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NEOCONS Part 7: Coup d’état

Continuing his coup d'e'tat in Washington, Brzezinski proceeded with plans for the radical transformation of America's nuclear doctrine.

NEOCONS Part 6: Death of Adolph Dubs – Cui bono? ‘To whom...

The kidnapping and assassination of Ambassador Dubs would provide the spark to swing Washington toward Brzezinski's desire for more destabilization.

NEOCONS Part 4: How Safari Club became real CIA

The Safari club represented the true essence of what CIA Director Allen Dulles had intended when setting up the Central Intelligence Agency following World War II.

NEOCONS Part 3: U.S. Foreign Policy Directed by London-backed Neoconservative Alliance

Brzezinski’s plot to weaponize China against Russia by sacrificing Afghanistan was straight out of James Burnham’s Machiavellians.

NEOCONS Part 2: America’s “Soviet problem” is old “Russia problem” European Imperialists have faced...

The Sordid History of British Manipulation of American Democracy Series: Read it and weep!

White House Tied to Terrorists, Trump Authorizes $6.6M in Aid to White Helmets

Has "Corrupt Trump," the Israeli Puppet Gone Even Crazier? First Surrender to "Pig Boy" in North Korea Now This? Is there no end to the crap we will be subjected to...dictatorship by orange buffoon...

Secret ET Global Takedown or just another Internecine Illuminati War?

Disclosure in some form, perhaps significant but also somewhat limited, will be occurring soon.

Exclusive: Dangerous Phase of Terrorism, Trump’s Israeli Connections Proved (Updated)

President Donald Trump’s Israeli connections, terrorism has entered a dangerous phase.

NEO: The Russia Inquiry – Why Russia Didn’t Do It

The American press and public are tiring of the Mueller investigation, as Mueller is heading toward building a case for obstruction of justice against President Trump. The entire premise, an investigation based on the assumption that there is evidence of collusion between Trump and his staffers with representatives of Russia’s real government, lacks gravity.

New World Order: QUOTES from the Notorious, Infamous and Politically Relevant

Through tutoring, speaking, articles, debates and general argument, I have always found that original quoted statements have the most powerful impact.

Terror Fraudsters: Clooney and Trump and their “White Helmets”

Gordon Duff - The world was warned and everyone knew, the White Helmets were terrorists, total "bad news" and might well kill us all.

Saudi Arabia’s superficial reforms won’t mask ugliness of Wahhabism

As Saudi Arabia's crown prince tours the United States on what has been dubbed a "charm offensive," the US media has gone into propaganda...

Terrorism and the United States of America

“CIA officers and their political bosses are never punished for engaging in terrorism. As we recently learned, they even get away with planting explosives in a Virginia school bus..."

Mackinder’s Geopolitics vs. Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road: Reality is Not a Closed System

Xi Jinping - China will continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit and uphold its fundamental foreign policy goal of preserving world peace and promoting common development.

Exclusive: Dangerous Phase of Terrorism: Trump’s Israeli Connections Proved

Gordon Duff - Behind what is written below is a backstory, one that explains the willful ignorance or America's Department of Homeland Security and Pentagon.  It is time issues of treason enter the discussion

Updated: Two Generals One Coup, Original Story about Turkish Coup

There is something going on, that no one seems to be wanting a Secular Turkey. Does it tie in with Flynn and the Republicans?...

What have they done to our fair sister? An Epitaph

Sima Wali, the first Afghan refugee to come to this country in 1978 has died at her home in Falls Church, Virginia. To the many Afghans and Americans who knew her, Sima Wali was the soul of Afghanistan.

Part 4: Ceaseless Propaganda, Outright Lies and Distorted Facts

NO CONTROVERSY HAS HALTED the ongoing meetings of the Corporate Fascist Global Elite... and Bilderberg continues to be the place where the Elite’s Elite gather once each year to manage their ongoing Takeover of the Planet.

Holocaust Warriors Created Holy Warriors

Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and does not permit acts of terrorism such as bomb blasts suicide attacks etc.

False flag fails! ISIS defeated, “chemical weapons” hoax exposed

Say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish."

British General Election Wrap

Theresa May gambled and lost. That nice man Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, is already on maneuvers. It would be good to have May’s successor in place by the Party Conference in October and President Trump’s eagerly awaited State Visit.

NEO – InfoWars: More Than Simply Fake

Jim W. Dean - This story is not so much that Jones has done what he has, but that all of his media "competition" just sat back and watched it all happen without saying a word, except for VT.

Part 4 – Final Stage of the Machiavellian Elites’ Takeover of America

By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould From Trotsky to Burnham, from Burnham to Machiavelli and Machiavelli to neoconservatism, the circle of British imperialism closes The recent...

NEO – David Rockefeller’s Gruesome Legacy

Jim W. Dean - Gosh, what's not to love about David Rockefeller, from his support of the Nazi Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for its eugenics work, tying grant money to population control, the GMO food revolution, and.

Best US weapon against North Korea and Iran: A 100-megaton apology

A highlight of last week's Tehran Conference on the Palestinian Intifada, which I had the great pleasure of attending as an unofficial US representative, came when the head of North Korea's parliament urged Palestinians to develop a nuclear deterrent...

White Helmets…”and the winnner is…anything but truth”

by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor   ... with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow ___________ - First published  ...  December 29,  2016 - George Clooney, one of Hollywood’s...

CIA Head, Pompeo Leaked Fake “All Clear” to Media in Russiagate Coverup

A report today in Axios outlines what has to become a call for a special prosecutor and should well bring about the resignation of CIA Director Pompeo as well.

Is Trump the Back Door Man for Henry A. Kissinger & Co?

with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow The term Back Door Man has several connotations. In the original blues song written by Willie Dixon, it refers...

NEO – Clooney and the “White Helmets,” Dupe or Dope?

Jim W. Dean - Has Clooney gone looney? If he ever had any presidential aspirations they will be going up on smoke if it makes this movie on the White Helmets. Anyone who could be suckered into white washing the White Helmets for their aiding and abetting terrorism in Syria would be considered a major security risk.

When the Lying Starts

Jim W. Dean - This is another Gordon classic, and a challenging read. He does a lot of dot connecting on the current stories, but adds the infamous VT touch of digging back into the roots of who is doing what to whom, and why.

Jacob Rothschild is Guilty for the Conspiracy Against Humankind

Many people do not believe that conspiracy exists. My interest in conspiracies arose when I found out that they exist in the case of the destruction of my homeland Yugoslavia.

NEO – A Russo-Turkey War in the Cards

Gordon Duff - Behind the scenes, the NeoCon cabal that many believe staged 9/11 and that certainly fabricated the casus belli to justify what was intended to be an American conquest of Central Asia, has now emerged as the real power behind Trump.

NEO – Russia-China-Iran Strategic Triangle

Jim W. Dean - China has done nothing by grab a few cheap headlines in Syria, over some medical supplies "to fight terrorism", and similarly with Iraq. It is saving its resources for the home front.

NEO and Engdahl: The Dangerous Deception Called “The Trump Presidency

By F. William Engdahl and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow The project called the Trump Presidency has just two months before its formal beginning. Yet already...

PART II: How Guilt, Innocence and Facts have been Rendered Irrelevant

While covering the campaigns of the two most disliked candidates in American history, mainstream commentators found that facts just didn’t matter, but now those missing facts have landed Donald Trump in the WH, and panic is setting in.

“Wikileaks is the Mossad, Stupid, Not the Russians, We are playing them like a...

In a John Pilger Special, to be exclusively broadcast by RT on Saturday courtesy of Dartmouth Films, whistleblower Julian Assange categorically denied that the troves of US Democratic Party and Clinton work and staff emails released this year have come from the Russian government.

Breaking/Exclusive: Comey Lied: FBI “Synced” Weiner Laptop Under Misused Terror Warrant – Updated

In a surprise announcement, the Department of Justice just admitted that there was no legal authorization in place to access email accounts of Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, estranged wife of accused sex offender former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Russophobia is intellectually imploding

We have a bunch of rather ignorant ideologues in the State Department, and equally ignorant scriveners in the mass media, who simply act upon the latest policy paper received from the top floor and then spin it to the public.

NEO- Assange and Russia’s Dance with the Devil

Jim W. Dean - Gordon rips Assange a new one over his fatal Achilles' heel. Despite all of his penetrations, Israel, the ADL, Shelly Adelson and the whole Jewish Lobby infrastructure worldwide has been able to block Wikileaks from getting into their shorts. It must be a miracle.

The Reality of Zionist Control

What all share is pretty obvious, no signs of having a job or funds to live, a life devoid of accomplishment, no history of activism or political beliefs, what we are saying is that they are almost exactly like Donald Trump. Even Netanyahu was a successful furniture salesman and Adelson runs some of Macau's finest brothels.

Two Generals, One Coup and a Realignment of the World     

Jim W. Dean - Ann brings us a good follow up on the Turkish post coup internal and geopolitical fall out not only for Turkey but all the other major players in the region. How the chairs are going to be arranged on the Mid East Titanic is still a work in progress.

NEO – Top USA National Security Officials Admit Turkey Coup

Jim W. Dean - Well, the chickens have come home to roost on the CIA backing for the Turkey coup. Ziggy hath spoken. That gives permission for others to do so, which is kind of his job at his current stage in life.

World War 3 – Who is Who in the Zoo

Place Your Bets!

How Afghanistan Defeated and Destroyed America

America’s 15-year occupation of Afghanistan has, in the end, hurt America almost as much as the land devastated by carpet bombings and drone attacks.

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