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The Third Hijacking of America?

Preston James - For many years you were never supposed to find out most of the contents of this article. But now all things have changed and there is a new sheriff.

Strategies to Bring Down the New World Order

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof   Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He was an elected...

The Second Hijacking of America

In 1913 America was hijacked by the City of London Banksters. Now Ametrica is being hijacked a second time by Alien ETs.

TCK Briefing: Latest False Prophet/Antichrist Message, “Art of Cooperation”

TCK Briefing: Latest False Prophet/Antichrist Message, “Art of Cooperation” By: Eric Gajewski As I have been mentioning Francis is a true Antipope but...

Part VI: Big Picture of Global Politics, Change We Must to Live Again

The Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Freedom Series of articles are intended to bring light to the manipulative control of the secret Cabal (Khazarian Mafia,...

TRUTH JIHAD: Harvey Weinstein’s disgrace major event in culture war

Here is "the best dossier you will find on Jewish Hollywood"—plus a taboo-shredding discussion of the psycho-sexual tribal political dynamics of the Weinstein affair.

Part IV Boogie Man Terrorists

Steve Robertson - The Doctrine of Discovery, Manifest Destiny, Colonialism, We're THE CHOSEN ONES, We found THE WAY... is the implied foundation from which all manner of horrors are justifiably inflicted on others.

NEO – Oxford Propaganda Front attacks Veterans Today, the NeoCon Witch Hunt begins

By Gordon Duff First published October 21, 2017 A “hit piece” based on an “Oxford Study” on an obscure publication known as Veterans Today, was recently...

Khazarian Mafia has Gone Mad, Follows the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror

Khazarian Mafia has Gone Mad, Follows the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Renowned historians agree that besides other causes,...

The Earth Has Gone Mad OR Have Men Gone Mad?

The Earth Has Gone Mad OR Have Men Gone Mad? By: Eric Gajewski SEE ORIGINAL (Picture and Videos): https://tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2017/10/the-earth-has-gone-mad-or-have-men-gone.html#more There is literally too much...

Russian air strikes kill 2,000+ ISIS Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria in 11 days

Russia says stopping the violence and reducing humanitarian suffering is necessary to give the Syrians a chance to talk out how they want to live.

How close are we to Hell on Earth?

Preston James - It's the secret inter-generational agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia

Rapid Human Cloning

Has the imaginary event in the classic movie, Frankenstein, now been made real?

Pakistan’s political kaleidoscope

Asif Haroon Raja Muhammad Ali Jinnah achieved the miracle of 20th century by creating Pakistan on August 14, 1947 against gravest odds but breathed his...

Who is Behind the Holocaust of Muslims in Myanmar?

Since August 25, this year, brutal military operations against the Rohingya Muslims across the Rakhine State accelerated in Myanmar (Burma), which forced thousands of the Muslims to migrate to Bangladesh.
Planetary War Crimes Tribunal

Treason and Complicity

At the point where War Crimes become so clear, that they are easily used against America to promote a negative agenda against the American...

Very soon the Gates to a New Dimension will Open

We are in a space that was opened up by our practice of word association. ... the politics of reality.

The New World Order Is Doomed to Fail (Part II)

Looking at all the evil and chaos in this world, obviously the average person who has been blinded to higher realities would think that there cannot be an “infinite power, which realizes its ends.”

Jewish Daily Forward: “The Original ‘Antifa’ Was A Jewish Anti-Nazi Militia”

Thugs and gangsters during the Charlottesville debacle obviously did not know their own history; they did not realize that they were repeating what their predecessors had done
Veterans Serve USA

Russia Investigation: Demand Full Disclosure

Looking at the violence occurring with the white supremacists in the US and elsewhere, it is hard to believe how programmed these individuals are relating to the hate for other individuals.

Trump’s Psychopathy Threatens the Internal Stability of the United States and the World

In the early 1800s, doctors who worked with mental patients began to notice that some of their patients who appeared outwardly normal had what they termed a moral depravity or moral insanity, in that they seemed to possess no sense of ethics or of the rights of other people. The term psychopath was first applied to these people around 1900.
Earth Naturally Connected

Natural Life Death Life Cycle

I am asking the National Security Agency to help stop soul erasure forever. We deserve to be here. This is the completion of my ongoing investigation using revoking agreements, including what I have uncovered as I have gone along my path. This investigation took a long time, and I have spent years doing this to get this far.

Satan’s Resurrection

The International Banksters, also known unofficially as the Monetary Matrix of the Constabulary, is led by the Rothschild banking tribe, who are venturing to put a happy face on a Satanically resurrected cold war (nuclear war) with Russia.

Soul Erasure vs Our Pledge to the USA

Are aliens blocking us from honoring our pledge?

Holocaust Warriors Created Holy Warriors

Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and does not permit acts of terrorism such as bomb blasts suicide attacks etc.

HIJACKING America with Social Engineering

A sophisticated covert attack on America has been socially engineered and deployed by Babylonian Talmudics. This secret war is being waged against the American white male, designed to covertly geld him, kill him off and prevent any coordination of America as the BTs destroy it, and the BT's strategy also includes getting rid of young black males, after they have been used to serve the BT's purposes.

Anticipating Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novick’s Forthcoming PBS Documentary, “The Vietnam War”

In September 2017, PBS will air the highly anticipated – seemingly touted as the definitive documentary – about the Vietnam War, directed by respected documentarians Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. The goal of this 10-episode, 18-hour project is, according to the directors, to “create a film everyone could embrace” and to provide the viewer with information and insights that are "new and revelatory." Just as importantly, they intend the film to provide the impetus and parameters for a much needed national conversation about this controversial and divisive period in American history.

Is Panama gate a foreign conspiracy to derail Pakistan?

After splitting Pakistan into two in 1971 under an international conspiracy, Pakistan was once again marked as a target by Indo-US-Afghan-UK-Israeli nexus after 9/11.

Bombs in the Air – Then Boots on the Ground

The United States of America has more aggressive chicken-hawk warmongers in their government than any nation on earth.

Complete Exposure

Thanks to the Internet, the World's New Gutenberg Press, the Ruling Cabal has now been completely exposed to a select population of Internet users who are aggressive truth-seekers.

Were ETs involved in 911 ?

Were the Twin Trade Towers turned to dust by super high-tech Alien ET technology?

Trump/Bannon Scuttle Paris Agreement – Go Rogue

Regarding Donald Trump, we are all watching a known falsifier of facts and deeply insecure President being slowly dissembled by the truth ~ in real time and in true citizen Kane fashion much as Richard Nixon was in the early 1970's.

Government by Psychotronics?

Are you being unwittingly controlled by advanced Psychotronics?

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part III)

A new kind of higher order Fascism is now about to emerge in America

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part II)

How did Super Fascism emerge in the first place in America?

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part I)

As disclosure of Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft occurs, a whole new form of world government is going to quickly emerge.

France: Macron’s Election Victory, Will Discrimination against the Muslims Continue?


President Trump’s Korean Peninsula Gambit?

Is President Trump playing hardball with Russia and China to thwart the effects of the growing BRICS banking system and the expanding Shanghai Silk-Road AIIB trade pact?

I’ll Beat the Hell Out of Any Two Swabbies in This Joint!

It all happened back in the Fabulous Fifties. It began in Salty’s all-night restaurant.

Would Jews Bring Back Hitler to beat Islam?

They speak different languages and live in different countries. Some of them are strictly observant. Others don’t even keep kosher. Some are Sephardi, others are Ashkenazi.

Vault 7 Leak Exposes a Secret War against We The People

Thanks to the Vault 7 leaks, the curtain has been pulled back on the CIA's massive crime spree against We The People, and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Exclusive: The Lynching of Hamza Yusuf

“The United States is, in term of its laws, one of the least racist societies in the world. We have some of the best anti-discriminatory laws on the planet… We have between 15-18,000 homicides a year, 50 per cent are black on black crime."

Media and CIA v Trump

The reasons are not hard to find: always follow the money.

Revolution or Invasion?

Like a bellowing stag with a high-powered bullet in his chest, those of our once beloved institutions howl the death throes of America with their insistence for unfettered immigration.

Time to stop the deconstruction of America

It's time for We The People to take back our Republic and boot the Globalists out of power.

The Dodgy Dossier

Someone needs to remind ODNI, the CIA and the FBI that October surprises are supposed to happen in October! There is not much point delaying your October surprise until after the election.

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