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Breaking: Yemen’s military warns foreigners to leave Saudi oil plants

Jim W. Dean - This morning brings Yemen out wanting full credit for the ARAMCO attacks insisting that US radars in Saudi Arabia cannot stop their drones.

Human Trafficking is Booking in Yemen – Who is Doing It?

A complete absence of law and order in Yemen has given rise to a black Suq (market) of human trafficking on a scale never before seen in the war-torn and war-weary nation.

Breaking: Yemen drone swarm attacks leave Aramco in flames

Jim W. Dean - This is a huge defeat for the endless billions spent by Saudi Arabia on Western arms, where we see the tiny Yemen economy while under huge pressure is able to inflict this kind of punishment.

US caught sleeping with ISIS in Yemen—again

Can we tell politicians in the United States to stop supporting perpetual wars and the Israeli regime and start focusing on American families, schools, medical insurance, and basic needs for decent Americans?

Breaking: US blinks first – Wants end to Yemen war – God bless the...

The United States says it has reached out to the Houthi Ansarullah movement to work out a way to end the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

WTF: UAE Attacks Saudi-Backed Terrorists in Yemen

A "preemptive operation" was an act of "self-defense" against "armed groups affiliated with terrorist organizations," announced a statement carried by the UAE's official WAM news agency.

Patriot Fail: UAE Says Yemeni drones evade US made Missile Defense System

Saudi Arabia has failed to repel Yemen's retaliatory drone strikes despite relying on the US Patriot air defense system, a matter which has caused a...

Yemen Hits Saudis in Najran, Missile Kills Dozens of Troops

Yemeni army forces have targeted a military base in Saudi Arabia’s southern province of Najran with a domestically-manufactured ballistic missile, a Yemeni military official says.

Civil War in Yemen

KSA should be advised to give peace a chance. The UN must step in to broker peace and earnestly work towards a negotiated settlement between the Hadi regime and the Houthis.

US-Saudi coalition cannot stop Yemen drone attacks

Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam said that Yemen's military response will not stop until the US-Saudi war ends, and the siege on Yemen is lifted.

UAE pulls most forces from Yemen in blow to Saudis

Jim W. Dean - VT is proven right once again, as we have always thought that Yemen would be a desert Vietnam, because the Yemenis had no choice but to keep fighting.

Yemen Houthis strike airport and power station in Saudi Arabia

Ansar Allah does have more than enough capabilities to overcome the Saudi air defense.

UAE withdraws ‘large’ number of troops from Yemen

... from Press TV, Tehran -  First published ... June 28, 2019 - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has withdrawn large numbers of troops from the embattled...

Details of Yemen cruise missile strike on Saudi control tower

The last thing that the Saudis would show is a photo of a destroyed control tower. We may get lucky and one of the commercial satellite companies might leak a photo, but don't hold your breath.

Censored: Yemeni Drones Hit Saudi Air Force Base

TEHRAN (FNA)- The drone units of the Yemeni Army and Ansarulah Popular Forces bombarded a military airbase in Southern Saudi Arabia for the fourth...

Yemen Launches Drone Attack on Saudi Arms Depot

Yemeni armed forces, led by the Houthi Ansarullah movement, have launched a drone strike on an arms depot at an airport in Saudi Arabia’s...

French Journalist Face Reprisals for Reporting Yemen War Crimes

Russia Today: French journalists are being threatened with jail time for reporting on leaked documents revealing the country’s complicity in the Saudi-led war in...

Yemeni drone cuts Saudi major pipeline

Jim W. Dean - While the Saudis are calling it a terror attack, that will sink like a lead balloon after the war crimes it has inflicted on Yemen.

New World Order: Killing children in Yemen is “in America’s best interest”

New World Order agents don’t care about precious lives in any country. They care about establishing a New World Order ideology which will allow them to do whatever they want.

Trump Vetoes Bill to Limit US Nuclear Attacks on Yemen

Editor's note:  If only we were making this up. Thus, VT supplies supporting documentation at the end of this article. US President Donald Trump has vetoed...

The Media Ignores the Yemen Missile Program. This Infographic Details Everything

Randi Nord of Geopoliticsalert.com Sana’a (GPA) – For the past four years, mainstream media outlets have either twisted or completely ignored the US-backed Saudi-led war against...

UK’s Secret Dirty War: British Commandos Injured in Yemen

__________ FARS UK’s Secret Dirty War: British Commandos Injured in Yemen The Mail on Sunday reported that it can reveal that at least five members of the...

NEO; Yemen: Practical Nuclear Survival

Editor's note:  The video above is vital.  It is a screen video of a VT nuclear weapons video taken down by YouTube at the...

Israel training mercenaries for Yemen war in UAE camps in Negev

Jim W. Dean - Haaretz steps forward to reveal Israeli's long running contracting support not only for regime change mercenary training but assassinations.

Trump Smackdown: House Votes to End U.S. Aid for Saudi’s (Israeli) Yemen War

Editor's note:  Pure good v. bad politics with the GOP siding with Israel and Saudi Arabia in their genocide against the people of Yemen...

US Backed Mercenaries Stealing Yemen Food Aid During Mass Starvation

From the Daily Beast, NY Times and AP U.S. and Saudi-backed fighters in the Yemen are siphoning off vast quantities of food aid, depriving millions...

A Shift: Repudiating War on Yemen – Kathy Kelly

War in Yemen is horrific and ought to be ended immediately.

Speaking Truth To Empire: Talking Yemen War with activist Kathy Kelly

Host Dan Yassen hosts American peace activist Kathy Kelly

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