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The Power of Hierarchy and the Psuedo-Truth Monopoly

Hierarchical power is a major threat to human life it controls the creation and distribution of money and is evil too. That is what we have here in America right now.

Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations (The First 1%)

This compilation cannot prove involvement of the Invisible Government and its agents in any given case.

The Pentagon’s Biggest dirty secret

Has the World's largest Drug Cartel infiltrated and hijacked the Pentagon?

Janus Principle: Evil with a Nice Face

What is the unfathomable evil behind Establishment liars and mass-media Talking-Heads?

Murder and Narcotrafficking in the Marines

Colonel James E. Sabow was murdered to keep him from blowing the whistle on the illegal narcotrafficking of cocaine into the US. Testimony from a...

Marine Veteran, Journalist Robert O’Dowd: Murder, Corruption CIA Drug Running

Robert O'Dowd interviewed by Richie Allen on the environmental contamination that caused injuries and deaths to thousands of Marines in the US and the murder and cocaine trafficking into El Toro.

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