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Alan Sabrosky on this week’s censorship avalanche

Last week the West got buried beneath an avalanche of censorship.   Can you guess who was behind it?

Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America

Who’s afraid of Alan Sabrosky? Whoever they are, they have the ability to monitor and censor YouTube live-streams in real time...

FFWN: Ghosts of False Flags Past Still Haunting US (featuring guest host Alan Sabrosky)

Dr. Alan Sabrosky has served as Director of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College. 

Alan Sabrosky: James “Mad Dog” Mattis and the Bane of Civilian Control

By Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky, Editor Emeritus Veterans Today The storied departure of retired Marine general James Mattis from the office of Secretary of Defense...

Alan Sabrosky on censorship, Zionism & 9/11, and more

What’s the connection between the 9/11 coup, the Zionist takeover of America, Israel’s preparations for launching a huge new war, and escalating censorship? Alan Sabrosky breaks it down…

Trump’s “Israel First” Foreign Policy

U.S. Government violating the rights of our own American citizens for the sake of Israel.

Palestinian Genocide Has Killed 2.2 Million

Israel is still collecting holocaust reparations. It should be paying them instead.

BREAKING! America’s highest-ranking military officer wary of anti-Iran false flag

"My question concerns the potential for false flag terrorism leading us into war with Iran..."

Was Israel behind 9/11? Adam Green vs. Elias Davidsson

Were the Dancing Israelis a bit too obvious in their celebration? How can the MSM avoid this elephant in the living room?

NYC’s Hidden Holo Memorial: Yet Another Hollow Lie

No wonder the mobbed-up courts in NYC, once ruled by Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, covered up the mass murders of 9/11/2001.

QANON: Hope and Heartbreak

  By Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky, Editor The psyop known as "Q" or "QAnon" is about to end. For years it/they delivered vague but supposedly well-informed...

FFWN: Jim Dean on 9/11 coverup, anti-Semitism panic, suspected false flags in France, Kashmir,...

This week's FFWN covers a long list of suspected false flags. We also look at the "anti-Semitism" scare, as well as other Israeli propaganda tools.

The Strange Case of Julian Assange

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor I am writing an introduction to an expose on Wikileaks from 2010.  Let's take a second to look at what...

War on “conspiracy theories” goes ballistic! Gordon Duff shows his guns on False Flag...

They'd better not take the "war on conspiracy theories" to Gordon Duff's house!

Gabbard’s Gambit: Forlorn Hope or…?

  By Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky* The announcement last week by four-term Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) that she was entering the 2020 presidential sweepstakes caught many...

False Flags and American Way of War

What “false flag” will be contrived by Israel and the U.S. to provide an excuse for an attack on Iran?

9/11 truth wildfire still spreading—Ron Unz “comes out” with a bang

We have been condemned to live in interesting times, and the 9/11 anniversary is always an interesting day.

Zionism: Deconstructing the Power Paradigm

"Zionist Jews now hold a commanding influence in such sectors as finance, business, media (online and offline), the academy, the arts, and most obviously, politics." - Alan Sabrosky

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