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Martin Bormann

That nice man Joseph Farrell raised the subject of Martin Bormann in our interview last week with Tino van Struckman. There is no doubt...

21 Years Later: Mapping 9/11 and The Fort Lee Mystery

Gordon Duff filed this report on 9/11 attacks that shook the world.

21 Years Later: Did Israel Nuke The United States of America on 9/11?

The political implications of proving this thesis would be hard to overestimate. It would mean America has not only been fighting the wrong enemy but has actually been laying waste to the enemies of the real enemy.

Pedo whistleblowers hacked and whacked to death

Her strange car crash earlier this month had her traveling in her blue Mini Cooper at an outrageous speed of about 90 miles per hour prior to careening into a second story home in the residential LA Westside neighborhood of Mar Vista on Friday August 5th, 2022.

Red Flags of Cold War in the Indian Ocean: From IS-claimed Easter Attacks to...

the US-backed regime in Sri Lanka last week informed a Chinese research ship with Satellite tracking capability that was due to dock in the southern Hambantota Port to defer its trip.

The US, the Ukraine Disaster, and the Future—The Long View

Mainstream media "reporting" on Ukraine is context-free propaganda. Here is the missing context.

SOROS GANG: The Genesis of NATO’s Coup in Ukraine

Intelligence Mastermind alongside Soros

The Return of the Titans!

“The blood of the Titans is alive, I thought, strangely and wonderfully alive!”

Russia: The New World Order has come to an end

Medvedev also talked about “the hypocritical white-toothed smiles of politicians and diplomats who said one thing and did something completely different.”

The West Resembles a Decapitated Rooster, Wings Still Flapping, Barely Flying

We have some truly ghastly examples of the fruits of democracy in the form of the Weimar Republic in Germany or the Interim Government between February and October of 1917 in Russia.

The Luciferian-Deep State roots Freemasonry and the Terror Triad of Israel, Saudi Arabia and...

VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff investigates the Deep Roots and Tentacles of the Dark Side

The Khazarian Mafia and the Building of Ukraine: We Were Warned 70 Years...

Despite flaws, a top rated exposé of America's fake history, presented by what we now know to be America's military intelligence establishment, as part of their first salvo against the Deep State.

Sitrep: Operation Z April 14

The Moskva damage is huge loss, as it is not only the flagship but one of the most powerful ships in the entire Russian Navy. It's loss reduces the firepower projection capabilities of the Black Sea fleet by as much as 10-15%.

Here comes China: The world rotated one more time

China is rock-solid behind Russia in all of Russia’s objectives, and in some instances, up ahead.

Beware the Coming Currency and Commodity Trade Wars

"If your tanker has 49% of Russian and 51% of Norwegian, Dutch or British oil, then it is officially transporting Norwegian, Dutch or British oil."

Sitrep: Operation Z

While "spreading democracy", NATO and Kiev sadists show desperation, such as taping children and old women to poles indiscriminately. Psychologicl warfare against civilians has been ramped up.

How NewsGuard, the CIA’s Disinformation Machine, Supports Nazi Atrocities in Ukraine

When we look at the profile of the NewsGuard team, and especially of its advisory board, we immediately understand that there is a problem, a big problem even, in terms of impartiality and neutrality.

IMF Debt Trap “Economic Hit men” due to Food & Fuel Shortage. Should Sri...

Sri Lanka should not cave into the Euro-American Sanction regimee on Russian oil and gas, or succumb to the EU’s GSP removal threats.

Breaking through Americans’ Dumbed Down Layers of Deception and Denial

It’s time for the misinformed American population to recognize that all life on planet earth is in serious and grave danger now. The survival of the human species depends on us throwing off the shackles of ignorance that’s enslaved us and come together in solidarity to avoid being extinguished by a handful of criminal psychopaths.

Polish Brinkmanship: De Facto Leader Settling Score with Putin

Tedious petty little squabbles within European tribes, in this case Polish, threaten to engulf planet Earth with their age old Neanderthal gripes.

The Air Travel War Over Russia

A level headed briefing on the apocalypse in global air travel due to Russia sanctions. Read it and weep.

Simmering Clash of the Titans, Part 2

Russia has bounced back on the global stage, China is the emerging superpower and the US is a declining power, and its global hegemony is unsustainable. Unipolarism has been replaced by multipolarism. The Zionists, after pitching Christianity against Islam have now pitched USA against Russia, and will soon pitch USA against China in their Depopulation game.

Esoteric Evolution – a Primer for the New Gods II – a “Teapot” and...

Around nightfall on December 9, 1965, thousands witnessed an orange fireball streak across the sky heading out of Canada. Over Ohio, witnesses saw it stop still in mid-air, momentarily hover and change course towards Pennsylvania, and it would crash into the forest about 1.5 miles outside of Kecksburg. The military and elements of NASA were on hand seemingly within moments and clamped Kecksburg and the surrounding area under “virtual martial law”. Witnesses described the object as acorn-shaped and remarkably similar to later descriptions of Die Glocke.

Exclusive: Pro-Zionist U.S. Politicians Dead Set on War with Russia

World affairs are rapidly moving toward chaos as war between Russia and Ukraine threatens to escalate into a nuclear conflagration.

Ukraine Crusade: Pope Issues Call to Arms to Pious Christendom

If NATO decides to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, who is going to implement the impossible decision of enforcing no-fly zone against one of the top air forces in the world?

2015: Gordon Duff and Russia Today Discuss MH 17 with Combat Pilots

Good read here as VT's own investigations, initially at the request of the Malaysian government through VT editor/attorney Thomas Mattingly (later murdered) had exposed a joint Turkish, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Georgian and Israeli plot to bring down the aircraft and blame Russia.  This we can prove.

UKRAINE: It’s Only A Small War!

Unlike MOD and the Pentagon, with every respect, I understand and comprehend Russian concerns over the firing of the SHEWS weapon system from Ukrainian soil and share Russian concerns over the ongoing loss of life in the Donbas.

Russia and the Rest of The West

No war last Wednesday! I was slightly baffled by the Anglo-American pronouncements, which I presume were based on faulty intelligence, or more accurately, on flawed interpretations of reliable intelligence.

Popular Mechanics: The likelihood that Russia will raise the F-35 fighter drowned in the...

The US Navy lost an F-35 strike fighter in what they described as a "landing accident." There are fears that if the plane is abandoned, other powers, especially Russia and China, will themselves return the planes to study secret technologies.

Coverup! Israeli-made air-to-air missile may have downed MH17

A report on Malaysian Airlines MH17 air disaster in Ukraine last year by a group of old-hand aviation security experts maintains that the Boeing might have been downed by an Israeli Python air-to-air missile.

Israeli F16’s Falling from the Skies over Yemen (2015)

When the wreckage was examined, both were found to be of types never supplied to an Arab nation, not Saudi Arabia, not anyone.  The only “buyer” in the region for that type of plane is Israel.

Defense Sec. Austin thinks China has no right to respond to US encroachments

Jim W. Dean - The last time I looked, I did not find any current US Defense media about China's threatening US border areas.

NEO – The Pandemic of Lies

What we, meaning “the collective public” have been exposed to in the pandemic is what is called in business circles, “mushroom management” ... one is kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of horse manure. Many millions blame “COVID Czar” Fauci, and they aren’t entirely wrong.

Pakistan’s Policy of Appeasement

Asif Haroon Raja Given the fascist and anti-Muslim agenda of the BJP, a political baby of the RSS, the founding fathers of which had adopted...

Investigative Report: The Internet as the root of the new anti-semitism

With the world spreading bizarre rumors of Jewish plots, two world wars, secret nuclear attacks, mass shootings, gas attacks, even COVID and poisoned vaccine, this 2009 investigation of "Jewish control" of the internet is a place to start.

Why Won’t Joe Biden Withdraw from Syria?

The Biden administration is not ending all ‘endless wars,’ but may be intensifying in ways to keep itself involved in the region. It is through Syria that the US can check Iranian and Russian presence or activity in the Middle East.

Afghanistan, ISIS Massacres in Shia Mosques: Shadows of Intelligence Conspiracy

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio Versione in Italiano As it was easy to imagine, the rise to power of the Taliban in the new Islamic Emirate...

NEO – US War Plans with China taking shape

Jim W. Dean - The curve ball in all of this analysis is cyber warfare, the kind where ships' electronics can be crashed without being hit by a conventional weapon and made defenseless for an easy kill.

Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9/11

Members of a secret evil organization called the PILGRIMS SOCIETY have been committing heinous crimes around the world for centuries.

Operation Gladio – Global Subversion

Mujahid Kamran serves as Professor of Physics and Vice Chancellor at the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. Professor Kamran is one of the...