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Insider Scoop at VT: Trump Has Begged Saudi Intel, the Khashoggi Killers, to...

...by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor Introduction:  It isn't that we all got played it is just that everything "we" are fed or allowed to...

No Hackers, No Whistleblowers, All Fakes, All Theatre for Mental Midgets

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Let's begin by asking a question.  What kind of person can write the same tiresome OpEd piece, year after year,...

Is it Trump, or King Jared who is providing Saudi Arabia with nuclear capabilities?

Is It Trump, or King Jared Who Is Providing Saudi Arabia with Nuclear Capabilities? Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia Tehran Times, 25 February 2019 TEHRAN - Robert...

Putin warns of retaliation if US deployed missiles in Europe

Jim W. Dean - The Deep State has chosen to have an arms race and there will be no serious challenge to that in the US.

Is Ilhan Omar Cynthia McKinney 2.0? Will the Zionist Parasite Be Purged from the...

Is Ilhan Omar Cynthia McKinney 2.0? Will the Zionist Parasite Be Purged from the USA This Time? Robert David Steele American Herald Tribune, 18 February 2019. Reproduced with...

INTERVIEW: Robert David Steele – “Who is winning in USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was...

Who is winning in USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was a coup averted? What is next? Javad Heirannia Tehran Times, 23 January 2019 Reprinted with permission. Steele, recently recommended...

Gabbard’s Gambit: Forlorn Hope or…?

  By Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky* The announcement last week by four-term Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) that she was entering the 2020 presidential sweepstakes caught many...

NEO – Democracy “Snuffed Out”

There is no US economy without planes and bombs. Those who suggested otherwise, men like Ross Perot or Bobby Kennedy had to be pushed aside for the ravings of Trump and Bush (43) or the delusional machinations of Dick Nixon.

Mark Dankof on New World Order in Iran and Terrorism

It is no accident that this despicable terror attack in Ahvaz occurred on the anniversary of the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War, which produced more casualties than any conflict since World War II.

Miko Peled: an insider’s views on the Zionist project

Stuart Littlewood presents interview with Mike Peled. Mike is noted peace activist and a tireless worker for justice in the Holy Land.

Wiping Palestine off the Map

Palestinians are more determined to resist and demand rights whilst powerful forces aim to erase them off map.

It Takes a Terrorist to Threaten Judges

Jim W. Dean - By threatening the judges, Bolton has shown that he fears the revelation of US crimes could trigger a world citizenship backlash.

NEO: Press and the Militarization of Fakery

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow A phony war has begun, a war on the newly powerful and influential independent media, a war...

NEO – Press and the Militarization of Fakery

Gordon Duff - There is little question that the world press had, for at least a generation, been put under centralized control and fed a false narrative.

Kushner Unfit – Period

Kushner's only "qualifications" as the lead on Middle East policy are that he is an Orthodox Jew, a Zionist and a financial contributor to criminal trespassing settlers and thieves.

Israel’s Public Relations and Propaganda War Machine Against Palestine and our World of Sanity

(3,650 views before 2019 VT website reset) A Braveheart series Palestine is facing a Public Relations (PR) war of epic and historic proportions.  The problem is...

Richard Spencer supports apartheid Israel again

The Alternative Right is morally and intellectually failing, not because it was unable to produce people who understand the political climate, but rather because its metaphysical principle is built on shaky foundations. How can Alt-Right advocates fight Zionism when Spencer starts calling himself “a white Zionist”? It just doesn’t add up.

Worst Deal of the Century as Dual-Citizen Traitors offer Palestine “Fair Deal”

How can US Senators and Congresspeople who swear an oath to serve and protect the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American people also legally, and with a good conscience, hold a dual citizenship with Israel?

The US: The Enemy of Peace in the Middle East

But for the US and the leadership of the American Jewish Zionists, the Israelis and Palestinians could have achieved peace a long time ago.

Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?

"We will show that the key to solving both cases (the JFK and RFK assassinations) resides in the link between them. And we will solve them beyond a reasonable doubt."

John McCain, Meyer Lansky, and Organized Crime in Havana

“The Israeli newspaper Haaretz claim that ‘Jews control crime in the United States,’ but Meyer Lansky had the backing of the ADL when he claimed that ‘there was much anti-Semitism behind the campaign to convict him."

Love All Love Wins: 2UniteAll Song for Palestine

Gaza, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Palestinian People's "Love All Love Wins Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Worldwide Peace Movement and 2UniteAll Song Samples

Trump, Armageddon, Satanism and the Deep State

If you haven't finally realized that there is a coven of warlocks and witches running DC's Deep State, you aren't paying attention.

Superstar Musicians Support Gaza with “2UniteAll” Benefit Album for Middle East Peace

As the 2UniteAll album rolled out it would receive endorsing quotes from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, Film Director Oliver Stone, former Bethlehem Mayor Vera Baboun, Palestinian Entrepreneur Sam Bahour and famed Palestinian soccer player Alaa Ismail and many more.

Palestine at a Cross Roads, Freedom or Perpetual Imprisonment

"For the first time in 70 years, nations around the world, not a few but the vast majority representing 90% of the planet's population, are declaring Israel a "rogue state."

Uri Avnery – The Fake Enemy

Uri Avnery - What would life be like without enemies?

Is Jared Kushner in deep doo-doo again?

...by Jonas E. Alexis We knew that Jared Kushner would be a major problem in the Trump administration. As we have reported in the past,...

Thank You Mr. President You Made Our Day

You could not imagine, how happy you made us when you announced and declared that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and that you will move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

TRUTH JIHAD: Ex-CIA Robert David Steele: Zionism strikes out

Here is the first publication of Robert David Steele's brand-new article "Zionism in America: Seven Strikes & Counting," discussed in the second half of this show. (When Zionism goes down in flames, will persecuted activists like Brendon O'Connell, discussed in the first hour, get the recognition they deserve?)

Did Ron Paul kiss Benjamin Netanyahu’s hind end?

  …by Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof   Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He was an elected...

Jeff Gates/Mel Rockefeller: Memo to Four Generals

TO:                  The Honorable Jim Mattis, Secretary of Defense The Honorable John Kelly, Secretary of the Department of...

TRUTH JIHAD: Robert David Steele on “War in the Middle East”

It is obvious to everyone that Israel and Goldman Sachs want war in the Middle East...

Trump vs. Bergdahl: Which one is the treasonous, cowardly scumbag?

One of these two guys is a patriot, the other not so much.

Gareth Porter and the New World Order

    …by Jonas E. Alexis, Mark Dankof, and E. Michael Jones   Jonas E. Alexis: I read Gareth Porter’s book, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the...

Was 9/11 attack a false flag operation? (Part II)

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof   Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He was an elected...

The Las Vegas Gambit

The October 1st attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas—which ex-intel operative Robert David Steele speculates may be a real surprise attack that hijacked a week-long Federal training drill(1)--is starting to resemble the false narrative concocted after the 1963 assassination of JFK.

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi got fired for exposing warmongers and ethnic cleansers

Philip Giraldi has been putting the Neocon war machine on a frying pan over the past decade or so, and they certainly don’t like him.

Retail Apocalypse

The first phase of the American Debt-Bomb has now detonated

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi: Israel is really dangerous

"The power of the Israel Lobby and of AIPAC is not cost free for the American public. The current $3 billion plus that Israel, with a thriving first world economy, receives in military assistance is on top of the $130 billion that it has received since 1949."

The Israeli Mossad, George Ratterman, and John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was almost certainly marked for death by the Powers That Be.

November 11, 2010: The Plot to Destroy the United States of America

2010 election had one purpose; war with Iran! Even if the risk is world conflict and the real loser, no matter what happens on the battlefield, is the United States.

VT Provides Key to Busting Gas Attack Phony Intercepts

Jim W. Dean - It was time for Gordon to do one of his retrospective dot connectors. It is not that we are running out of current news, but because after years of covering a story, its beginning, middle and ending can get blurred.

NEO/Moscow: Blitzkrieg, When Air Defense Means Aggression

In March, 2017, Israel launched a series of air assaults on Syria. One attack near the ancient city of Palmyra brought about a series of events we will deal with today.

“Anti-Semitic” Trump Tweets Ignite Firestorm

Interviewed from his retirement home, Abe Foxman waxed apoplectic, saying "Trump should be ashamed of himself..."

Jewish writer Daniel Sugarman: Richard Nixon was an anti-Semite

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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