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The ISIS-US Empire

The United States is not actually at war with ISIS

NEO – Bibi Bombs by “Mouthboarding” Congress

Jim W. Dean..."I ask you all to please call your Republican senators and let them know what you feel about their shilling for the Israeli Lobby and thereby being a national security risk to the rest of us."

Coalition Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq

Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today

Iranian “Terrorist” Commands Assault on ISIS

Iraqi security forces and Shi'ite militia fighters ...

NEO – Ukraine, Fighting the Spin

Gordon Duff -- "There was no coup or revolution in the Ukraine. It was an invasion and it is still going on. Real surrender begins with psychological warfare."

Send in the Clowns – Bibi’s all done

In a display of Hubris beyond reason, Bibi delivered a continual stream of lies many applauded but few believed.

NEO – Putin and Iran Do a Game Changer

Jim W. Dean..."William Engdahl gives us a good review of the boomerang effects of America’s failed aggressive foreign policy. Instead of making us more secure, it has triggered waves of insecurity."

Rabbi Lerner Debunks Madman Netanyahu

Netanyahu's speech to Congress was brilliantly deceitful ...

Obama rips Netanyahu a new one

"In fact, it is almost exactly the same speech...except that wherever the word 'Iran' occurs, it has been replaced by 'Israel'."

ISIS in a World of Liars (videos)

The videos are key in understanding what has and hasn't been said. The failure by many to simply pay attention has been our downfall.

Israeli Espionage goes Mainstream with Bibi’s congressional speech – Press TV

Jim W. Dean..."For intelligence analysts following Israeli espionage in the US we are getting a second Christmas in March with the Zionist Lobby and Bibi’s final assault to kill the Iran nuclear talks."

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?

We knew when we saw the Wikipedia changes, it was the CIA

NEO – American Ambassadors: Old Dogs and Old Tricks

Jim W. Dean..."Vladimir Odintsov takes us behind the scenes into the below the radar conversion of the State Department into America’s primary regime change."

Afghanistan being savaged for REE’s


Pouring Gasoline on the Fire

Once the "moderate" rebels are trained and moved into Syria, they reportedly will be given the power to call in US airstrikes...

The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections

Alex Jones was busted by Wikileaks as Stratfor informant

Daniel Estulin, Scott Bennett: Why VT is the real deal

Real vs. fake counterterrorism analysts, real vs. fake alternative media, real vs. fake whistleblowers…the post-9/11 "whole new world" is a hall of mirrors.

NEO – The Global De-dollarization and the US Policies

Jim W. Dean..."The masses seem brain dead that the solution to the debt scam lies in confiscation of the criminally gained assets of the many of the world’s elites"

Why the United States Always Loses Its Wars

America loses all its wars because it seems we’ve always been on the wrong side of history

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