War Drums beat In Middle East after Thousands of Casualties in...

The Beirut explosions have already fueled tensions in the region, and despite comments by Hezbollah and Israeli media that it was not a military incident, the warring sides are actively accusing each other. Comments by the US President about a supposed attack on the Beirut port do not make the situation any easier.

Blockbuster: Trump Faces Arrest for Fraud according to Manhattan DA (criminal...

A new filing from the Manhattan district attorney’s office suggests that the office is investigating President Donald Trump and his company for potential bank and insurance fraud.

Bologna massacre: 40 years on, questions remain over Italy’s deadliest postwar...

On August 2nd, Italy marks the anniversary of one of the deadliest attacks ever to take place in the country.

UN Report: North Korea has mini-nukes for missiles or???

A new report submitted on Monday by an independent, 15-member panel of experts on the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea...

COVID 19 is Practice for future BioWar – Top Russian Doctor

I understand that this is a rehearsal for biological warfare,” explains Professor Leonid Roshal, “I am not saying that this virus was created by humans, but this is a test of the health system's strength, including the country's biological defense.”

Exclusive/Blockbuster: Simmering cauldron of the South China Sea

Attempts are being made to demonize China and its policy of supporting governments and Islamic nations such as Pakistan, and now Iran. Beijing is well aware that the Pentagon's plans for a U.S. war against China are premised on being able to launch massive air and missile attacks from warships, submarines and bases close to the Chinese mainland.

That Sinking Feeling: Ukrainian Naval and Coastal Forces

While its military capabilities are not in the same league as Russia’s, Ukraine’s growing ability to launch high-speed naval raids and long-range missile strikes represents a more difficult challenge to counter than its deteriorating land forces.

Turkey Cries Foul about Deployment of Egyptian Troops in Idlib. What’s Going On?

The Egyptian military has deployed about 150 troops on the frontline in the Syrian region of Greater Idlib to support forces of the Damascus government, Turkish sources claimed on July 30.

Thousand Erdogan’s ISIS Jihadists in Italy from Libya. Haftar Spokesman’s Warning on Turkish Migrant’s...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy Versione originale in Italiano «There are about a thousand Syrians who fled via Zuwara and Sabratha towards Europe...

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