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Debunking COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

__________ The Medical Futurist Debunking COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories One person in Wuhan eats an uncooked bat, and your local Walmart runs out of toilet paper. This is...

How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory tore through the internet

________ Wired How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory tore through the internet It started with one doctor. On January 22, Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws published an...

Greenhouse Effect Does Not Exist, Will Never Exist

Written and Submitted by Enkidu Gilgamesh

How 5G and Covid-19 mixed to make a toxic conspiracy cocktail

How 5G and Covid-19 mixed to make a toxic conspiracy cocktail David Farrier | Contributing writer David Farrier looks at the way two conspiracy theories have...

My Dad Got Hoaxed By the Anti-5G Conspiracy Movement

by Megan Lily Large; illustrated by Ella Strickland de Souza Does your dad spend his time in quarantine watching livestreams of men in fields ranting...

NASA Images of Normal Cloud Formations Triggers Disinfo Storm

Today I received this lovely turd of disinfo from a helpful troll called Sheldon via email: <[email protected]> To:Ian Greenhalgh Cc:C S Sun, 24 May at 19:02 What you don’t. https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2020/05/nasa-satellite-imagery-reveals-shocking-proof-of-climate-engineering-haarp-waves-and-chemtrails/ Being...

Blockbuster: A monologue by Dr. Preston James with Gordon Duff (classified/partially redacted)

G, here is my take on the CV op. Your articles, especially the one today are excellent. Sad thing is that few are capable...

Breathtaking: 9/11, The Ground Zero Model (New Book Exposes Nuclear 9/11)

A New Book Review by Jeff Prager for Veterans Today From late 2005 until late 2011 I researched 9/11 on a full time basis and...

Vital: Aerospace Forces of IRGC

The Aerospace Forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is established on the basis and uniting of the air, missile and space components...

Zionist Stooge David Icke’s Lunatic 5G Coronavirus Theory Triggers Hysterical Morons

The Great British anti-5G fruitcake Bakeoff: Group hugs, no guns, and David Icke Homebaked conspiracy fans are really adding some local flair By Matthew Hughes ...

Aerospace Force of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

...from SouthFront The Aerospace Forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is established on the basis and uniting of the air, missile and space...

#UNRIG Video (18:32) Energy Wellness! Steve Lepkowski of Body Align Endorsed

Robert Steele, feeling his way into energy wellness, interviews a top expert who appears to be showing results.

New X-Ray Method For Coronavirus Diagnosis Ready for Testing

Low-dose radiographs could reveal typical lung changes

Jack Heart: 5G causes COVID and other reasons to turn off the internet

When we write on the occult I am the expert, consequently that is what we write about but recently subjects are coming up for...

Big Pharma Beware: Dr. Montagnier Shines New Light on COVID-19 and The Future of...

This April 16th, Dr. Luc Montagnier became a household name around the world. This occurred as the controversial virologist decided to publicly state his...

Hail To The Chief!

Well done Mr President! More critics you don’t need! Amidst the media hysteria over chlorine dioxide, which does in fact kill Coronavirus but might...

Soot: The Crowning Blow That Killed the Dinosaurs

The famous impact 66 million years ago kicked up soot into the atmosphere that played an even bigger role in blocking sunlight than experts had realized

Blood of Christ: Paint It Blue (Jack Heart 2016 re-release)

Jack Heart - The empire's mad scientists and its dragon soldiers are in the business of killing things by poison.

MK Ultra – Cybernetic Mutation, Remote Controlled Slaves, Dragon Soldiers and a Zombie Empire;...

Jack Heart - This is a story about Bluebirds and Bluebooks, Have Blue, Project Blue Beam and a Blue Planet Project. But like everything else, it has a beginning...

NCI: Rapid Response to Pandemic

NCI is providing expertise and research capabilities to address the COVID-19 pandemic

From COP-21 to COVID-19: The Collapse of ‘Predictive Models’ and the Return to Actual...

American Surgeon General Jerome Powell's recent announcement that America would begin using real data and real trends instead of the World Health Organization-Bill Gates driven 'predictive models' came as a breath of fresh air for many who were beginning to lose hope that reason had been banished from world policy.

Sublimation and Desublimation! Phase Changes within the Troposphere!

Written and submitted by Enkidu Gilgamesh

#UNRIG Video (23:45) Former Spy Praises President Trump, Offers Details on Resurrection of America...

Robert Steele summarizes 1 56 page Memorandum for the President on a holistic (systemic) approach to resurrecting the USA.

Anthrax False Flag Expert Barry Kissin: “Romanoff’s Version of COVID-19 Conspiracy Doesn’t Hold Up”

I think Larry Romanoff is asking good questions. Barry Kissin isn't so sure.

Chemtrails vs Reality

  Conspiracy theories find menace in contrails A new conspiracy theory sweeping the Internet and radio talk shows has set parts of the federal government on...

David Icke – Disinfo Agent or Just an Idiot?

YouTube has banned all conspiracy theory videos falsely linking coronavirus symptoms to 5G networks.

#UNRIG Video (6:59) Former Spy Q Follower with Pedophilia and 5G Credentials Discusses Lockdown,...

Robert Steele provides a seven minute commentary on whether lockdown is allowing clearing of pedophilia tunnels, and relationship of 5G to coronavirus.

Breaking/Vital: CV19, SARS-Bioterrorism with Media Complicity

VT believes that military "super spreaders" are seeding CV19, Northern Italy, New York, Detroit, Washington State and perhaps Wuhan through the military games. Now that...

Common Sense vs. the Coronavirus

They're giving us a terrible choice: suffer millions of deaths, or knock out the economy, or both at once. Yet there is another solution.

Precursor to CV 19, Yes, We Mean 9/11

Preface by the Senior Editor The US has been involved in a pattern of activities that began well before 9/11 indicating a breakdown in chain...

Detect, Deter and Annihilate: How the Police State Will Deal with a Coronavirus Outbreak

Crisis, according to the capitalist system, brings economic opportunities, and economic opportunities bring in millions of cash.

COVID-19: An Engineered Pandemic?

The current coronavirus, COVID 19, is disrupting economies, travel and daily life across the entire planet. It has erased up to 10% of the financial liquidity of nations like the United States, albeit temporarily, and the worst is yet to be seen.

MEMO FOR THE PRESIDENT: The Continuing Hybrid War Against You, the US Economy and...

Robert David Steele, the first person to evaluate Wuhan as a hybrid warfare event combining biological, electromagnetic, and information campaigns, provides an update for the President whom all Veterans love and wish to see triumph.

Trump’s Engineered Crash: Massive Pump and Dump Over Deep State Bio-Engineered Pandemic Has Killed...

Introduction by Ian Greenhalgh What Gordon has written below is essential reading, absolutely essential as he is giving it to you straight, honesty that you...

Russia: Project for Intecepting Mass Cruise Missile Attacks by the US

Innovative projects that have received a positive conclusion from the expert examination organized by the Department of Defense of the Ministry of Defense. 

An Ethical Intelligent Appraisal of the Fake Pandemic

Robert Steele provides the same eleven point briefing he was just asked to provide in support of a request from a Prime Minister on the virus, 5G, medical misdiagnosis, and the need for a FIVE EYES truth commission that uses NSA against Bill Gates and his co-conspirators.

Geomagnetic Storms May Affect Gray Whale Migrations

The new research gives weight to the hypothesis that gray whales use Earth’s magnetic field to navigate

Russia Deploys NATO Killer Weapon Against Turkey

Meet the Smersh 300mm. But why is Erdogan laughing?

UPDATE On Coronavirus, 5G, ELF, Apirin, Mismanagement — the Perfect Storm

Robert David Steele, who wrote the only coherent "all source all cause" article on the Wuhan China illness, comes back with in update the shows how many factors are interacting to take the challenge to a new level.

Interview: Counterintelligence Perspective on Wuhan Virus – Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Robert Steele answers questions on all aspects of the Wuhan attack, speculating that it is both a Zionist false flag, China's 9/11, and a first instance of a new form of warfare integrating biowar, 5G electormagentic war, and preplanned Western information and economic warfare.

VIDEO (35:00) BioWeapon Unleashed on China by Zionists?

Robert David Steele is interviewed by the SGT Report on what Steele believes to be a Zionist false flag biowarfare attact intended to start a war between China and the USA or at least isolate China while the Zionists get the USA to start a war on Iran. Includes 5G, radiation sickness, and counterintelligence / treason discussion.

Extraterrestrial Baloney AKA Planet X

An Open Letter to the Senior Editor By Ernest Douglas for Veterans Today I have been wanting to want to write to you and the exception...

Intel Drop: February 6, 2020

The litmus for candidates is student loans, not defense, not fake immigration or support of Luciferian-evangelical causes, which include the destruction of the United States, something moving forward full speed under the impeachment based meltdown in Washington that exposed the GOP as totally under the thumb of the Kosher Nostra.

Coronavirus, 5G, & Love Energy, BioHealing — 3 Experts

Robert Steele interviews three experts on 5G and radiation weapons, and countermeasures. They discuss the coronavirus in China, Western hype, and positive future possibilities for liberation.

Suppressed History: A Banned Classic with New Introduction

Military Intelligence Expose of Deep State Origins in America "The Marxian program of drastic controls, so repugnant to the free Western mind, was no obstacle...

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