Putin first, populists next – who else will Western leaders blame...

At the outset of the Ukraine conflict, Western officials proclaimed their unity against Moscow and vowed to accelerate their transition away from Russian fossil fuels and towards greener energy.

Ukraine War: Special Reports from The Front

Baiting the Russian Bear- How clever is that?

The increasingly aggressive US-led NATO, on the other hand, is determined to use Ukraine as a proxy to pursue their outdated hatred of Russia, whatever the cost to everyone else.

Getting an HIV Vaccine to Market: “May be the Real Goal...

Several scenarios are now converging to create the suspicion that getting an HIV vaccine to market may be a goal behind COVID-19.

9/11 vs. COVID: The Sorry Tale of a Nation Gone Mad

Do you think you still have any chance of retaining some meaningful shard of your rapidly disintegrating freedom? John Kaminski provides the answers

President Biden signs Camp Lejeune Justice Act creating path for toxic...

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – President Biden has signed the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, which creates a valid claim for victims of toxic water contamination at...

Is There a Red Line Biden Won’t Cross?

At the beginning of December, 2021, Putin drew a red line, seeking "reliable and long-term security guarantees." Those guarantees "would exclude any further NATO moves eastward and the deployment of weapons systems that threaten us in close vicinity to Russian territory."

Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, and the Global Culture War

There are two major reasons that war has come to eastern Europe, and they have very little to do with Ukraine or the horrible sufferings of the Ukrainian population.

US to Send Ukraine $5.5 Billion in New Budgetary, Military Aid

What can the average American do with $5.5 billion? Can we support struggling schools? Can we rebuild infrastructures? Can we give health insurance to families that are struggling to make ends meet?

Russia takes out 45,000 tons of NATO ammo

"In the Voznesensk area of the Nikolaev region an arsenal that stored 45,000 tons of ammunition recently supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by NATO countries has been destroyed,” the ministry stated, adding that Russian forces eliminated five other ammo depots.

West seeks to impose global war on mankind, says Russian intel chief

Today, when the liberally-totalitarian West seeks to impose a global war on all mankind, it is crucial for us to be able to learn proper lessons from Russia’s enormous historical experience," Naryshkin told reporters after a wreath-laying ceremony at a memorial to those fallen in World War I in Moscow.

Amnesty International Says Ukraine’s Fighting Tactics Endanger Civilians

Amnesty said that most residential areas where Ukrainian soldiers located themselves were “kilometers” away from the front lines and that there were “viable alternatives” that would not endanger civilians.

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