About VT

VT is an open source un-censored independent alternative media; a place for intelligent civil discourse focusing on U.S. Foreign Policy and Military Issues.

VT operates as de-centralized virtual media providing fully 100% independent writers from the USA and around the world a free and open platform to present the news and their points of view without censorship in the spirit of press freedom and democracy.

We are proudly 100% USA-owned and operated. Period!
We are 100% pro-USA.  We just want a better USA and a better world.
It really is that simple.

The Owner

Founded in 2003 by John Allen, VT runs through a private U.S.-based Limited Liability Company (LLC).

VT is fully 100% independent and maintains no other owners, partners, or assigns.  VT maintains NO official brick-and-mortar offices.

Editors and Writers

All editors and writers contributing content on VT are 100% fully independent.

To post on VT, editors and writers must follow simple yet clear posting rules insuring all is posted legally and within the law and, even more importantly, discloses clearly all sources of content so that readers are very clear on where the content is coming from and what’s the nature of the content.

Read Full Public Disclosure >>>

Editors and writers are NOT employees or contractors of VT. They receive NO salary or fee for their content.  They control all their content.  VT does NOT censor or vet their articles.

In other words, the copyright for all editors’ and writers’ content is owned by them and NOT VT.   Editors and writers are 100% responsible for the accuracy of their posts.

VT makes NO ownership claims on content and maintains NO control over editors’ and writers’ time, hours, and efforts.  VT does NOT sponsor travel for writers.  VT does not pay for content generation.  Content belongs to the writers and editors exclusively; plain and simple!

VT has always invited new up-and-coming proven writers to contribute. Over the years since 2003, there have been hundreds of writers who have contributed.  Some with just a few stories and some have been posted in the thousands.

The writers’ roster changes periodically depending on who’s active, what area of expertise they are covering, and the current events shaping our world.

Media Partners

VT has NO official, unofficial, or contracted media partners and takes NO monies from any outside media sources, governments, or sponsors.  Period!

However, many of VT’s independent editors and writers do maintain other media relationships in the USA and around the world.  Many editors and writers post their content on other media around the world and engage in professional relationships outside of VT.  VT does NOT and cannot legally control those relationships.  Those relationships are entirely owned and controlled by the fully independent editors and writers individually.

In lieu, when posting from other media or relating to other media, editors and writers are required to source their information so that readers are fully aware of where it originates.

Revenue:  Impact on VT Integrity and Content

VT is simply funded by advertising and small reader donations; plain and simple!

There are NO secret backers. There is NOTHING!  PERIOD!  And since our inception, there have NEVER been any financial backers!  Period!

However, due to the nature of our content and its open non-antiseptic truth qualities, the majority of ad networks cannot do business with VT.  Those mainstream networks need anti-septic sites so that their corporate clients are not on sites where their customers may get offended.  VT cannot guarantee anti-septic posts that don’t challenge thus ad bidding for our ad space is severely impacted.

The majority of ad networks have policies to satisfy their advertisers who do NOT want their names associated with showing dead bodies in terrible wars or critic of certain state policies that are NOT in line with mainstream agendas.  This is just the way the commercial ad business works.

So a long time ago, VT had to decide between maximizing ad revenue and telling the public what is actually going on. It was a super easy choice.  VT chooses truth and freedom of expression over revenue.

For example, GoogleAdsense, the king of all ad networks, banned and canceled VT. They put VT on the publisher blacklist due to many posts that criticized Israel State Policy.

Many lessor ad networks follow Google’s lead and thus, the blacklist seriously impacts VT’s ability to offer competitive ad bidding.

In short, VT does NOT make much on ads.  So to assist in paying for servers and tech work to keep the doors open, we do have a donate button placed on every page for readers who can and want to contribute.

Nevertheless, VT has NEVER been about profits.  At its core, it’s always been about truth, liberty, and justice. So while it is truly disappointing being on any blacklist, it has virtually no impact on VT’s ability to survive and thrive under its freedom ethos.  It just makes VT work a bit harder.

Ad networks ie… Google may attempt censorship by cutting off financial legs but, at VT, it won’t work because, unlike mainstream media that is beholden to the big corporations and boards filled with investors who press for-profits, VT has no such dynamic!

VT has NO corporate board and no investors.  There is no corporation, government, group, or the person who can impact the existence or content of VT.  Plain and Simple!

VT History

Back in 2003, the Bush II war in Iraq was ramping up. A high school friend serving combat duty asked VT founder John Allen, at the time retired from the newspaper business, if he could help soldiers and veterans in some way, somehow.  Through conversation and sit-downs, that combat soldier (on the special forces team who later captured Saddam Hussein) inspired the founder to move forward and VT was born. There was NO business plan. It was purely an altruistic patriotic endeavor by the founder.

So with help from a friend who knew PHP code, the founder created, developed, and launched the first rudimentary VT in January 2004.

VT was originally constructed using obscure PHP code from a now-defunct CMS.  After several years, the site was switched over to the new easier low cost and more efficient “WordPress’ platform that VT operates today.

As VT’s growth went through the roof, the plan to monetize it and bring in ad revenue was launched so that VT can cover the increasing costs involved with running a bigger more involved effort.

And that’s really it…..

So if it sounds like the editors and writers are self-motivated passionate humanity patriots who care deeply about the welfare of the USA and our fellow brothers and sisters around the world, that’s because they do and they are…

And it’s something we are all very proud of…..