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Trump and His Criminal Friends: Justice Thomas Wants “Easy” Libel Law to Hammer...

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor An army of lawyers in New York and Washington, backed by PMC's, is after the independent press.  They are there...

Treason? NRA Membership Undermining American Democracy? Proof?

Introduction:  Years ago, we caught the NRA engineering an ammo and gun shortage, the biggest consumer ripoff in history.  That $2000 AR15 in your...

Mark Weber is wrong about Jews as a race

"A cadre of people over the years have embraced the stupid idea that Jewish behavior is genetic. If it is true, then there is not a damn thing that a Jewish person can do to get rid of the behavior. You cannot reason with a person whose behavior is derived from genetics because DNA, as Richard Dawkins himself puts it, 'neither knows nor cares.'"

Should Israel pay for attacking Syria and Violate International Law?

If the West is not prepared to challenge the diabolical cult which continues to create hell on earth, then Israel will perpetually summon some of the dumbest excuses to commit wicked acts.

Tulsi Gabbard will run for president; Deep State should be scared

“The Trump administration’s continued protection of Al Qaeda is a betrayal of the American people, especially the victims of 9/11, first-responders, my brothers and sisters in uniform who have been killed or wounded in action, and their families. It’s a betrayal of the American people who have had trillions of dollars taken from their wallets, ostensibly to defeat the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, only to find Al Qaeda is stronger today than ever before."

Crimea: The prize as always

Since Ukraine/Crimea are heating up, this might be a good time for us to reflect on the incredibly rich and bloody history of that part of the world.

Smoking Gun proof Mideast Terror is well financed Organized Crime

by  Preston James It was VT's own Gordon Duff that first disclosed that Mideast Terror was actually a creation of the world's largest organized crime cartel....

TRUTH JIHAD: “Trump vs. Soros”: Everything you know is wrong!

Support Truth Jihad Radio on Patreon  Hey Trump fans! Before you vote or cheer for for Republicans in the midterms, do some homework on the...

Any Attempts at Peace Will be Shot Down

by Rand Clifford for VT "If my son's did not WANT wars there would be NONE". — Gutle Schnaper Rothschild wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild Hours ago,...

2012 Archive comes to life: Iran attack, Azerbaijan throws Israeli Air Force out after...

...by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor - Introduction:  The article below is from 2012.  We began working on this issue in 2010 when we set up...

Dangerous Confrontation in The Middle East

Will Trump choose “the mother of all wars” or the “mother of all peace”?

Israeli Defense Minister: Israel Lost Syria War

Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren:“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”

God’s Precious Immigrant Children and Parents in the Hands of the Monstrously Cruel and...

God’s Precious Immigrant Children and Parents in the Hands of the Monstrously Cruel and Indifferent Americans seem to have a short fuse memory when it...

Secret ET Global Takedown or just another Internecine Illuminati War?

Disclosure in some form, perhaps significant but also somewhat limited, will be occurring soon.

A Sleepwalking Society Breathes ChemTrail Toxins In Plain Sight (Updated)

The Great Deception - What On Earth Are They Spraying on US and the World That's in Plain Sight?

Censored from MSM, Both US and Russia: Rudy’s Ties to Opioid Peddler Exposed

It isn't just that Rudy is and always has been, along with Trump, a mob associate.

UPDATED: Intel Drop: After warning from VT, Turkey arrests Israeli trained Air Force officers

This latest mass sacking of Turkish officers is a body blow to a military that lost a large number of officers and personnel in the wake of the 2016 coup attempt.

Trump adds Zionist Neocon stooge to war cabinet

Trump is assembling his war cabinet, disposing of anyone who isn't on board for the upcoming conflict and replacing them with men who would...

Operation Beluga – The Plot to Demonise Putin

Ian Greenhalgh - Despite giving this story immense amounts of air time, the media have completely failed to apply even the most rudimentary standards of journalism.

Screw You Trump: Photos of US Chemical Weapons Facility in Ghouta

By Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh While the West has been fiddling and swindling, robbing its citizens to enrich their bankers, the Russians have been...

VI Change We Must, The Big Picture of Global Politics, a NWO/Deep State Crash...

A Freedom Series article by BraveHeart You are witnessing, right now, the hopeful last and ending kick of the drowning NWO/Deep State.   If the truth...

Mueller’s Report, a Blockbuster but the Real Story, So Many Traitors

Gordon Duff - The Mueller Report is a blockbuster but the story has no balance and has key details edited out.  Mueller himself has a long history as an insider and an agenda to restore the status quo

Breaking: Florida Governor Calls for FBI Director’s Resignation, Our Take

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday after the agency admitted that the January tip regarding Nikolas Cruz was not investigated.

Part IV: Boogieman Terrorists, a NWO/Deep State Crash Course

A NWO/Deep State Crash Course Series by BraveHeart As you read ahead, and thankfully find value in my article, please consider supporting my work by: YES,...

Caught red handed: Plan to hit Pentagon with False Flag Iran hack busted

Gordon Duff - A domestic based contracting company, now deep inside the Pentagon's Counter-Terrorism computer system, and feeding into the DEERs based military record system, can be tied directly to planning a false flag cyber attack on America

Trump’s ties to Mossad/CIA Pedophile Ring

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yRVhOCw3LY Editor's note:  VT, in 2014, broke the story at the Damascus Regional Security Conference, organized crime out of Israel was running ISIS and that...

The Ruling Cabal’s habitual use of government assets to oppress and lie

Preston James - The Ruling Cabal uses USG law enforcement agencies, Intel agencies, and the many other agencies of the USG to oppress We The People and to oppress truth.

Married to Slovenian “Shithole” Nude Model, Trump Trashes the World of the “Not So...

Gordon Duff - Those of us of European descent understand Trump's statement, even though he now denies it.  He made it.  He simply pulled it out of his ass.  Let's go for the jugular first.

Many new Police Officers have itchy trigger fingers and are quick to shoot

There has been a substantial increase in American police incidents. In a growing number of cases, unarmed persons turn out to completely innocent of anything, with police responding to a call by going to the wrong address and murdering a person who was minding their own business on their own property. What is causing this increase?

The Third Hijacking of America?

Preston James - For many years you were never supposed to find out most of the contents of this article. But now all things have changed and there is a new sheriff.

US Congress takes no action on Iran sanctions as deadline passes

Jim W. Dean - Pretty much the whole world, other than Israel, stands together on saving the JCPOA as opposed to Trump's proposal. Then he pretends he has the magic wand to make Jerusalem the capitol of the Jewish people.

TRUTH JIHAD: Ex-CIA Robert David Steele: Zionism strikes out

Here is the first publication of Robert David Steele's brand-new article "Zionism in America: Seven Strikes & Counting," discussed in the second half of this show. (When Zionism goes down in flames, will persecuted activists like Brendon O'Connell, discussed in the first hour, get the recognition they deserve?)

Part VI: Big Picture of Global Politics, Change We Must to Live Again

The Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Freedom Series of articles are intended to bring light to the manipulative control of the secret Cabal (Khazarian Mafia,...

Metaphysics of New World Order Revisited

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Eric Gajewski   Eric Gajewski holds an undergraduate degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Business both from Franciscan University...

Hollywood Overcrowded with Pedophiles and Predators

...by Jonas E. Alexis   When Corey Feldman declared in 2011 that “The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is—and always will be—pedophilia,” some people...

Brad Pitt promised Weinstein “Missouri whooping” if he ever touched Gwyneth Paltrow again

“Brad threatened Harvey. He got right in his face, poked him in the chest and said, ‘You will not ever do this to Gwyneth ever again.’"

Israel is a World Zionist Occupied Nation

Just like America, Canada Australia, New Zealand and most European nations!

Retail Apocalypse

The first phase of the American Debt-Bomb has now detonated

EMF take-down of America by Alien ET technology: How far has it gone?

A secret plan using EMF weapons based on Alien ET technology has been deployed to take-down America.

HIJACKING America with Social Engineering

A sophisticated covert attack on America has been socially engineered and deployed by Babylonian Talmudics. This secret war is being waged against the American white male, designed to covertly geld him, kill him off and prevent any coordination of America as the BTs destroy it, and the BT's strategy also includes getting rid of young black males, after they have been used to serve the BT's purposes.

Scott Bennett, Patriot Truth Warrior (Part II)

When US Army Psyops expert Scott Bennett was officially tasked with discovering the sources of terror financing, he succeeded and was stopped cold by corrupt higher ups.

Take-down of the American Public School System and its Teachers

What happens to some teachers who resist the agenda? Have large American public school systems become a secret Intel hotbed for mind-control of students and taxpayer asset-stripping?

Vladimir Putin: Killing oligarchic schemes economically saved Russia

To say that that everyone is equal before the law basically means that the oligarchs and the usurers cannot suspend the law to suppress the poor and needy, which is exactly what happened when the oligarchs in the United States completely destroyed the Russian economy back in the 1990s.

Complete Exposure

Thanks to the Internet, the World's New Gutenberg Press, the Ruling Cabal has now been completely exposed to a select population of Internet users who are aggressive truth-seekers.

NEO – America Descends into Madness

Jim W. Dean - This is another barn-burner from Gordon, an in depth look at the geopolitical train wreck in progress, with engineer Trump at the controls until his handlers decide otherwise. America faces a looming danger that most are virtually unaware of.

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part III)

A new kind of higher order Fascism is now about to emerge in America

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