of Nordstream 2 approaching completion with Denmark's approval. Kiev's attempt to leverage the US into killing Nordstream 2, with billions in losses to Russia and its EU partners, will not soon be forgotten.

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