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VT RADIO: Kanye Loves Hitler with Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Host Johnny Punish welcomes VT's wise and learned contributor Dr. Alan Sabrosky.  Together they talk about Kanye West and his praise of The Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany's dictator.

Top Stories of 2021 with Ron Unz, Cat McGuire, Alan Sabrosky, Mike Springmann, Matthew...

What were your top five stories of 2021? Here are some FFWN co-hosts' picks.

Alan Sabrosky: “China, 5G, & The Emperor’s New Virus ” on False Flag Weekly...

"I think anyone looking at it who isn't absolutely biased or brain-dead or part of that conspiracy" can see that WTC-7 was a demolition.

Alan Sabrosky Discusses Holocaustianity and Other Taboo Topics

I can't even keep track of all the times Alan Sabrosky has been censored for trying to talk about the Holocaust and/or 9/11.

Alan Sabrosky on this week’s censorship avalanche

Last week the West got buried beneath an avalanche of censorship.   Can you guess who was behind it?

Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America

Who’s afraid of Alan Sabrosky? Whoever they are, they have the ability to monitor and censor YouTube live-streams in real time...

FFWN: Ghosts of False Flags Past Still Haunting US (featuring guest host Alan Sabrosky)

Dr. Alan Sabrosky has served as Director of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College. 

Alan Sabrosky on censorship, Zionism & 9/11, and more

What’s the connection between the 9/11 coup, the Zionist takeover of America, Israel’s preparations for launching a huge new war, and escalating censorship? Alan Sabrosky breaks it down…

Unsettled History: The Useful Abuse of the “Holocaust” Hoax

VT's Alan Ned Sabrosky Challenges the 21st-Century Holocaust industry

America’s Endgame: Crucible Of Choice

Part II of “America’s Endgame” by VT's Alan Ned Sabrosky

America’s Endgame: Deconstructing the “Woke World”, Desperation Design and Dementia

Part I of America's Endgame by VT's Alan Ned Sabrosky

21 Years Later: So Who Really Did 9/11?

This article consists of key 9/11 quotations arranged in the form of a 6500-word dramatic collage so as to give the impression of a live “debate” — an imaginary debate in which the shocking Truth is finally laid bare.

21 Years Later: Did Israel Nuke The United States of America on 9/11?

The political implications of proving this thesis would be hard to overestimate. It would mean America has not only been fighting the wrong enemy but has actually been laying waste to the enemies of the real enemy.

ACLU Worries That Elon Musk Might Allow Free Speech on Twitter

So when the DHS goons kick in your door because they don’t like your Twitter comments, will they sing songs from Julie Andrews musicals while they’re dragging you off?

Ukraine False Flag Coming: Bio, Chem, or Cyber?

The media wing of the Armageddon Wing of the War Party is already preparing us for more and bigger false flags.


With Head of Strategic Studies at the Army War College, Alan Ned Sabrosky

The Monster Assange: Wikileaks, the Zionist Hydra that Won’t Die

The Hydra is a mythical multi-headed beast that regenerates a head (two heads at a time in certain instances) whenever one is severed. Israel’s Wikileaks intelligence operation is the physical embodiment of this slimy, slithery, fictional creature.

Who Is America’s Greatest Enemy, Israel Or Iran?

If Israel is so determined to use the US military as a mercenary force to go to war against Iran then it should directly invest in such a war by using its own military personnel. If a war does begin, we request that US military leaders have the Israeli soldiers wear blue and white uniforms so that our forces can easily find and target them on the battlefield.

RIP John Stadtmiller: He Sparked 9/11 Truth Movement—and Gave Me My Start in Radio

John Stadtmiller to SPLC: "I would rather pour gasoline on myself and light it than speak to anyone in your 'organization.'"

FFWN: Night of the Living Vaxxed

Legions of brainwashed undead are roaming around shrieking “must eat unvaxxed brains!”

Out-Thought, Out-Bought, Out-Fought: Why the “9/11 Truth” Movement Failed

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 came and went with barely a whimper. It was preceded by the collapse of the 9/11 lawyers' effort in New York City on which so many had staked their hopes, and the dismissal of Richard Gage, the founder of the seminal “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” from his own organization by his own board.

Papers, please!

Fortunately, the obscenely Orwellian notion that you will have to show a vaccine card to fly commercial airlines, attend schools, enter shops and restaurants, and otherwise live like an Israeli rather than a Palestinian is a crazy conspiracy theory...

Here There be Monsters

by Alan Ned Sabrosky We in America are neck-deep in a domestic political war to the finish. During the notable “kitchen debate” in Moscow in 1959, Nikita...

False Flag Weekly News: YouTube Doesn’t Want You to Watch This!

Censorship IS violence. It's the root cause of the coming bloodbath.

Descending Dystopias: America Faces 2021

Could America have averted this dismal fork in the road? No – the rot has been festering in our colleges and universities and in our society at large for too long: those committed to the erasing of our history and the destruction of our culture and system of government have used the very freedoms we treasured to cloak their activities.

Intel Drop: VT Slams Zionist Agent Assange with Intel Deluge

Wikileaks was invented to support Roy Cohn's 'gayboy' lovers that the Kosher Nostra put into the White House. This is the simple truth of it and Cohn is still somewhere laughing his ass off as the US is torn apart by a second acolyte of Cohn's, another bumbling moron in a dress...

Reflections on the impact of COVID 19

by Alan Ned Sabrosky It is fair to say that few events in modern history have had such a disruptive effect globally as the COVID-19...

FFWN: Icke’s “Who Did 9/11 and Why” Banned?!

Freedom in America isn't quite dead as long as False Flag Weekly News is still broadcasting.

Trump’s “Israel First” Foreign Policy

U.S. Government violating the rights of our own American citizens for the sake of Israel.

Palestinian Genocide Has Killed 2.2 Million

Israel is still collecting holocaust reparations. It should be paying them instead.

BREAKING! America’s highest-ranking military officer wary of anti-Iran false flag

"My question concerns the potential for false flag terrorism leading us into war with Iran..."

Was Israel behind 9/11? Adam Green vs. Elias Davidsson

Were the Dancing Israelis a bit too obvious in their celebration? How can the MSM avoid this elephant in the living room?

NYC’s Hidden Holo Memorial: Yet Another Hollow Lie

No wonder the mobbed-up courts in NYC, once ruled by Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, covered up the mass murders of 9/11/2001.

QANON: Hope and Heartbreak

By Alan Ned Sabrosky The psyop known as "Q" or "QAnon" is about to end. For years it/they delivered vague but supposedly well-informed hints of...

FFWN: Jim Dean on 9/11 coverup, anti-Semitism panic, suspected false flags in France, Kashmir,...

This week's FFWN covers a long list of suspected false flags. We also look at the "anti-Semitism" scare, as well as other Israeli propaganda tools.

The Strange Case of Julian Assange

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor I am writing an introduction to an expose on Wikileaks from 2010.  Let's take a second to look at what...

War on “conspiracy theories” goes ballistic! Gordon Duff shows his guns on False Flag...

They'd better not take the "war on conspiracy theories" to Gordon Duff's house!